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I think this is partly where the problem lies.  Was his name always Francis Henry but known as Frank or was he in fact Frank?

I see that he appears on the 1939 as Frank.

Hopefully the marriage certificate will shed some light on this with his father's name and occupation.

Yes if his surname is different it would be best otherwise it may get confusing separating the relevant information from each family.

So I assume your grandmother was Ivy?

GRO Reference: 1907  J Quarter in MANSFIELD  Volume 07B  Page 120

You really need to order the 1899 marriage certificate as that will give you his father's name and occupation.  It should also give his age but sometimes this is not always accurate.

You can order it from the GRO website.

You will need to register before you can order.  Please note that it will be a certificate as there are no pdfs for marriages.

You may already know the GRO website if you have your grandmother's birth certificate.

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Find My Past have British Armed Forces and Overseas Births and Baptisms and it covers the Philippines.

Would you like to give me the name and birth year of the person whose birth record you are seeking? I can then have a look and see if anything comes up.

This is assuming that your person was British.

Never mind Jon, it happens  ::)

I think we need to wait for Danison to tell us what her grandmother's name was and what the mother's maiden name was.

With that information we can see if the 1899 marriage you found is the correct one.  If it is then Danison can obtain the cert and see what it says for Francis' age and father's name.

If that Frank was 16 in 1881 that gives a birth year of 1865 +/-

Danison is giving us a birth date of 6.6.1874 for Francis

So that we have them on here - June quarter births for Francis

GRO Reference: 1874  J Quarter in EDMONTON  Volume 03A  Page 194

The only one that came up and nothing for September quarter.

1876 June quarter produces this

GRO Reference: 1876  J Quarter in WARWICK  Volume 06D  Page 605
1876 September quarter produces these

GRO Reference: 1876  S Quarter in MALTON UNION  Volume 09D  Page 391

GRO Reference: 1876  S Quarter in CLIFTON  Volume 06A  Page 137

GRO Reference: 1876  S Quarter in AXMINSTER  Volume 05B  Page 15

If Danison gives us the full information from her grandmother's birth certificate it will tell us if the marriage you have found is correct Jon.

Welcome to Rootschat  :D

First off, when and where was your grandmother born and what was her name?  What occupation is given for Francis on her birth certificate?

Have you found the family on an census records to see what occupation is given for Francis?

Have you found a record of Francis' marriage?

If you can provide some or all of the above information it may help to pin down the correct Francis.

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