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I had problems too. I had Firefox opening twice  ::)

I was thinking that it was the later part.

Again - started to write something, then crossed it out. (That too is numbered as a correction.)

Agree - all numbered as the correction refs

You missed by addendum about Reading  ;D

Have you checked war records - OK he was getting on but my grandfather served and he was born 1866.

I found a notice in the Edinburgh Gazette announcing his appointment as a sorting clerk,Dec 1891.  I don't have the ref at the moment.

add- Reading in brackets!

I'm wondering if he was a bigamist, Carol. He seems to have married Mary Jane (Q2 1894) the same year that his first wife died (Q1 1894).

Found them with Day in laws in 1901.

He seems to have changed his occupation from clerk to upholsterer between marriages.

Are these the correct marriages

m Selina Jackson Q4 1887, Reading

m Mary Jane Day, Q2 1894, Newbury  _ ? after Selina had died??

If she didn't marry again and there were no legal proceedings, maybe she felt that she was married.

How did you find that he was a bigamist?

Just a final comment, Dave ~

When I looked at them side by side, next to my grandmother in my avatar, I was struck by the similar hairstyle.  The avatar pic was taken circa 1915.

add - she was born 1878

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