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Sussex / Help required please on original records
« on: Tuesday 23 August 11 11:27 BST (UK)  »
:) Hi, Can you advise me on how I can access original records. For many years now, a few researchers of the surname Gorringe have sadly come up against brick walls. The information gathered has been from the County records office in Lewes, extracted from the bishops transcripts.

We have a Sarah Harmer as marrying a William Gorringe in Hollington, Hastings in 1816. In all censuses, Sarah states she was born in hastings, but if you look for a Sarah Harmer as being born in 1798, there is no entries, but there is a Sarah Harman, born in All Saints, Hastings, in 1798, parents, William and Ann. Now I appreciate, that there could have been an error in the writting of the surname, but would like to know how I can 100% be sure of what her surname was when she married, or even when she was born. If my memory serves me right, when she married William Gorringe, there was the mark of a cross on the "certificate", so perhaps, when the vicar wrote her name in the register, she didn't realise he had made a mistake, because she couldn't read!

Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks, Carol

Kent Lookup Requests / Re: A "stray" Gorringe in the Kent area?
« on: Tuesday 09 August 11 08:27 BST (UK)  »

Hi Betty,
Thank you for coming back to me withthe info you have found. I would love to have whatever details you have on the Gorringe's, and I am particularly interested in the one with a Gorringe middle name, with the Harmer surname. The Harmer name also is connected to our Gorringe's, but that is another story.

Do you have any access to death records? Am looking for a William Gorringe, born 1767, as dying anywhere inthe Sussex / Kent area before 1829. There is one record, but that applies to another Gorringe family, who just happen to have a William Gorringe born around the same time as mine!!

Thanks any. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kent Lookup Requests / A "stray" Gorringe in the Kent area?
« on: Sunday 07 August 11 21:29 BST (UK)  »
:) HI, Can anyone help me please. I am researching the family surname of Gorringe mainly from the East Sussex area of Ringmer and Glynde. But for many a year now, I have come up against the brick wall, of my ancestor disappearing! and I am now think he could have gone across the border to Kent!! (Clutching at straws).
I believe, but can not verify a marriage of a William Gorringe in Glynde in 1804/5 to a Sarah Thatcher. Now, we know from William's father's will, written in 1829, and read in 1835, that William born in 1767, was deceased, and that he had three children, two boys and a girl. The only child we know of is William born in 1792 to William and Hannah Gorringe in Ringmer. Hannah Gorringe died just after childbirth, and that is why we believe William (1767) remarried!? No proof though.
There is no William Gorringe as dying in the Sussex area that meets our criteria, so we can only assume, rightly or wrongly, that he may have been in the Kent area. Can anyone help please.
To recap, William Gorringe was born in Ringmer in1767, and died before 1829, with a "wife" called Sarah, and an additional one boy and girl, apart from his first born son, William Gorringe born in 1792.
Desperate for any help please. Many thanks, Carol
Many than

Sussex Lookup Requests / Sussex Marriage Look Up Request Please
« on: Thursday 09 March 06 21:48 GMT (UK)  »
:) Hi,

Can anyone look up a marriage in Brighton for the following people please ....

Frederick Chees(e)man to Jane ???? around 1843/4

William Chees(e)man to Ann  ???? around 1815, not the William Chees(e)man who married Ann English in Brighton in 1821.

Many Thanks.


Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Index Look Up Please - Sussex
« on: Saturday 04 February 06 21:35 GMT (UK)  »
 :) Hi,

Sorry, have no idea when the marriage could have been, was guessing before 1837?, but after 1821!



Sussex Lookup Requests / Correction to marriage of William Cheesman
« on: Saturday 04 February 06 17:01 GMT (UK)  »

Correction to my last post of marriage look up of William Cheesman to Rose Monet, should be Rose Monet Leroy, sorry.



Sussex Lookup Requests / Marriage Index Look Up Please - Sussex
« on: Saturday 04 February 06 16:54 GMT (UK)  »
 :) Hi,

Can anyone look up a marriage of William Cheesman to Rose Monet, possible Brighton.



Sussex Lookup Requests / Marriage Look up Index Sussex
« on: Monday 30 January 06 21:27 GMT (UK)  »
:) HI,

Can anyone look up the marriage index for Sussex, particularly Brighton, for the following marriage please  ....

Sarah Anne Cheesman, christened Brighton 1828, born between 1824 and 1828! Many thanks,


Sussex Lookup Requests / 1851 census for Brighton
« on: Thursday 26 January 06 22:13 GMT (UK)  »
:) Hi, Can someone look at the 1851 census returns for Brighton please, and see if you can find a William Cheesman and family. William could be a widower, as his second wife died in 1838, would like to see if any children are still living at home!

Many thanks,


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