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Australia / Re: Missing Convict - Goodwin
« on: Sunday 26 September 21 11:16 BST (UK)  »
Interesting that Robert isn't on the 1806. From what I found, he was reported to be on the Earl Cornwallis but haven't found any info about deaths on board.

There were quite a number of deaths ... see: Unfortunately I can't find any of the names of these poor blighters...

Australia / Re: Missing Convict - Goodwin
« on: Sunday 26 September 21 07:44 BST (UK)  »

Do you know whether Robert actually arrived in Australia i.e. is there a possibility that he died during the voyage? He does not seem to be mentioned on the 1806 muster like his brother William ( )

FYI brother William can be found working as a baker in the 1828 census ( He was already working as a baker in Parramatta in the 1825 muster (

Perhaps theres no physical access to PROV due possibly to a lockdown in Melbourne at the mo....


I'm pretty sure that it will still be closed, but it might be the only chance to resolve George's background at some time in the future.


Can I ask why my previous suggestions are totally being ignored?


As nothing is turning up for this guy, I thought I’d might suggest something else.

In 1898 a George Charles Laurence HAYWOOD is registered in “Melbourne South”. No father, but the mother is a Fanny Haywood.
A few things:
- I researched the birth dates for some of the other babies born in the same area and who had registration numbers close to baby George’s (i.e. #4984).
   ==> These children were born at the end of Feb 1898.
- Baby George seems to to disappear after birth (and so does the mother)
- In 1897 a Fanny Haywood is looking for a “kind person” to adopt a baby girl
   If this is the same lady, could the same have happened to baby George i.e. could he have been adopted/fostered by a family called Watson

As your George Watson had a guardian, the ward registers at PROV could be useful, but they are not online for this period and therefore would need a physical visit:

Europe / Re: German Pre-Unification (1871) BMD oiriginal dox
« on: Tuesday 21 September 21 05:17 BST (UK)  »
There is some online stuff here:

Familysearch seems to have a fair number of digitized records for the churches in Karlsruhe  but it seems that you'd have to view them at one of the many family history centers (FHC). e.g.

more useful info:,_German_Empire_Church_Records

United States of America / Re: Michaelina Marfa Moya Namovich
« on: Sunday 19 September 21 17:29 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if life got more difficult in the 1930s for the former members of the Russian aristocracy and she had to change her name and lay low.

I’m starting to become a bit suspicious whether her dad was truly “Baron Michael Kassimir Namovich of St Petersburg in old Russia”. I'm wondering whether it could have been a story to promote herself. And it seems a bit strange that being the youngest daughter of a baron, would give you the title of "baronness" ....

Dad Michael is a farmer on his 1900 passenger list ( Officially he might have been from an area controlled by Russia, but his mother tongue was Polish (mentioned on the next page).

He's a factory hand according to his declaration of intention and born in "Smigl". I suspect that this could be the town Śmigiel in present day Poland and and abt 1400 km from St Petersburg. (
FYI His 1915 Declaration:

None of this rules out a title for dad, but I won't really believe it until an official document confirms it.

Other Countries / Re: Philippines
« on: Sunday 19 September 21 15:56 BST (UK)  »
I haven't seen any proof of Willem/William returning to the Netherlands, but I’m wondering whether William might have joined his brother in the USA.

His parents were:
Bart Wilhelmus Hornberg, a typesetter and merchant, b 1872 Amsterdam NL
X 3 May 1900 Amsterdam, divorce April/May 1922 (court Haarlem NL)
Jacoba Maria van der Vuurst b abt 1876 Naarden NL
Their 2 sons:
Jacques Marie b 11 Sep 1900 Amsterdam -
Willem Adriaan b 5 Dec 1906 Weltevreden (Netherlands Indies) -

Willem, dad Bart and brother Jacques are living in the USA in 1920: (N.B. Officially dad isn’t divorced yet! – he admitted this earlier in 1920: ). NB In Jun 1923 dad and his 2 boys travel from Hamburg to the USA, but their residence is Oakland, California:
In 1930 Jacques seems to be in New Jersey and married: . He dies 6 Jan 1984, location: Brevard Florida
FYI - Dad seems to be re-married to a much younger wife Elisabeth and living in Düsseldorf when he travels from Hamburg to the USA in August 1922:  It seems that he dies in Wiesbaden in 1935, so he doesn’t stay in the States.

Another possibility: Could Willem have returned to one of the exotic places he’d been to previously?

FYI He’s on various passenger lists to the USA (see FS), but here are some of the later ones:
Jun 1952 - Raboul T.N.G. to Sydney
19 Jun 1952 – Auckland to Curacao -
23 Jul 1952 - Auckland to Trinidad- -
17 Sep 1952 - Auckland to Tahiti  -
27 Jun 1953 - Papeete (French Polynesia) to Sydney -

And you already know that the last known events take place in 1954/5 after Hidis' divorce:
22 May 1954 Marriage in Sydney
Jul 1954 Examination: .
And the Jan 1955 Naturalization:

South Africa / Re: Looking for help to find my dad's adoption papers
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 18:05 BST (UK)  »
Currently 1944 Durban birth indices/records are not available online, but contacting the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Archives might be an option - see:,_South_Africa_Genealogy#Civil_Registration

I have tried to deal via email with an SA archive in the past, but gave up after a few attempts as they never replied back and I don't seem to be the only one that has had issues with SA Archives. Therefore if it was me, I'd try to phone them first and - if they have them - hopefully get all the facts for acquiring a copy of the original BC. (An alternative would be to hire a local agent)

At the moment you seem to have an extract of the original BC (i.e. I believe that the original BC will have more information). It is possible that it would have been required for the adoption that you were told about.
I don't think that the extract number 153711 would be of any further use. However, the Durban BC# 435/44 would mean that the archive should be able to find the BC fairly easily.

Update: I just realised something strange: the extract mentions that the BC was kept in Pretoria (i.e. Transvaal/Gauteng instead of Natal) and not in Durban, Natal ... maybe this has something to do with his adoption or maybe this is where SA certs were kept
The Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria, holds the most comprehensive compilation of personal resources for all South Africans. Access to the registers of births is closed until 1971, to protect individuals, as stipulated by the office of origin. These records are housed in the various archival repositories. If you live overseas and would want to apply for your own or a family members birth certificate you MUST only apply for an unabridged version from either your local South African Embassy or Consulate. Nobody else can apply on your behalf in South Africa for a birth certificate for either you or your mother – you have to do it yourself.


Update#2: The previous info is most likely useless based on your "Home Affairs" remark ...

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