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Australia / Re: Help with Thomas Wilkinson
« on: Today at 08:25 »
Occupation, I think is “LABOURER”.

Australia / Re: Help with Thomas Wilkinson
« on: Today at 07:56 »
Just trying to find some more information for you.
It seems he was aged 31 when arrived in Tasmania - so born about 1805.
The 1841 convict muster has him assigned to / working for Mr. Gibson in Launceston.
1846 He received a ticket of leave
1849 He received a conditional pardon.

Have you tracked down James’ brothers and sisters? Any of them move to Aberdeen?
Maybe his first wife Sarah, had family in Aberdeen?

ANd of course if one or either emigrated they might have then said their birthplace was Sctloand rather than Colombo/Ceylon/East Indies/India.
Yes, a ship’s passenger list would likely have them listed as coming from Scotland. I agree, it might be difficult to find them, and if they went off to Ireland, again difficult to track down. On the bright side, you did well to find their birth records, and you now know the mother was Sarah. :)

One thing I have wondered, is why the father James chose to settle in Aberdeen after he left the army. Both he and his second wife were from Ireland. There must have been some connection to Aberdeen.
Do you know if the Murray family originated in Scotland?

Aberdeenshire / Re: James Murray born ca 1805 61st & 87th Regiments
« on: Tuesday 27 July 21 22:17 BST (UK)  »
Hi Josey
I looked the other day, for quite some time, for the boys James and William in the census after 1851, but I found nothing.
I think you might need to consider that they emigrated, and look abroad. They were both perfect candidates (young, very poor, without parents) for assisted immigration schemes at the time to the colonies - Australia, Canada, USA.

Sussex / Re: Barnabus Jones b.1883
« on: Tuesday 27 July 21 21:56 BST (UK)  »
Barnabas birth details supplied to you in previous thread -23 July.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Samuel Housley
« on: Tuesday 27 July 21 01:44 BST (UK)  »
Here is a possible in 1861 census.
A widower, a plumber, birthplace Heanor is 2 miles from Smalley.

Regarding 2nd picture with man wearing flowers, in my opinion …
It seems more like father and daughter. She looks young, early twenties or even late teens, and he looks much older.

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