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Midlothian / Re: Burial Index's for Newbattle and Newton
« on: Thursday 06 February 20 19:22 GMT (UK)  »
Looking to trace a headstone and Information of a James Stewart & Janet Renton.
I suspect they were buried in Newbattle/Stobhill between 1880-1900
Children: Jean, Marion, James, William, Adam, Elizabeth, Isabella, Margaret, Williamina.
They lived from Penicuik, Roslin, Lasswade, Stobhill.
(Albeit: I can only find a death with the name Janet Denholm, still working on seeing if the same person)

Fife / Re: HEADSTONES in Kirkcaldy Cemeteries(Part 2)
« on: Monday 07 October 19 16:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I'm looking for 'Wilson' in Fife. Mine came from Ceres, Kemback,
John Wilson (1780) & Jean Cunningham (abt-1792)
Their Children:
Edmund/Edmond/Edward Wilson (1810 Ceres-1861 Leuchars)
Agnes Wilson (1811-1891 Kemback)
Alexander Wright Wilson (1814 Kemback -1893 Abbotshall) m. Janet Walker
Isabel Anderson Wilson (1816- ?)
John Wilson (1821-1878 Inveresk)
Ann Wilson (abt 1823-1888 Toronto Canada)
John Wilson (abt 1852 Cupar-1924 Lassodie)

John Ness (1801-1880) Anne Adamson (1795-1877)
Alexander Ness (1820-?)
Robert Ness (1823-?)
Janet Ness (1825-1893 Durham, England)
Catherine Ness (1827-?)
Elizabeth Ness (1836-?)
James H Ness (?)

Would appreciate any photos or further information, I have made a huge family tree, nearly 8k People, always happy to share information freely with anyone who thinks they part of my tree.

East Lothian (Haddingtonshire) / Re: o`Brien family Dunbar East Lothian
« on: Monday 01 July 19 16:41 BST (UK)  »
2 brothers
James O'Brien b 1884 d 1917/1918
John O'Brien b 1893 d 1917 /1918,
Both from Dunbar, East Lothian were killed in WW1.

East Lothian (Haddingtonshire) / Re: o`Brien family Dunbar East Lothian
« on: Monday 01 July 19 16:27 BST (UK)  »
1891 Census (Scotland)
Ref: 706/ 7/ 15 Dunbar, East Lothian
Patrick O'Brien, aged 35
Bridget O'Brien, aged 35
Helen O'Brien, aged 10
Bridget O'Brien, aged 9
Patrick O'Brien, aged 8
James O'Brien, aged 6
Catherine O'Brien, aged 4
Allanora O'Brien, aged 2
Margaret O'Brien, aged 0

1901 Census (Scotland)
Ref: 706/ 2/ 18 Dunbar, East Lothian
Patrick O'Brien, aged 40
Bridget O'Brien, aged 40
Ellen O'Brien, aged 20
Bridget O'Brien, aged 17
Patrick O'Brien, aged 16
James O'Brien, aged 14
Katie O'Brien, aged 14
Nora O'Brien, aged 12
Maggie O'Brien, aged 10
John O'Brien, aged 8
Michael O'Brien, aged 4

1911 Census (Scotland)
Ref: 706/ 4/ 5 Dunbar, East Lothian
Patrick O'Brien, aged 55
Bridget O'Brien, aged 55
Patrick O'Brien, aged 27
John O'Brien, aged 18
Michael O'Brien, aged 15

Aberdeenshire / Re: Janet/Jessie Fyvie b 1844
« on: Thursday 16 May 19 13:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi All, I've been researching my 'Fyvie' Family Tree for a good few years now and have collated a huge amount of information. I've followed the Fyvie's from Aberdeenshire to Angus, Edinburgh, Glasgow, down into England, across to Ireland, to Canada, America, and Australia etc.

I've also followed other branches, like the Mutch, Crichton/Crighton, Bruce, Scroggie, Brebner/Bremner, etc.

I am more than happy to share any information freely. I've been building the Tree on FamilySearch which is free.

Aberdeenshire / Re: Bruce, Crighton, Fyvie, Mutch
« on: Thursday 21 March 19 19:58 GMT (UK)  »
Information found in Censuses in Scotland.

