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I've made them more easy to see and adjusted some angles.  They are very similar.


Add - welcome to Rootschat  :)

Australia / Re: Falshaw births -- Innisfail, QL
« on: Yesterday at 16:15 »
Thank you, Neale.  I've had a look and it's seems to have only one Falshaw listed -  William Herbert.

It looks like they didn't have any children.


I've noticed that he doesn't come on very often so maybe he's busy.

Some really good restores of a challenging photo. I wonder if the OP has seen them  :-\

Australia / Re: Falshaw births -- Innisfail, QL
« on: Yesterday at 09:01 »
Thank you, Maddy, and hello JM  :)

I'd totally forgotten about Trove and I'd used it extensively a few years ago  :-[

I'll have a good look around but, given the report of Hilda's death, it doesn't look as if they had any offspring. William Herbert  went on to live until 1985. His mother was the niece of my great grandmother. I found them both leaving Tilbury in 1920 - no sign yet of his step father leaving UK, apart from his death in Brisbane.


Australia / Falshaw births -- Innisfail, QL
« on: Yesterday at 01:45 »
I'm trying to find any possible Falshaw births between 1933 and 1948. The parents would be:

William Herbert Falshaw (1905-1985 - my relative) and Hilda Mary Dyer (1900-1948)

They married 17 April 1933, Queensland. William was a motor mechanic in Innisfail according to the electoral registers.

As any births would be less than 100 years ago, they are unlikely to be available on the usual birth registers but I was hoping for suggestions of where I could look (local newspaper announcements, etc. )

I have information on William and Hilda and their parents. It's just any possible children that I'm interested in.

I'd be grateful for any ideas or information about my possible kin.

Thank you  :)


Census and Resource Discussion / Re: Who's the daddy?
« on: Monday 10 May 21 19:01 BST (UK)  »
There might be something on the 1921 census that comes out next year.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Autoggraph
« on: Monday 10 May 21 13:24 BST (UK)  »
Good call, Karen  :)

I can see  Karl K but not the King. Could he have messed up the surname by writing over the edge of the record?

The Common Room / Re: GRO & Royal Mail delivery back to normal?
« on: Monday 10 May 21 13:19 BST (UK)  »
It's even better than normal

I ordered a marriage certificate (post) and a birth cert (pdf) on 4th May. The cert came with the post and the e-mail re pdf both arrived this morning.


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