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The Common Room / Re: The order of recipients in a 1727 Will?
« on: Wednesday 03 November 21 20:28 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for all your replies, this has moved on since l last looked. Iím not able to look at the Tree at the moment but l do have most of the information you have all mentioned. William married Jane Young in 1719 (if memory serves), they were both quite old and l donít think they had any children. I have both their wills, Janeís is the one earlier in the thread. I think l have two brothers for William, Thomas and John Jerom and they both have a number of children who all would have been in their 30s and 40s at the time of Williamís death. They also confusingly had children of the same name, John, Ann and Mary. So the problem is putting the right ones to the right parents, and l was hoping the way the nephews and nieces were listed in Williamís will would help with this. There are a lot of Jeromís and other similar versions on the IOW and lím trying to get them into some semblance of a family tree, l have 5 on the go at the moment and lím hoping to at least join some together to get the big picture. Itís proving to be an impossible task! 😀

The Common Room / Re: The order of recipients in a 1727 Will?
« on: Sunday 31 October 21 08:34 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply,  :) and the offer to try and help decipher the names, but I just really wanted to know if the people mentioned, specifically the nephews and nieces belonged to the same family group? So does William, Anne, Hannah and Elizabeth all have the same parent, and then Thomas, Joseph, Ann and Mary have another parent? I will try and decipher the names myself and post on here if I can't?  :)



The Common Room / The order of recipients in a 1727 Will?
« on: Saturday 30 October 21 14:04 BST (UK)  »
I know it's unlikely, but do you think the order of the naming of nieces and nephews in a Will from 1727 might reflect the different parents, or is it likely to be random? These are the people who were left something in William Jerom's will from 1727 in Godshill, IOW. I'm wondering if there might be four different siblings of the deceased as they seemed to be listed in groups?

Godson - Thomas White, son of John White of ? in parish in Brading, 1 Guinea

Benjamin Newland of Adgestone £20

Thomas Newland, son of Benjamin, 2 Guineas

Mary, Jane, Anna and William Newland other children of Benjamin Newland, 1 Guinea each

Nephew - William Jerom, £30

Nieces - Anne Horlock, Hannah Dove and Elizabeth Grant, £20

Nephews - Thomas and Joseph Jerom, £20

Nieces - Ann ? and Mary Dove, £20

Niece - Jane? 5 shillings

Two children of Jane ? by former husband John ? £5 each

Niece - Elizabeth Reynolds, £5

David, son of David ? of the parish of Godshill £5

Bother-in-law Daniel and his wife Elizabeth ? 1 shilling

Everything else to loving wife Jane Jerom.

Hope that makes sense


Thank you, yes he also lived in the parish of Godshill on the Isle of Wight.

As a further question, the Thomas Jerom I have had children, all of age, why wouldn't one of those have been granted administration? If I have the correct Thomas, the children (all adults) are mentioned in William's will four years later.

That's brilliant, thank you to both of you.

Would really appreciate some help with this Will? It belongs to Thomas Jerom of Godshill, Isle of Wight from 1723. For a start, it seems very short, is it the complete Will? Why would it be in Latin, could Thomas have been a Catholic? The only other name I can see is what looks like William Jerom, brother, is that correct?

Kind regards,


Armed Forces / Re: Adult Baptism
« on: Sunday 10 October 21 17:34 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Shaun, I had the discharge record, but hadn't thought of looking on the National Archives for George Fiddler, or the census records, only births with no luck.

Armed Forces / Adult Baptism
« on: Sunday 10 October 21 10:25 BST (UK)  »
Hoping someone might be able to help with a query I have. Why would a soldier serving in India in 1874 get baptised at the given age of 27? He had married 2 yrs previously in a Parish Church in Hale, Surrey as a Private in the Royal Artillery. I have a copy of the baptismal record from Find My Past and I'm wondering if it's something to do with getting a promotion? However, intriguingly, there is a record in the National Archives of the baptism that refers to a name change at some point, so could this be the reason? I have been unable to find a birth for him from the date (5th Nov 1847) given on the record, or from his supposedly place of birth, Croydon, given on various census records. His name is George Sycamore who gave his father as John Sycamore and mother as Harriet on the baptismal record. The description on the National Archives website suggests the name was changed from George Fiddler, I have asked them to send me copy. Any help appreciated, thanks. 

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