1901 Census (Scotland)
Ref: 174/ 3/ 1 Belhelvie
Alexander Leith, aged 37
Elspet F Leith, aged 31
Jane Leith, aged 8
Ann W Leith, aged 7
Margaret Leith, aged 5
Elspet F Leith, aged 3
Cartherine G W Leith, aged 0
1901 Census (Scotland)
Ref: 174/ 3/ 1 Belhelvie
James Leith, aged 62
Joseph Leith, aged 68
Catherine Leith, aged 59
James Leith, aged 39
John Leith, aged 37
William Leith, aged 35
Andrew Leith, aged 28

1911 Census (Scotland)
Ref: 174/ 3/ 2 Belhelvie
Alexander Leith, aged 46
Elspet Leith, aged 41
Margaret Leith, aged 15
Elspet Flett Leith, aged 13
Cartherine G W Leith, aged 10
Alexander Leith, aged 4
Williamina Munro Leith, aged 2

Fife / Re: 1841/51 census lookup please, Cupar Fife
« on: Tuesday 19 February 19 21:17 GMT (UK)  »
1841 Census records appear to be missing

1851 Census (Scotland)
Residence: 29 Lebanon, Cupar
Head: Robert Roberton, aged 55, Goldsmith & Inspector, born Cupar, Fife
Wife: Jessie J Roberton, aged 55, born Dunkeld, Perth
Son: William Roberton, aged 20, Engineer, born Cupar, Fife
Son: George Roberton, aged 14, Goldsmith Apprentice, born Cupar, Fife
Dau: Elizabeth Roberton, aged 23, born Cupar, Fife
Notes: Weights & Measures Fife

Fife / Re: Headstones and inscriptions in Ceres and Cameron
« on: Sunday 17 February 19 20:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I'm looking for headstone inscriptions and any other information for a John Wilson & family who love 1700-1800s in Cupar, Ceres, Kemback, Leuchars & St Andrew's before spreading further a field. I've a large amount of information about my family which I am happy to share freely. I'm interested not only finding out dates, places and families, but about their history.

(1) David Wilson (b.abt 1694 Ceres) married (abt 1716 Ceres) Catherine Rodgers (b.abt 1695 Ceres)
Children: Robert, David, Margaret (all born Ceres)

(2) David Wilson (b. 26/4/1719 Ceres) married (1737 Leichars) Jannet Peatie (B.20/4/1718 Leuchars)
Children: Elspeth, Margaret, Isabel, John, Janet, Agnes, Jean, Sophia, James, Catherine, Euphemia (all born Ceres)

(3) John Wilson (b.5/5/1745 Ceres - 1/1/1812 Kemback) married (9/12/1768 Ceres) Agnes Gibson (b.abt 1747 ? - d.abt 1824 ?)
Children: Agnes, Agnes, Agnes, Mary, John (all born Kemback)
John was a Weaver in Craigs of Blebo, Kemback.

(4) John Wilson (b. 7/5/1780 Kemback- d. bfr 1861) married (no dates) Jean Cunningham (b.abt 1792 Kemback - d.aft 1861 ?)
Children: Edmund Loyd Wilson (aka Edward) (b.1810 Ceres - d.1861 Leuchars), 
Agnes Loyd Wilson (b.1811 Kemback - d.1819 Kemback)
Alexander Wright Wilson (b.1814 Kemback - d.1893 Abbotshall)
Isabella Anderson Wilson (b.1816 Kemback - ?)
John Wilson (b.1821 Kemback - 1878 Inveresk)
Ann Wilson (b.abt 1823 Fife - 1888 Toronto, Canada)
John was a Weaver.

(5) John Wilson married (1847 Cupar) Janet Ness (b.1825 St Andrews - d.aft 1891 England)
Children: Ann Adamson Wilson (b.1849 Cupar - d.1910 Falkirk)
John Wilson (b.abt 1852 Cupar - 1924 Lassodie)
Robert Greig Wilson (b.1855 Cupar - d.1937 Lancashire)
James Ness Wilson (b.1860 Kinglassie - d.1934 Yorkshire)
John was a Carter & Ploughman.

Fife / Re: Cupar Parish Church MIs
« on: Thursday 14 February 19 18:51 GMT (UK)  »
Been researching my Family for past couple of years and traced them to Cupar/Kemback area. Due to health and now disability am restricted in travel. Therefore am asking if anyone can help and has information on Wilson's of Fife.
I live in Dunbar and was taken for a very short visit to Cupar church where I took pictures of (18) James Wilson & Jane Scott, & (18) Thomas Wilson & Mary Ann Robertson's headstones, but they don't seem to be link to my branch.
My family are
(1) David Wilson (b.abt1691) m.1716 Catharine Rodger (b.abt1695)
(2) David Wilson (b.1719 Ceres) m.1737 Jannet Peatie (b.1718 Leuchars)
(3) John Wilson (b.1745 Ceres d.1812 Kemback) m.1768 Agnes Gibson (b.abt1747 d.abt1824)
(4) John Wilson (b.1780 Kemback d.bfr 1861) m.? Jean Cunningham (b.abt 1792 Kemback d.aft11861)
(5) John Wilson (b.1821 Kemback d.1878 Inveresk, Musselburgh) m.1847 Cupar, Janet Ness (b1825 St Andrews d.aft1891 England)
I have much, much more information to share with those interested. Because the family lives and work in and around Cupar/Kemback I suspect they may have been interred there.
My e-mail address is [email protected]

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