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Down / Re: Presbyterian Church records
« on: Tuesday 19 April 22 18:28 BST (UK)  »
I have looked at Ros Davies' site and it has been very useful.  Since the Prebyterian Church was not permitted to carry out marriages and the other restrictions were not lifted until the 1830's does anyone know where their marriages and baptisms were carried out?   Also if there was a churchyard at the original church since it was built, where would the records be kept (if there were any)?

Down / Presbyterian Church records
« on: Thursday 14 April 22 13:55 BST (UK)  »
Hello Rootschatters of County Down,. 
I believe the records of Ballyroney Presbyterian Church only go back as far as 1831.  Is this the date when the church was formed, and if so, where would they have worshipped prior to that date?  I need earlier records than there are available online.  Would they have to have their baptisms and marriages carried out in the Church of Ireland or elsewhere?

Lanarkshire / Re: 'Subsequently married' or 'now married to'
« on: Sunday 06 February 22 18:02 GMT (UK)  »
It is always possible that the mother may have been examined by the Kirk Session.  Look to see if the Kirk Session records are available for the parish.  You can find out on Scotland's People.  She may have reported the father's name there.  You can only try every avenue.

Kirkcudbrightshire / Re: Murray Family Kirkcudbrightshire Information
« on: Saturday 25 December 21 10:50 GMT (UK)  »
I have quite a few records of MI's and an early census of Balmaclellan and although there are Humes and Murrays mentioned there you have not given me anything to go on.  Have you searched for these families on Scotland's people as the records you are searching for are post 1855 when civil registration began?  If you can date these records, please come back to us and we will try to help.

Lanarkshire / Re: Margaret Jamieson
« on: Thursday 16 December 21 09:49 GMT (UK)  »
I'm sorry if you think I'm not interested - I have been away for a couple of days and I am very grateful for the postings/corrections you have helped a great deal.  The death certificate for Mary Clark I had had some time ago and discarded because the first husband was given as William Jamieson not Robert so I thought it was the wrong one,  This led me down the wrong path.  However on Margaret's marriage certificate she stated her mother was Mary RODGER.  This is why I had looked at ALL the Robert Jamieson baptisms and settled on the one I did as the most plausible.  Robert Jamieson was the son of Robert Jamieson and Margaret Rodger. As the two girls were Mary after Mary Brannon and Margaret after Margaret Rodger I tried to use common sense in this case.
All through this family they have not only used the naming patterns but named the children with many names of their ancestors ie Margaret Jamieson Hamilton or Annie Robertson Thom Hamilton.
I am indeed very grateful for the assistance that has been given.

Lanarkshire / Re: Margaret Jamieson
« on: Sunday 12 December 21 22:19 GMT (UK)  »
I have the record of Robert's baptism also his brother John who was baptised in 1821 all in Gorbals where the marriage was in 1816.
I agree that Mary was probably Catholic but Robert may not have been.
I searched for Mary Jamieson in the 1871 census and found her in Neilston but not with any of the Lairds however she had someone of interest with her viz Ella Clark who was born in Hamilton.  I cannot fit her into Mary Clark's family as she was born in 1857.
Mary Jamieson married a John Connelly who was a widower in 1887 stating she was a widow?  Her witness was Annie Clark who was her half-sister.  If Mary was a widow why would she have been married under her maiden name?
Do these people really know who they are?

Lanarkshire / Re: Margaret Jamieson
« on: Sunday 12 December 21 18:57 GMT (UK)  »
Margaret herself seems unsure od her facts because on her marriage in 1869 she stated her father was Robert Jamieson a labourer deceased and her mother was Mary Jamieson maiden name Rodger.
On her death certificate her father is given as Robert Jamieson, coal miner deceased and her mother as Mary Clark previously Jamieson maiden name McMachan.
On the 1881 Census Mary Clark is living with her son Thomas and his wife in Glasgow.
Robert Jamieson was the son of Robert Jamieson and Margaret Rodger who were married in 1816 and their son Robert born in 1817.  All in Gorbals, Glasgow
I will endeavour to find more information.

Lanarkshire / Re: Margaret Jamieson
« on: Saturday 11 December 21 11:04 GMT (UK)  »
I thank you all for your insight and input.
We are looking at two different girls here:
In 1861 census in Hamilton Margaret is 15 years of age and is living with her mother and stepfather.  In the other 1861 census in Ayrshire Mary (who is probably her sister) is lodging with Mary Ann Laird.
I will keep trying SP for a baptism for Margaret around 1845ish as they both seem to say Wishaw as place of birth.
Since Robert must have died for Mary to have wed in Hamilton in 1853 I have been looking for his death but not yet found anything. I have looked at mining accidents since he was born in 1817 and therefore quite young.
Once again thenk you all.

Lanarkshire / Re: Margaret Jamieson
« on: Friday 10 December 21 01:03 GMT (UK)  »
To answer the question of witnesses - they must have been friends for they weren't related.  Also they married in the United Free church in Glasgow. They both quoted their respective mothers' maiden names wrong on their marriage certificate.
I appreciate the information you provided Lodger about Craigneuk as my late husband was born there and went to Berryhill School and Wishaw High.
If Margaret was baptised in another of the churches (other than Cambusnethan) where would these records be - Scotlands People?

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