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Hello Aghadowey, thanks so much for your reply and the information you have provided :)

To be honest, I am not 100% sure of what type of information I am looking for.  I feel I just want to come to Northern Ireland to see where my roots are from and experience the place where my family came from.  I am happy that I have narrowed down the region on where this is.  I am interested in visiting the graveyards and hopefully finding some graves of past family members, I would like to pay my respects if I can.  Is there a place where I could reference to see where they might be buried.  I believe my great grandparents were James Calderwood/Gracie Mckee and William Mckee/Annie Greer Moon - ??  I found some of this information on another post that you did back in 2011  :).  Also, I did find a census from 1901 (when my grandfather was 10) that said they were residents of a house 2 in Lislagan Upper (Enagh, Antrim).  I looked on Google Maps and I do see a Lislagan road... I understand the house would probably no longer be there but it might be nice just to drive along the road to experience the place where my grandfather grew up.  Could it be possible that it is this road - ??  Once again, thanks very much for all the information that you have provided - I greatly appreciate it.

Hello, I am new to RootsChat and looking into my family heritage. 

I live in Canada and I am celebrating my 50th birthday this year.  I have decided to travel to Northern Ireland this fall where my grandparents were born and married.  Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of resources to research my family history as my grandmother (Hadassa) passed away before I was born and my grandfather (William) passed away when I was 6 years old.  Their son, my father (Frank) is also deceased.  Thanks to this website I believe I will be able to see the church my grandparents were married in (Macosquin Presbyterian Church) and I have my grandfathers war recruit document that says his address was Lislagan Ballymoney County Antrim, I believe that is the street he must have grown up on... but I was wondering if anyone could pass any other information that might be beneficial to me. 

Thanks very much!

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