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Lancashire / Re: Searching for Merchant Navy Records 1939-1951 & beyond, Liverpool
« on: Tuesday 29 September 20 11:08 BST (UK)  »
OK thankyou hmac, I have read your reply and i'm feeling hopeful again. Yesterday I checked the information re: researching crew lists at the Maritime Museum Greenwich but it seemed far too complicated, even navigating my way through their site was a bit of a head ache. 
Your solution sounds manageable and it's about time I visited the Nat Archives. Thanks Geraldine96

Lancashire / Re: Searching for Merchant Navy Records 1939-1951 & beyond, Liverpool
« on: Monday 28 September 20 18:36 BST (UK)  »
Thankyou shaunj and kgarrard, the info. giving the names of ships for merchant seaman Andrew Cannon will be a great help especially the more recent Merchant Navy posting (1952). With ship names I may be able to track down other records.

i always consider the 1939 Reg. as a Census but since you have pointed out my error, i took the trouble to google it and read the Nat. Archives information and gathered yet more useful facts - you certainly learn a lot by getting things wrong   

Lancashire / Searching for Merchant Navy Records 1939-1951 & beyond, Liverpool
« on: Monday 28 September 20 07:31 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for an Andrew Cannon who was born in Bootle, Jan. 1910. He was a crew member in the Merchant Navy which is verified on death and birth certificates for his wife and children as well as the 1939 census.
I am a member of Ancestry, the site has found one crew list record dated 1941 for Andrew Cannon. I would like to know if Merchant Navy crew lists can be accessed anywhere else?
The 1939 Census proves he was in the Merchant Navy, he was still in the Merchant Navy in 1946 and 1948 as his profession is recorded on the birth certs. for his last 2 sons. The final record of Andrew as a Merchant Navy Crew member was on the death cert. for his wife in 1951.
Can any rootschatters help, all information about the Merchant Navy from 1939 onwards will be appreciated, if anyone can direct me to Merchant Navy Crew lists - that would be perfect - look forward to replies, Geraldine96     

« on: Wednesday 03 June 20 10:09 BST (UK)  »
thankyou Mckna489, CaroleW and Maiden Stone, all your replies have been extremely helpful.

As the moderator Ray pointed out, I have incorrectly dated the birth of Moses Roach, it should be 1880, he died in 1928.

I could not find a record for Ellen Leigh's 1st marriage to John Coogan but there is a Catholic Birth and Baptism record for their son John. Date is 14 Sept 1914 for his Baptism but he was actually born May 12 1909. Church or Parish St. James Bootle. Earlier versions of the surname Coogan are Cogan. They emigrated from Wicklow, Rep of Ireland and must have been Catholic as Ellen's son John was baptised in the Catholic church.
 Having read your replies I feel confident that the 1921  and 1925 marriages ARE the same couple, 'progress' at last, thanks Roots Chat!    Geraldine 96

Lancashire / Bootle 1920'S/same couple but two Marriages is this possible?
« on: Tuesday 02 June 20 19:48 BST (UK)  »
 I have been researching a branch of my Irish Ancestry who emigrated to Bootle, Liverpool from Ferns, Wexford ireland in 1864 (approx.) The family name is Roach or Roche. I am interested in Moses Roache whose wife was Ellen Leigh  I have recently found 2 marriages for Moses Roach and Ellen Leigh. The 1st was a Church of England marriage in 1921, the 2nd was a Catholic marriage in 1925, is this possible?
I found the records on Ancestry  (category: Liverpool Church of England Marriages and Banns) and (Liverpool, England Catholic Marriages)
The Church of England marriage details are Parish or Church 'St. Nicholas' Feb 4th 1921 Moses Roache age 34 his father is James Roache, spouse is Ellen Coogan age 39, WIDOW. Her father is Thomas Leigh.   
The 2nd marriage which is a Catholic marriage is in 1925 in the Parish or Church of St. James. Moses Roache is the groom and his spouse is Helenam (latin used on Catholic Church records). Helenam's surname is given as Leigh and father is recorded as Thomas Leigh. The father of Moses Roache is not included (he was deceased by this date). There is a note written in the margin saying 'apostolic dispensation obtained'. I know that usually a dispensation note occurs when there is a Protestant and Catholic couple marrying in a catholic Church.
Moses Roache's dates are birth 1800, Bootle Liverpool- died 1928 Bootle, Liverpool. Ellen Leigh was born 1882 Liverpool. Ellen Leigh's 1st husband died in 1917 at sea when his ship was torpedoed, his name was John Coogan born Bootle 1885, father was Patrick.
Can any Rootschatters tell me if it was normal practice in 1920's Bootle to marry twice in this way? I'd like to rule out the possibility that the marriages relate to 2 different couples and it's just a coincidence that all the names are the same. Thankyou for your help, I look forward to getting some feedback Geraldine96

