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England / Re: Eliza Maloney - Lost Marriage Records c.1860s
« on: Tuesday 08 November 22 01:20 GMT (UK)  »

Her date of birth seems to be c.1840-1845, born in Galloway Ireland.

You meant Galway. Which source gave that information about her birthplace?
Galloway is in Scotland. A region, a Catholic and a Scottish Episcopal diocese and home of Belted Galloway cattle. 

England / Re: Eliza Maloney - Lost Marriage Records c.1860s
« on: Tuesday 08 November 22 01:09 GMT (UK)  »
This is very interesting, following that line I've been able to find transcribed baptism records for Sarah which also show a late baptism on the same day in May 1880. I wonder why this might have been!

Was the Sarah who was baptised on that day definitely the correct Sarah and sister of the Charles who was baptised on the same day?  Sarah and Charles would have been the right age for confirmation in 1880. Are 
 Confirmation or First Communion registers available? Charles and Sarah may have received conditional baptism if their parent or guardian wasn't around/couldn't be contacted to verify that the children were already baptised. Other older children in the parish may have been baptised around the same time in preparation for the sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation.
Were parents of Charles and Sarah alive in 1880? Were the family still together on 1881 census? How far away was the church where Charles and Sarah were baptised in 1880 to the place they were born?   

Laois (Queens) / Re: Howard family from County Laois
« on: Tuesday 08 November 22 00:18 GMT (UK)  »
Do you know their religious denomination?
Clonaslee a town in Kilmanman civil parish in Mountmellick Poor Law Union
Linked R.C. parish Clonaslee, Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin
Post town Clonaslee
Linked Church of Ireland parish Rosenallis
Registration District (for births, marriages and deaths) Mountmellick

Catholic parish registers at National Library of Ireland
Clonaslee R.C. parish
Baptism and marriage registers 1849-

What's your source for Ellen's birthplace?

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Birth/Baptism information on George Richard Holahan
« on: Monday 07 November 22 23:33 GMT (UK)  »
Have you searched under variants of the surname, including those starting with a different letter, e.g. Olleron, Wholohan?
Have you looked for a birth registration without a forename? 
Howard might have been mistaken for the common Lancashire surname Howarth/Haworth, depending on pronunciation.
Did George have any siblings born in England or Ireland?

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Birth/Baptism information on George Richard Holahan
« on: Monday 07 November 22 22:54 GMT (UK)  »
Have you tried "Manchester Ancestors" (Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society)?

Family History Beginners Board / Re: 12 children but only 5 baptized
« on: Monday 07 November 22 22:45 GMT (UK)  »
I had the same thought as Jebber, that the parents considered baptism unnecessary for the younger children.
Have you searched later baptism registers in case some of the children were baptised when older?

The Lighter Side / Re: Common Names
« on: Monday 07 November 22 22:30 GMT (UK)  »
The male names are the usual ones, John, Richard, Thomas, James and William. Richard was a popular name in some of my families from the Fylde region of Lancashire. Female: Alice, Ann, Elizabeth, Ellen, Agnes, Jane, Mary, Catherine, Bridget.

I've mentioned this family before. 
My ancestor, John, and Alice, his sister, were children of Richard & Jane & grandchildren of Richard & Jane. John and Alice had a sister, Jane and brothers, Richard, Thomas and William. Alice married a cousin, Richard, son of another John and grandson of a Thomas. Alice & Richard had the same surname. So, Alice had a father, husband and brother with the same forename and surname, although not all at the same time as her brother died young and her father died the year before she married. Alice's husband's brothers were Thomas, William and John. 5 years after Alice's marriage, her brother John also married a cousin, a sister of Richard, his brother-in-law. That meant John had the same name as his father-in-law and a brother-in-law. and his 3 other brothers-in-law had the same names as his own brothers. No prizes for guessing that John & wife named their first 5 sons Richard (x2), Thomas, William and John. The newspaper report of the death of Richard, Alice's husband stated that he was John's brother, which confused me until I realised it meant brother-in-law.
Richard's mother, paternal aunt, daughter, 2 nieces and a sister-in-law were Elizabeth/Betty. Mary was the name of a sister, sister-in-law + 3 nieces. All Elizabeths and Marys had the same surname. 1 Mary and 1 Elizabeth (sisters) changed their forenames by becoming nuns.
All the above people lived in a small town, population around 1,200. 

England / Re: Elsie May Wright 1905-2001 Cardiff?
« on: Monday 07 November 22 21:28 GMT (UK)  »
Rochele, welcome to RootsChat.
As your mother and aunt are alive, you should remove their names from your post. Information about people who are or may be alive isn't allowed on the public forum, for privacy and personal security reasons. Click "Modify" above your reply to edit your post.
Private information can be exchanged via the Personal Message function. New members have to make a few posts before that function operates.
Did Elsie live in England? Is that why this is on the England board although she was born in Wales?

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