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Found more info on the William Reading/Sarah Cotchin who married 1808

They baptised 4 children at Ridgmont as READING/REDDING- Rebecca 25 June 1809, Eli 16 Mar 1817, Elizabeth 29 May 1814 & Hannah 9 July 1820. 
William REDDING was buried at Ridgmont on 2 July 1822 aged 48 (born 1774)
Widow Sarah REDDINGS marries widower Joseph Foster at Ridgmont on 8 June 1824
Joseph & Sarah Foster baptised son William on 12 Oct 1826 at Ridgmont

1841 census at Ridgmont is..... (all born Beds)
Joseph Foster age 55 labourer
Sarah Foster age 55  (born 1786)
William Foster age 15
Elizabeth Redding age 25
Eli Redding age 20
Hannah Redding age 20 

Joseph Foster buried at Ridgmont on 17 April 1845 aged 63 (born 1782)

1851 census in Woburn is Sarah Foster, widow, age 68 born Ridgmont, housekeeper (born 1783)

1861 census at Ridgmont is...
Sarah Foster widow age 78 born Ridgmont, mother-in-law to....
Samuel Line age 39 & Elizabeth Line age 47 & their 4 children

Sarah Foster died Woburn RD in Sept 1862 aged 81 (born 1781)

Dear John,
This is fantastic, thank you so much for going to all the trouble of getting this information, it is really kind of you.
Best wishes


*  I also wondered what happened to Sarah, a Sarah Cotchin marries William Reading in 1808 in Ridgmont but is this Richard's Sarah or another one? If it is her then maybe Richard died (if they were married).

It is interesting to note that Sarah Cotchin's marriage to William Reading on 28 Nov 1808 is on the same day that Sophia Cotchin married John Smith of Eversholt. Sophia was daughter of John & Elizabeth Cotchin(s) baptised at Ridgmont on 7th Aug 1785 & therefore sister of Richard Scutchin/Cotchin, so is this the same family having an occasion. I cannot see a baptism of a Sarah, daughter of John & Elizabeth Cotchin, so maybe she is Richard's wife ?? as she's not down as a widow because he's not dead, and just gone off to be a soldier rather than being transported to Van Diemen's Land. Who knows?

Regards John

Hi John,
That is really interesting, thank you very much for looking into Sophia. You are right it could mark a family occasion where both the women were related.
That is a really interesting theory as to what happened to Sarah as well,thanks for looking for her baptism. It is interesting that there isn't one.
I really appreciate your getting in touch with me about this and for looking in to it.
Best wishes

My 6 x great grandfather Richard Cotchin/Scutchins baptised 1803 Ridgmont Beds to John and Elizabeth nee Landsberry.

I assume this date is a typo and you meant the Richard who was baptised on 02 April 1780?

If so, have you considered this Richard? The place would tie in with the marriage ciderdrinker posted.

GRO ref:
1860 Q2 Death: Richard Cotchin; Age 77 (b1783); Barnet; Vol 03A; Page 71;

name: Richard Cotchin
buried: 21 May 1860; St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley, Barnet
age: 77 [born c1783]
abode: Union House

I also wondered what happened to Sarah, a Sarah Cotchin marries William Reading in 1808 in Ridgmont but is this Richard's Sarah or another one? If it is her then maybe Richard died (if they were married).

From the Beds FHS' transcripts, both were single, or at least there's no indication that either were widowed. Other marriage records around the same time do show whether either party were widowed.


Thank you for your help, yes that was a typo, thanks for that, I did indeed mean the one baptised 1780!

Thanks for looking up the burial for me as that would fit with the marriage to Sarah Horn in 1799, both the place and age. I think that the Richard who married Sarah Horn might be this one though:
Richard Cotchen baptised 1783 at St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley, Barnet, Middlesex, England to William and Mary. This would fit better with being 77 in 1860?

I think the Richard convicted in 1803 vanished around 1804 as that is the last land tax record I can find for him in Ridgmont, he paid rent to Moses Evans who gave him a good character ref when he was appealing his transportation. Richard's son Joesph was baptised in 1804. This doesn't make much sense though as in 1803 he was in gaol awaiting transportation or a pardon to join the army. It might be that he was pardoned in the end on the condition that he joined the army, was in Ridgmont in 1804 waiting to do so and then either joined the army or absconded so he didn't have to join (and probably sent out to fight in Europe) taking his family with him?

It is good to rule out the likely hood of him having passed away and Sarah marrying as a widow based on your findsings, thank you.

