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Essex / Re: Lost Young Family.Butchers of Walthamstow
« on: Sunday 17 November 13 20:41 GMT (UK)  »
Roger, how wonderful,

I am in the process of of gatherring census returns, parish baptisms etc.fOr Richard

I am very interested in finding which two female relations visited Roberts sister May (unmarried) when she was in a nursing home in Kent or more likely Sussex as she worked and lived in brighton died in 1962 ( I was living in S. America and we returned early1964 so don't really take in what Mum told me!)

My Ma went a few day,s later and was told tha two ladies had visited and been given May's albums .Ma was hoping for some photos of her mother Lily who died in 1907.

Bob was only a few years older than Ma and her older sister and visited us often
Now I do understand why the day we visited Forest Row I have never been able to remember Tom but had a feeling that there was another girl! Are there any photos around do hope so

One other little mystery.
I have the birth certificate of Sidney (1916) and a death cert for a Sidney  in Hull all birth details identical
 Thankyou so much for getting in Touch


Super ,

Now I didn't even know any of those detaits. Absolutely delighted that all my postings have come up with such great results.

Thankyou once more Emjaybee.


Very happy thankyou .Will now pass on to their Grandson and his son.

Very exciting


Great. thankyou again.
would be greatful if the one I posted with Gt/Uncle Bob and Janet  could get similar treatment to the one with Sidney asthese are so clean


Many thanks Emjay,

This is for a new contact (hunted for years ) and his Dad. The other one of Gt/ uncle bob is his Long lost Gt Grandad so delighted that I can pass on his family history. 

Thanks again


Somehow one of my attatchments hasn't so having another go to enlarge similar to ordinary "snap" size


I extracted these from a larger weddig group.
They have come out smaller than usual . I don't want them  very large but perhaps just an ordinary  everyday snap size?


One of the few WW1 papers from my Pa's service .Is it posible just to restore the typed text?

Thankyou Grandson in Army would like information about his Gt Granddad's service before he also goes off


Essex / Re: Lost Young Family.Butchers of Walthamstow
« on: Saturday 09 November 13 11:14 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Jan,

Shews never to give up hope,  so exciting


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