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Occupation Interests / Re: Coach Maker & Coach Smith
« on: Monday 21 August 17 14:10 BST (UK)  »
All my coach body builders etc were based around Odiham, Southampton, Basingstoke and London.

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Joseph Whitall to Elizabeth
« on: Tuesday 24 November 09 12:20 GMT (UK)  »
"Are you sure the witness signing Joseph Edward Whitall is Elizabeth's father or is it her brother? Do the details she gives for her father state Joseph Whittall or Joseph Edward Whittall?"

No she states her father as Joseph Whitall Coachsmith. I see your point, the witness probably is her brother. Other marriage certificates I have are where witnesses are known to be brothers and sisters.

My task is now to collect hard evidence, but with your help I now know where to focus my search.
At present I'm not looking to go back in time, just to tie up loose ends and get a fuller picture of what life was like for my ancestors in 19th century London and what kept them there.

Many thanks
For your help

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Joseph Whitall to Elizabeth
« on: Tuesday 24 November 09 11:41 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks so much for the work you have done Trish and Valda.
My mistake on the St Georges Hanover square, that is were Joseph Whitall b.1811 died but on the 1851 census page, I fortunately down loaded as a hunch when I still has subscription, it does clearly say St Georges East.

I must try an focus on what I see and not what I think I see.
Anyway, I shall read through all your information with great interest.

Ooooh Valda, I've just seen an Elizabeth Hooker on the 1871 census information you sent, she is the grand daughter of Joseph Whitall (b.1811?) and daughter to Charles Hooker and Elizabeth Hooker nee Whitall.

I came across Joseph juniors middle name on the marriage certificate I have for Elizabeth Whitall and Charles Hooker. Joseph Whitall is down as Father, occupation CoachSmith and he is a witness and signs Joseph Edward Whitall.

Ooooooh I have just notice that the other witness is an Eliza Bright.

Wow!!!! It will take me a while to digest this information but wow again and thanks. I will need a big map of London to plot ancestors movements.

Thanks again
Pipkim :) :) :)

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage Joseph Whitall to Elizabeth
« on: Tuesday 24 November 09 10:25 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks Trish.

I have only recently started looking again into this family, as they may be a key to my Hooker family being in St George Hanover Square area via marriage/profession. I shall get Joseph's daughters birth certificate (my 2xGreat grandma) as soon as I can afford it.

Thank you for the help.
Pipkim :)

I am looking for the marriage of:

Joseph Edward Whitall  (b.1810 approx)  St Georges Hanover Square.
Married to
Elizabeth  ?????  (b.1811 approx)  St Georges Hanover Square.

Both of their deaths were registered as St George Hanover Square, so they may not have moved around very far.

Their earliest recorded child was born 1838-9 in Marylebone. I haven't found a marriage from 1837 forwards, so can only assume they married before that date.

I am hoping to find Elizabeth's surname and the place and date of their marriage.

Hope you can help, many thanks.

The Lighter Side / Re: Has anyone given up?
« on: Monday 23 November 09 14:50 GMT (UK)  »
I'm finding less and less time these days and still have to rely on the internet, so I dip in and out of family history, but not done any for a while.

Off sick today, so I have found some quiet time  ;)  and started looking at old census pages I had found (just a hunch) quite a while ago.

Well, when I re-read them and a marriage certificate and then looked at the BMD list, lo and behold I found 3x Granddad, His wife and children. He had been starring me in the face, so to speak  ;D They all tied neatly together.

So I'd say you can never give up, the door is always open!! A rested pair of eyes spot missed things.

The Lighter Side / Our ancestors lost documents
« on: Friday 20 November 09 13:57 GMT (UK)  »
I was just sitting here searching for pictures of ephemera, I came across this website .

I wonder where my ancestors paperwork ended up? possibly here or the like.

Just in case anyone one is interested to take a look, there are a few names mentioned in the stock descriptions, although the prices are too steep for me  ::)


The Lighter Side / Re: New to scrapbooking
« on: Wednesday 18 November 09 13:57 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Tofgem and Irene,

That's the problem, there is so much information out there. I need to focus on a few things and get them in order and watch the project grow. At least I now have access to a scanner which will help enormously.

I partly feel I need to do this, to get what information I have found into an easy to understand format before it grows any more. Thanks for the advice and enthusiasm.

Pipkim  ;)

The Lighter Side / Re: New to scrapbooking
« on: Tuesday 17 November 09 13:33 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the replies, it really helps to formalise ideas. I think I'll probably start with the earliest ancestors of one family and see where it leads me.

I don't have photographs of the ancestors, but thought I could illustrate with pictures of clothes of the day, topical news, artists etc. My idea is to produces pages in a loose leaf way and then hand bind them, so at a later date I could expand it with new finds, maybe.

Thanks again

It's like having a blank page in front me and not knowing where to start, so I think I need to get on with it!!!

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