His daughter Mary married into the Draper family who I think were Romany (based on my Nan's DNA). It might be that Richard went off travelling with the Draper family to avoid a fate in the Army?

It is going to be hard to prove anything and raises so many mysteries!!!

Thanks again for your help,

Best wishes Emma

Not found him after the unfortunate incident of the watch but have found their marriage.
Richard Cotchins bach married ed Sarah Horn spinster by banns 22.4.1799 at Monken Hadley in London.
Apparentley it's near Barnet. Both say of this parish.Can only get the banns book and the transcription os no idea of witnesses.

possible burial for Richard at Stone Buckinghamshire Richard Cotchins 20.9.1803


Thank you ever so much for taking a look at the marriage, I really apprciate you help. It is really hard to work out what happened to him in 1803, whether he was pardoned and joined the army or transported!
This marriage fits perfectly. I am currently investigating whether Richard Cotchin of Ridgmont went to Lonon and got married or whether the Richard Cotchins who married Sarah Horn was the one baptised 27 Jul 1783 at St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley, Barnet, Middlesex, England to Willaim and Mary or not.
Thanks again for your help and providing another avenue of investigation.
Best wishes Emma

I wondered if anyone might be able to help me please?

I posted this also on the beginners and Armed forces Forums as I wasn't sure where to post.

My 6 x great grandfather Richard Cotchin/Scutchins baptised 1803 Ridgmont Beds to John and Elizabeth nee Landsberry.

Richard partners with Sarah (they may be married but I can't find the marriage and therefore her maiden name). They have Joseph 1800-1800, Mary 1801-1874 (goes on to partner William Draper - again can't find marriage) and Joseph 1804.

In 1803 Richard Cotchin ends up in gaol for stealing a silver watch and is sentenced to 7 years transportation (Sarah must have been expecting Joseph when Richard was sentenced).

Richard petitions his sentence in Aug 1803:

The right honourable Charles Yorke signs the letter. He recommends that Richard serves in the Army instead. Lots of people rally round to give him a good character ref:
National Archives copy paste

Report of Beaumont Hotham on 1 collective petition (11 people, of Ridgemont [Ridgmont]
Reference:   HO 47/36/26
Report of Beaumont Hotham on 1 collective petition (11 people, of Ridgemont [Ridgmont], Bedfordshire including churchwardens, the bailiff and farmers) on behalf of Richard Cotchin, convicted at the Bedfordshire Assizes, for the theft of a silver watch, property of James Levett. Evidences supplied by Moses Eagle, constable and James Levett. There is a letter from Samuel Whitbread. Grounds for clemency: previous good character, he and his family (also of good character) have resided in the parish for many years (the prisoner being born there), he is a young man 'fit for a Soldier.' Initial sentence: 7 years transportation. Recommendation: pardon on condition that he enlist as a soldier. Folios 314-319. 1803 Sept 4

The trouble is I can't find out what happens next, did he get turned down and sent to the US or Austrailia or did he enter the Army?

*  I have searched the Hulk registers, the Australian convicts register and Fold3 for military records. I can't find anything.

*  I also wondered what happened to Sarah, a Sarah Cotchin marries William Reading in 1808 in Ridgmont but is this Richard's Sarah or another one? If it is her then maybe Richard died (if they were married).

Richard's younger brother Thomas (baptised 1796 Ridgmont) joined 14th Foot Soldiers, 2nd Battalion sometime around 1814, maybe he followed in his brother's footsteps??

Any help in solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: Emma Hutt Quainton 1800
« on: Thursday 20 May 21 08:47 BST (UK)  »
Transcription only but a little more information.
Bachelor/spinster, both of Quainton, by banns, witnesses William Harding & Thomas Wheeler.

That is geart, thanks ever so much for looking
All the best Em

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Emma Hutt Quainton 1800
« on: Thursday 20 May 21 00:03 BST (UK)  »

I wondered if anyone might be able to look up this marriage for me please? It is on Ancestry but it only gives the following details and I would really like to know who the witnesses were and where there abodes might have been please?
Emma Hutt
Marriage Date 27 Oct 1800
Marriage Place Quainton,Buckingham,England
SpouseJoseph Southin
I believe this is Amy Hutt and Joseph Souden/Sodon/Soden both baptised in Kidlington, Oxon.

If anyone can help I would be hugely grateful,

Best wishes, Emma


I was wondering whether someone might be able to tell me of any resources outside of wills, parish registers, the press and census records please that I might be able to search in order to piece together a bit of a mystery I have in determining whether what I am calling 'early' Richard is the same person as 'later' Richard please?

