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Buckinghamshire / Elizabeth Deverell of Swanbourne, born about 1550
« on: Thursday 06 June 19 16:41 BST (UK)  »
Im looking for the origins of Elizabeth Deverell who married Richard Meade 30 June 1576 in Soulbury, Bucks. One possibility is the Deverell family of Swanbourne, Bucks, about five or six miles from Soulbury. There was a William Deverell there who left a will (PCC, made 1558, probate 1559). In it he mentioned daughters Elizabeth and Anne, as well as sons Thomas and Augustine.

Elizabeth was unmarried when this will was made and may have still been a child. Shes a possibility but I dont have enough evidence to connect her in Swanbourne with the marriage in Soulbury.

The Middle English Dictionary has this definition:

(a) math ale, money paid to tenants at the end of haymaking, ?money for ale to celebrate the end; math mede [OE mǣ-mēd], math silver, ?pay for hay-making, ?

So, hay-making, maybe from mow, mowing, moweth.

Occupation Interests / Re: Sugar Planter in British Guiana
« on: Saturday 01 June 19 16:16 BST (UK)  »
My mother's great grandmother, Thulia Pontifex, was born 1841, Georgetown, Demerara. Her father. George Pontifex, was a sugar planter.

They have original census records as well as original wills and parish records, so it's not completely useless.

The Lighter Side / Re: Surname pronunciation help ...
« on: Tuesday 30 April 19 16:50 BST (UK)  »
I suppose Medieval scribes would write it as they heard it. Here is a Bartholomew Gotobed, of Burne, Cambs, husbandman, in 1468.

Second entry, third line

You can't rely on Ancestry.

For Medieval sources available online, the best place to start is here:

He has sources for many medieval records.

Kent / Re: Preb[b]les in Kent c1500-1650
« on: Monday 29 April 19 16:33 BST (UK)  »
There are indexes for Common Pleas records here:

And for a few Kings Bench records here:

The front page for the site is here:

And there is a Wiki for the site. Many other records have been indexed (Chancery, Star Chamber, etc). These can be searched here:

There are about ten million images of records there, with an average of two images per side of parchment. Far less than 10% of that total have been indexed.

Also, we have kept the original spellings of surnames (Prebyll, Prebill, etc) so you will need to try all variants.

Kent / Re: Preb[b]les in Kent c1500-1650
« on: Sunday 28 April 19 04:51 BST (UK)  »
Here are some in Common Pleas, near Maidstone:

Stephen Prebyll, of East Peckam, husbandman, 1492
Kent. Sellynge, William, prior of Christ Church Priory, versus Godyng, John, of Hadlowe, husbandman; Prebyll, Stephen, of Est Peckam, husbandman; Wode, William, of Pecham, husbandman. Debt
Hilary term 1492, third entry

William Prebyll, of East Farley, yeoman, 1500
Kent. Mason, John, of Lowce, executors of; (Wethyr, William; Agnes his wife) versus Jurdan, Thomas, executors of; (Warde, Robert, of Est Farley, clerk; Reyne, John, of Est Farley, mason; Prebyll, William, of Est Farley, yeoman). Debt
Hilary term 1500, fourth entry:

William Prebyll, of Barming, husbandman, 1502
Kent. Richard Avane versus John Harres, of Stone by Gravesend, husbandman, and William Prebyll, of Barmyng, husbandman. Debt of 40 shillings,
Hilary term 1502: last entry

Prebill, William, of Barming, husbandman, 1516
Kent. Fane, Richard versus Colyn, Roger, of Tonbregge, laborer; Prebill, William, of Barmyng, husbandman; Plotte, Thomas, of Stokbury, husbandman; Stonall, Thomas, of Barkyng, Essex, husbandman; Kydde, Richard, of Mepeham, husbandman. Debt.
Hilary term 1516, third entry:

Prebyll, William, of Barming, yeoman, 1530; Robert Prebyll, of Yalding, husbandman
London. Robynson, Richard, clerk, versus Prebyll, William, of Bernyng, Kent, yeoman; Baker, John, of Est Pekham, Kent, yeoman; Malham, William, of Dympchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent, clerk; Exbrygge, Robert, of Osprenge, Kent, innholder; Prebyll, Robert, of Yaldyng, Kent, husbandman. Debt
Hilary term 1530, first entry:

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Latin will from 1438
« on: Saturday 20 April 19 16:10 BST (UK)  »
I have to be pretty quick to get ahead of Bookbox!

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