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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Ellen Nicholson/nicholls
« on: Sunday 14 November 21 23:16 GMT (UK)  »

See also this almost identical thread on the county Cork board- 
Apologies as the previous "almost identical post " didnt have a possible birthplace as all I have known about these ancestors is that they were from Co Cork , having found a dna match who has Nicholsons from Adrigole in Cork I looked and couldnt find Adrihole so thought I would post on here for help and copied in as much info as I could wasnt a case if me just posting a duplicate thread as I now have a possible birthplace .
Wish I'd seen that thread earlier  ::)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Ellen Nicholson/nicholls
« on: Sunday 14 November 21 23:12 GMT (UK)  »
Duplicate posts just waste members time & efforts

Hi All

If you notice on my previous posts I didnt have a birth place for this Nicholson/Nicholls family, thought as I had a lead from an ancestry match who has Nicholson ancestors from Adrigole  that I would post as I have looked and cant find Adrigole on
It was never my intention to waste anyone's time , the previous "identical " post didnt have a possible birthplace, so I thought I would post again for help , my intention  was to get help to find ancestors I have been trying to trace for years now, not to waste members time .

Family History Beginners Board / Ellen Nicholson/nicholls
« on: Saturday 13 November 21 22:57 GMT (UK)  »
I have since had a lead from an ancestry DNA match whose Nicholsons came from Adrigole Cork and I'm Wondering if anyone can help, I have hit a brick wall with Mary Nicholson born about 1859 co cork and her sister Ellen ,all I know is their fathers name was James Nicholson a farmer from Co Cork, he was listed as deceased in 1880 on the marriage cert of Ellen Nickleson  (that's how it was spelt on marriage cert)  of Gratton st and  James Kelleher of wises lane in 1880 I know they had 6 children, Mary Nicholson of leitrum st married  Mchael Hannan a private in the royal artillery in 1882 with only one child I know of a girl born in 1884 called Mary Ellen I can't seem to find anything on their father James or mothers name and have searched relentlessly any help would be greatly appreciated .

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Maria Kelleher born around 1854
« on: Friday 04 June 21 01:18 BST (UK)  »
Thank you so much for this, I suspect that Maria's husband is a cousin of my great grandfather,
Maria's marriage, Humphrey is her father.

Debra  :)

Family History Beginners Board / Maria Kelleher born around 1854
« on: Thursday 03 June 21 23:26 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone
Can anyone help me locate the birth records for Maria Kelleher born in co cork  around 1854
I have found her in the 1901 irish cencus living in 25 shandon st with Humphrey Sullivan aged 90 , julia Kelleher aged 23 and john  Kelleher aged 25  are listed as stepdaughter and stepson both were born in cork city, Maria was also listed as stepdaughter but in the  1911 cencus they are listed as Maria's children, which is very confusing

Fermanagh / Re: Frances Little
« on: Friday 05 February 21 14:53 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks everyone!!
Your help has been amazing !

Fermanagh / Re: Frances Little
« on: Sunday 31 January 21 11:59 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much everyone Iím amazed at the wealth of info you have all found..... more than I could have hoped for !! However Iíve just found the birth for letitias son Joseph and present at the birth was an Eliza Little can anyone help me discover who this was

Fermanagh / Re: Frances Little
« on: Saturday 30 January 21 19:35 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Elwyn
Yes I wasnít aware of Stephen , thank you so much !! Can you help me find marriageís for them and anything for the 1911 census Iím very interested in where they all were after and spouses

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