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Europe / Re: SWEDEN.....Surname ALLAND!! came to Scotland 1900
« on: Sunday 20 January 19 12:54 GMT (UK)  »
To Whom It May Concern,
Due to my weak English my granddaughter, Matilda, has helped me translate the following text I have written from Swedish to English.
On account of the interest of Abel Persson I send you, whomever the receiver might be, this message with information concerning Abel and his family. I have found this data when searching my own family history and the information is found, for some parts at least, in his estate inventory. Some information is also found in a register Carl-Augusts Persson was writing in 1912.
Abel Persson and Maria Charlotta got married four days before Ernst Hugo was born in 1875. Maria moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, the same day as Ernst Hugo was born. Based on this information it could be so, that Maria is not Ernst Hugo’s biological mother. Whether this is true or not is unknown though.
Ernst Hugo moved to Gothenburg in mars 1877 to live with Abel and Maria. In 1883 the whole family moved to Oskarshamn, county of Kalmar, Sweden. Shortly after the move, six months to be more precise, Abel dies of tuberculosis.
Abel was born in Blomskog, a countryside in the county of Värmland, Sweden. His parents, Per Andersson (1810-1876) and Lisa Larsdotter (1807-1894), was also born in Blomskog, Sweden.
In the estate inventory deed after Abel the following information could be found:
The heirs of Abel where Maria and their son Ernst Hugo Persson Alland. Something that is worth mentioning is that, this is the first time Ernst Hugo is called Alland. Unfortunately, I do not know why Alland is added to his surname.
Furthermore, my grandfather´s, Pontus Persson’s, father, Carl-August Persson wrote a register 1912 on his family. According to this register, Abel had a son called Ernst Hugo. As per to this register Ernst Hugo was already dead when the register was written. My father’s father, Pontus, and Abel’s son, Ernst Hugo, where cousins.
Maria Charlotta died in 1908 and her only heirs was her siblings.
Regarding the mentioned charge sheet from 1899 the crime Ernst Hugo was suspected for (and possibly convicted for) was gear forgery.
In conclusion a will shortly explain how surname was decided in the 19th century if someone finds it interesting. During these time children often took their fathers first name and added the suffix “son” or “dotter”, which means “son” or “daughter”. For example: Persson/Persdotter.
Regarding the attach file/picture this was Abel Perssons home when he grew up. This house still exist in Blomskog (nowdays Årjäng), Sweden.
Hopefully this text has been interesting and informative for whomever how is interested in Abel Persson and his family life.

Europe / Re: SWEDEN.....Surname ALLAND!! came to Scotland 1900
« on: Friday 26 February 16 16:29 GMT (UK)  »

I have some information about Ernst Hugo´s father Abel Persson (1843, Blomskog Sweden). My great grandfather was a brother to Abel whom wrote a record over the family including his siblings’ children. This genealogy he wrote back in 1912.

If you see this and want more information I can send you the register my great grandfather wrote. I also have some other information about Abel and Ernst.

So if you want the information, please replay to this post with your e-mail address or your address.

Yours sincerely,

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