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That's a good point, Trish.

However, I've never found any Sarah Saints of the right age in Dudley (or nearby places). Also I feel there should be some connection to the James Saint on the 1871 census.

My initial thought was that Sarah's brother (say) moved to Dudley for work, got married and had a family. In the meantime, Sarah (and maybe other siblings) followed him too....who knows?

I'm going to look into this, now that I have a few Saint names of the family of Sarah Saint born 1812. I'm pretty convinced it is "my" Sarah, but there is no confirmation, and not sure what would confirm it.

Helen  :)

Thanks Rob and Trish,

I have all of Sarah and John's family from the various census, thanks. The earliest date I had was John and Sarah's marriage - every time I pass Walsall on the M6 I think of them! But finally I have dates for Sarah's family.

There are a lot of Prices in Dudley and I've not got a confirmed family for John yet, although there are plenty of possibilties.

Yes it is the right family, Trish - by 1881 census Sarah has decided she is from Ripley in Derbyshire, which was good news as there were NO Saints in Dudley in the 1800's and plenty in Derbyshire  :)


HI RobPhill,

Since I posted here I've found out a lot about Sarah Saint, including that her possible parents were James Saint and Mary Shaw, but I was unable to confirm this.

I have siblings called James (1804), William (1802), Sylvia (1809) and Hannah (1806).

Thanks so much for confirming this for me, it has made my day!  :)

I also find interesting that Sarah's grandmother was called Mary Riley, as Riley is my own married name.  :)


Monmouthshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1881/1891 census lookup please - WILLIAMS
« on: Sunday 27 February 11 13:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Rosemary

Sorry I've not replied earlier, but I've been away all week.  Your post is interesting as I've never come across a William in the family before.  In all the information I have, the only child older than Sarah is possibly a sister called Ann born in 1873 or so. Do you know of any reason why William does not appear with the family, especially during the voyages to America, or on any of the censuses?


Monmouthshire Lookup Requests / Re: William Roberts - Rhymney
« on: Friday 27 August 10 20:49 BST (UK)  »
The marriage certificate says that the marriage took place in Tredegar in the Parish of Bedwelty in the county of Monmouth at the Church of St Georges after Banns were read by (what looks like) Eliazer Williams.

I hadn't noticed previously that it actually says Tredegar - so still not sure why they would be married there?


Monmouthshire Lookup Requests / William Roberts - Rhymney
« on: Thursday 26 August 10 21:07 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for the origins of William Roberts born ca. 1824, who married Eleanor Michael in St George's Church, Parish of Bedwelty (I'm assuming this is the church in Tredegar?), in November 1851.

They had 2 daughters Eleanor and Ann and lived at Twyn Carno in Rhymney, with Eleanor running a local shop. Then William died in March 1860 aged 36.

William is a Collier and his father, also William Roberts, is a Joiner (according to his son's marriage certificate).

Eleanor Michael is from Cilgerran in Pembrokeshire, but I've no idea where William is from.  Eleanor is already lodging in Rhymney on the 1851 census, so why would they get married at St George's?

Any ideas anyone?


Monmouthshire / Re: Harcourt Place in Rhymney
« on: Tuesday 24 November 09 15:56 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks I have all the info I need now.

Monmouthshire / Harcourt Place in Rhymney
« on: Monday 23 November 09 21:16 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there
Does anyone out there know anything about Harcourt Place in Rhymney, for example when it was built etc? 
I have found a photo amongst some other family photos (all dated about 1915 or so) of a man called Thomas Williams with the address 2 Harcourt Place written on the reverse.
It is likely he is a relative but I can't work out how - he is an older man in the picture, could be aged anything from mid-40s to mid-70s really.
Unfortunately I don't have the photo to scan as it belongs to another family member.

I couldn't find the street on any census - does anyone know different?


Monmouthshire Lookup Requests / Re: Jones in Rhymney
« on: Friday 13 November 09 21:04 GMT (UK)  »
I have just found another possible Thomas Jones on 1851 census:

(HO107, Piece 2448 Folio 542 page 46 Bedwellty)

Elizabeth Jones Head widow 26 born Le Mason, Somerset
John Jones Son 8 born Bedwellty
David Jones son 3 born "
Thomas Jones son 1 born "
Eleanor Michael lodger 27 lodger born Cilgerran Pembs

What is interesting about this one is that Eleanor Michael is the future mother-in-law of the Thomas Jones that I'm searching for!!!

I cannot find this family on any other census - can anyone help?


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