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Lancashire / Re: Locked Threads on Lancashire Lookup Offers
« on: Tuesday 28 October 08 00:37 GMT (UK)  »
Can I just add that I don't look here much these days, having been ill but I did get an email yesterday saying that a new post had been made to a topic I had offered help in (it's a pretty obscure one), asking for info / photos of an area I live in but have no genealogical research in.  Because of that I was prompted to come into the thread and pick up the request.  I received another email today saying the topic has been locked.  Should anyone else be looking for Dolphinholme information, I won't know about it unless I happen upon it, which seems a shame really.

I haven't done any research myself for a bit because of work and then ill-health but it doesn't mean I'm not willing to help on the rare occasions when it falls into my field of capabilities.   :)   

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Dolphinholme Village nr Lancaster
« on: Sunday 10 February 08 15:03 GMT (UK)  »
The 'Cor' will be Corless Cottages and they are still there, as is Common Bank.  I think I might know where the house is now .... if I get a chance I'll try and get some pics this afternoon - if not will definitely get you something in the next few days  :) 

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Dolphinholme Village nr Lancaster
« on: Sunday 10 February 08 13:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Joyce

I'm sorry - I don't have much info on people of Dolphinholme, as I'm a recent resident here and my own research is on the other side of the country.  There were a good number of Quaker families around here though - many villages were entirely Quaker - so it is certainly a possibility.

If you could give me the references for the census records, I can try and work out where their cottage was though and it might well still be there - I would be happy to take a photograph for you.

The name Spout Cottage rings a bell, but I've had a quick look on the OS map and can't find one in Dolphinholme.  There's a Spout House towards Scorton though - which was definitley a Quaker Village ...   

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Dolphinholme Village nr Lancaster
« on: Saturday 15 December 07 09:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi lillyj

The cottages in all the photos were def there in that period.  Most of the mill workers cottages were built mid to late C18th.  In the pic I posted, I live in the second house from the right!  In the lower part of the village, there was no development here between something like 1789 and 1986 - when six new houses were built and some flats.  The difficulty is that a lot of properties that were there aren't any more - many were just very rough built and in very poor condition.  So, although there are now only 35 residences, there would have been a lot more, when the mill was at its height.  Corless Cottages, a biggish row in the upper part of the village is still there - but other than that, most of the properties up there are mid 20thC - not sure if they were greenfields builds or replaced older properties.

I understand that, by the sixties, virtually all of Lower Dolphinholme was virtually derelict.  I know that, as our house backed on to fields, pigs were kept in what is now my kitchen - it was originally a separate one room cellar dwelling.  In the 70s the house was 'done up' very roughly and a staircase put through to allow access to that part of the property from the rest of the house, and it then all became one, so to speak.   

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Dolphinholme
« on: Thursday 24 May 07 18:24 BST (UK)  »
Sorry - posted before I meant to!  I also meant to say - hope that is helpful - if I might be able to help with anything else, please shout.   :)

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Re: Dolphinholme
« on: Thursday 24 May 07 18:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi, and apologies for the delay in responding to your post.  I suspect that the baptisms would have been conducted at Cockerham Parish Church but possibly at Ellel Church.  I have copied a bit from a book I have below, which may prove helpful.  If you would like me to photocopy it or take any photographs for you, please let me know and I will be pleased to do so.

Extract from 'A Short History of Dolphinholme' by the Rev A. R. Denne, BA - Vicar of Dolphinholme 1965.

'Before the coming of the mill, the site of the present village of Dolphinholme was partly in the ancient parish of St Helen's, Churchtown, or Garstang, and partly in that of St Michael's, Cockerham.  As for hte latter church, it had long possessed one or two chapels of ease, built for the convenience of th einhabitants of th eoutlying parts of the large parish, and one of these was at Elll.  This would have served the scattered farmimg community of what we now call dolphinholme, before the coming of the larger population, at the end of the C18th. ....
 .... At first, services were held in th eschoolromm in th elower art of the village.  They consisted chielfy of an afternoon service on Sundays.  Once a quarter, the congregation would assemble at the schoolroom and march in procession to Shires head Old Church, also a chapel of ease for Cockerham.  There was no facility for th einternment of the dead at Dolphinholme, this would have to be done at either Shires Head, Galgate (Ellel) or Cokerham.  It seems that the sacrament of baptism was administered for a short while in the building which served for worship, fo rthe entries in the old register begin on Friday 10th 1838.'

 Here is a pic of part of the village - it hasn't changed much ....

The Lighter Side / Re: Contacts going quiet
« on: Friday 23 March 07 22:41 GMT (UK)  »
I occasionally receive contact messages from either ancestry or genes.  I do try to reply straightaway but sometimes, if I get in from work and have brought stuff home with me to work on, or dog needs walking, contracts to do for the band I work for or tea needs making, I will put the email to one side to reply to proprly, later.  Unfortunately, I will admit, sometimes that takes longer than I would ideally like it to.  I keep the emails as 'new' and even forward them to myself, to keep them in the mailbox - i get round to them all eventually but, the more involved the enquiry, the longer it takes me to reply. 

I think that is probably often the case - people begin researching, their trees go up on the web (via genes or whatever) but circs change - priorities change - I don't think people are being rude deliberately.  It can be frustrating but i try not to take it personally when it happens to me, because I know i am not entirely innocent myself

Lancashire / Re: Dolphinholme in 1841? Which parish?
« on: Saturday 17 February 07 21:44 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for that - I wondered if that might be the case, but wasn't sure where to start to find out.  Isn't it odd - Cockerham is even smaller than Dolphinholme now (and Dolphinholme is small enough!) - but it must have been of much more importance then!

Lancashire / Dolphinholme in 1841? Which parish?
« on: Saturday 17 February 07 20:22 GMT (UK)  »
Hi - I live in the village of Dolphinholme, which is presently in the parish of Ellel, Lancashire.  I would like to look at the census returns for the area - have ancestry subscription - but can't find the parish of Ellel listed when I try to browse the 1841 census.  Can anyone advise where it might be hiding please???

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