Wexford / Re: Looking for a cottage located Lower Ferns
« on: Friday 27 March 20 13:07 GMT (UK)  »
Just wanted to say thanks to sinann, I have spent the morning target practicing with and then tried out your trick on geohive using the historic map and contemporary map at the same time to compare present day Ferns with historic Ferns , using both geohive and eirecode are great tools for navigating your way around past and present maps of same town. 
I don't think I'll find Woodbine cottage unless it was a part of Ivy Cottage. The 1885 map shows Ivy Cottage as having a lot of buildings while the rest of the area is rural. Further down the road towards the rail line there are a few scattered buildings which are described as being on the Clone Rd. There's also a small settlement on the same side as Ivy Cottage between the latter and Kiloggy Castle whose present day address is given as The Clone Rd. I'm baffled by Ivy Cottage too, the way it's always flagged up suggests it's a notable landmark. On the 1911 census the landlord is Zacharia Rynehart but his name is written over Thadeus Bolger (Thadeus Bolger is crossed out). Thadeus Bolger was part of the Bolger family that ran Bolgers Tool factory at Milltown they were famous for production of agric. tools. On the 1901 census I think the house that was Ivy Cottage was owned by Joseph J. Houghton (I said his 1st name was james in my earlier message that was wrong!). I may try the planning dept at Wexford Co.Co. If I manage to find the exact location, I'll post again to say how I found it....but pleased to have more ways to search for historic locations, thanks for helping me out sinann         

Wexford / Re: Looking for a cottage located Lower Ferns
« on: Thursday 26 March 20 20:34 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry - correction Zacharia Rynehart was born 1853 approx & died 1932...

Wexford / Re: Looking for a cottage located Lower Ferns
« on: Thursday 26 March 20 20:31 GMT (UK)  »
 Thankyou Sinnan, the 1901 census numbers the houses in the opposite direction to the 1911 census which makes orientation confusing eg the station in 1901 is  house number 2 and Killoggy Castle is House number 13
The 1911 census numbers the station as house 15 and Killoggy castle is hse 1.
i researched the Lee family (resident at Ivy Cottage), Thomas Lee was brought to Ferns to work at Bolgers Tool Factory as he was a skilled scythe maker from Sheffield. On the 1901 census he is in hse 7, the landlord is James j. Houghton. On the 1911 census his son George (following Thomas' death) is living in hse 4, landlord is Zacharia Rynhart which must be Ivy Cottage because the civil marriage cert for his sister Nora ( dated 1st Oct 1907) gives the residential address as Ivy Cottage, Ferns. My gt' grandmother and her husband Henry Stephens are in house 5.Henry Stephens owns the cottage. Because both cottages are named after climbing plants, I thought they might be next door to one another. Having thought about it, houses on the census are not necessarily in line, standing opposite one another or immediately next door; they could be widely spaced. It's puzzling. What would the post code be for Ivy Cottage, as I could approach the land registry or the planning dept c/o Wexford County Council. i'll just have to assume the location for Woodbine is the same as Ivy Cottage and see if I can find some old land registry maps.  I'd welcome any more ideas,but thanks sinnan your post has got me thinking. By the way, I have checked the death cert for Henry Stephens (1931) The address is Woodbine Cottage Lower Ferns Enniscorthy Rd. My Gt. G'mother's death (1945) gives address as Lower Ferns Enniscorthy Rd. Her burial cert. says Clone Rd. On the geohive map of Ferns which was dated 1885 you can see Ivy Cottage because it's labelled. There aren't many buildings along that road but I think Killoggy Castle is there. Zacharia Rynehart was born approx 1853 and died 1832. I looked at history of Killoggy Csatle which said it was built in 1811, I can't believe it was that early. Gerldine96 

« on: Wednesday 25 March 20 04:23 GMT (UK)  »
Thankyou familysearch2011 and sinnan i have followed your info which has helped - i have worked out how to use geohive and at last tracked down the old map which I had come across before when browsing but never been able to retrace.
I think Woodbine Cottage was either next door to or opposite Ivy Cottage (at least within the vicinity of Ivy Cottage) . Ivy Cottage is identified on the old maps and appears on the current google maps. Is there any other way I would be able to trace the exact location for Woodbine Cottage?

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