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Family History Beginners Board / Grubb family of Newbury Berkshire
« on: Wednesday 02 March 22 03:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hoping I might get some help once again with my Newbury family.  I had a lot of help some years ago but have come up with a new question as the only records online are transcripts itís hard to be sure.

My ancestor John Grubb was born in Newbury in 1783 to Thomas and Martha Grubb Ö we believe Martha was Martha Grey.  Recently dna has shown a connection to an Elizabeth Grubb who could be Johnís sister or half sister as I donít have her baptism record.  But it appears that Thomas may have been married to another Martha Ö Martha Woodley in 1777.  Then married Martha Grey in 1782 but it doesnít give Thomas Grubbís marital status on the transcript so I donít know for sure if itís the same Thomas that married Martha Woodley.  Iíve found a baptism for a Thomas son of Thomas and Martha in 1780  Öso that could be the first Martha (Woodley) then there is a baptism in 1778 but no first name just Grubb and parents names.  There is also a death in 1787 for Martha Grubb daughter of Thomas.  On the the 1815 Toomers census I was told that Thomas along with his wife Martha also has an Ann Stillman living with them and she I believe is the daughter of Elizabeth the possible sister of my John as she married James Stillman in 1799 and they have a daughter Ann.

Hope that makes an ounce of sense.  So if anyone has access to any of these records I would appreciate the help as Iím in Australia :-)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Talbot Inn Rugeley Staffordshire
« on: Saturday 06 November 21 14:47 GMT (UK)  »
Goodness me!  Sounds like a fun place to stay! Probably just as well it no longer exists. Worthy of a Hollywood script.

Your a legend thanks Dave Ö we are away from home at the moment in Darwin (Northern Territory of Australia) visiting my husbands sister and her husband.  We will be back home Monday.  So it seems one of the sons was still alive at the death of the father.

I donít think to date Iíve found any baptisim records for the Belickeís

Thanks Dave Ö thatís very interesting that they have Carl as deceased Ö I need to try and find the marriage between Carl and Paula to determine if this is our Carl Wilhelm Belicke

But Iím guessing the only way they could move forward even if he was alive was to pretend he wasnít because Carl had married Emma Rau by now and was still alive. 

I think I also found a possible sister for Carl.  Will pop that one up next.

Thank you so very much!

Thank you so much thatís very helpful Ö definitely seems to be from the same area.  Havenít managed to find much more on Hermann yet.

This one we believe might be our ancestor Carl Wilhelm Belickeís son born before Carl came to Australia.  Still no idea why they didnít come to Australia.

This is one and going by the record this Belicke family are from same place Carl was from so wondering if there was anything helpful about Hermann

Thanks Dave Ö my ancestor was Carl Wilhelm Belicke he was born in 1850 and he married Emma Rau who youíve been helping me with her side.  Carl is a bit of mystery in that he was married when he came to Australia but for reasons unknown his wife and child/children didnít join him and then he got Emma in a spot of trouble and married her.  Iím told there were photos of his family back in then Prussia but were destroyed by a family member in WW2 out of fear as Carl was interred during WW1 even though he had been Australia many years and was naturalised he was eventually released due to poor health.  So Iím trying to piece his family together.  We know via records his father shared the same name and his mother  was Fredericke Heckert.  His home town wasnít a big place and the earliest records are we believe via his grandfather Christian Belicke he was part of a group of Mennonites that settled the area.  Iíve found a few Belickeís and so their records might help me see where they might fit Ö no rush if you are busy.  This is Carl

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