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Roxburghshire / Re: William Scott of Lilliesleaf
« on: Today at 10:10 »
Death for Thomas Scott ( father of Adam Colvine) looks to be 1923 Jedburgh, age 75.
His death cert. will give you other family names and details.

Cavan / Re: Francis McGaverin
« on: Today at 00:35 »
What other information does the marriage record contain? ages? occupations? addresses? parents?
Can you attach it here?

Cavan / Re: Francis McGaverin
« on: Today at 00:17 »
Sarah and Francis married 13 Sept 1819, and less than a year later he was dead (hanged on 18 Aug 1820). We will never know if Sarah was pregnant with Mary Ann when he was executed, or if the child had already been born.

Cavan / Re: Francis McGaverin
« on: Today at 00:12 »
I am happy to help, but I am not clear about what exactly you want to know.

Cavan / Re: Francis McGaverin
« on: Today at 00:02 »
Also Maryann daughter of Sarah McElroy and Mathew had McGowran at the end of her name. :-\
Janet :'(
Since Sarah and Francis were married in 1919 it is most probable that they had a child a year later. This may have been Mary Ann, but there is no record to confirm this. Mary Ann may not have known who her real father was, or did not use his name on purpose. There would have been a great amount of family shame being connected with a convict who had been hung to death. The father who brought her up (if not her biological one) was Mathew McIlroy.

I think you are getting your self confused without reason. Do you have original documents of marriages, deaths, births, and Francis's trial, etc?
 What is all the information that these documents give? I am not on Ancestry at the moment, so I can't see what you are looking at.
I would also ignore the web site that you found relating to Mathew mcIlroy and Sarah - it is perfectly possible that not all information there is correct.

Cavan / Re: Francis McGaverin
« on: Yesterday at 23:51 »
found that Sarah Sandell  aged 15 married a Thomas Dodman prisoner age 42 parish of Parramatta 31/1/1818,

It is probable that this is a different person entirely, as that age does not agree with the age of your Sarah when she married Francis.

Cavan / Re: Francis McGaverin
« on: Yesterday at 23:47 »
In wiki, it is incorrect and he is listed as "Thomas" McGowran. This is because whoever wrote the wiki entry, did not do enough research, and took their information from one newspaper report where Francis is called "Thomas" by mistake. Newspaper reporters got things wrong, even in those days. All the correct information is available from the NSW State Archives -  This is the link.,contains,francis%20mcGowran&offset=0

I think they are similar, when you compare the shaping of the letters.

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