I can tell you what I know so far which will cover what I do know but I am really hoping to learn about additional sources I may not know about in order to place Richard!

1763 16th Jan - Richard is baptised at St Mary's Kidlington along with brother James to parents William Hutt and Margaret nee Smith.

1763-1790 Nothing - I can't find anything such as apprentiship documents for him.

1790 18th Sept - Possible marriage at North Hinksey - Richard Hutt of the parish of Kidlington, batchelor (baker) to Sarah Bowler of St Aldates Berks/Oxon. The Bath Chronical & Weekly Gazette says she is from Faringdon and he is of Oxford. Could this be my Richard and why marry at North Hinksey I wonder???

1790 - Richard's grandfather William Smith of Long Combe (buried at Stanton Harcourt) mentions Richard and all of his siblings as well as their parents in his will.

Richard and presumably Sarah nee Bowler have children baptised at St Mary's Kidlington

1791 Mary
1793 William
1794 James (my 5x great grandfather)
1795 Richard
1797 Henry
1798 Thomas
1800 Sarah
1802 John.

1798/99 Richard's father William of Thrupp (near Kidlington where the family owned land on a 500-1000 yr lease) dies and leaves a will, all of the other children are mentioned BUT not Richard (I wonder why?).

1815 Richard's aunt Jane Hester nee Smith of Draycot mentions her deceased sister Margaret and all of her nieces and nephews including Richard in her will (written in 1801 I think).

1815-1840 nothing.

This is where the 'later' Richard comes in and I am not sure if it is the same person.

1840 - Richard's cousin Henry from North Leigh leaves 250 to Richard Hutt Yeoman Gent of Yarnton.

1841 - Yarnton piece 890, book 23, pg 9. Richard Hutt aged 75 (giving a birth around 1766). A 20 year old Sarah Hutt is living with him. Next door are the Mortons. His daughter Sarah married Henry Morton of Yarnton in 1824, they had 4 children and then tragically she was struck by lightening and died in 1835, she is buried at Yarnton ("S.M struck by lightening 1835).

1846 5th Apr - A William Hill, wheelwright of Yarnton marries Sarah Hutt (likely Richard's grandaughter), school mistress of Yarnton, she says her father was called Richard and he was a gardener.

1851 - Yarnton piece 1730, folio 491, pg 18. Richard Hutt aged 92 (giving a birth year of 1759). He says he was from Thrupp (Thrupp doesn't have a church, people use St Mary's Kidlington - Richard's father William lived in Thrupp so it kind of fits). Richard's grandaughter Ann Morton aged 23 lives with him (daughter of his daughter Sarah 1800-1835). Next door are William Hill 29 Kidlington and his wife Sarah 30 a school mistress born Chelsea, Middlesex and their 2 children.

1851 - 11th Sept Richard Hutt aged 90 of Yarnton is buried at Kidlington. The press says he was buried in the family vault (his grandaughter Ann Morton also died). I can find no evidence as yet of this vault, I assume it is at St Mary's.

1852 - His will was proved by Sarah Hill his grandaughter, so at this point I discovered that perhaps the Sarah with him in the 1841 census was the same Sarah who married William Hill and how they were related. William Hill was a witness on this will and in it he leaves Sarah absolutely everything.

This is why I wondered if the two Richard's are the same as he left nothing to his living sons. Maybe they fell out or maybe he left everything to Sarah as she was "keeping house" for him or maybe Sarah and William coerced him? I am assuming her father was Richard's son Richard but I can find not evidence of any Hutts being born in the Chelsea/Kensington area to a Richard. Maybe she was illegitimate and gave her grandfather's name at the wedding? I was hoping that by finding his son Richard I may get some clues. If the Richard who had children with Sarah was the son of William who died in 1798/99 why is he not in the will, usually if someone has fallen out they are mentioned and are left a shilling or something like that? Richard was the only one in the family who didn't seem to be a farmer.

Maybe my 5 x great grandfather James is son to another Hutt but in his census returns his year of birth and place of birth is the only one locally that fits with Richard and Sarah. Similarly maybe my 6 x great grandfather Richard is not the son of William and Margaret but I can't find another Richard born locally at around the right time.

So I wondered if anyone might be able to suggest a resource I could look at please to see that both Richard's are the same person and if there is anything I can use to fill the gaps between 1763-1790 and 1815 and 1840 please?

Sorry this is so long!

Thanks so much for reading,


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