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Welcome to Rootschat  :)

I agree with Annie about the size of the clips.

I think the second from the bottom is Angel - a common Spanish male name.  See the n in Dona


The Common Room / Re: contributor on ancestry
« on: Yesterday at 17:08 »
A very speedy reply:

Thank you for choosing Ancestry. We are grateful to have customers like you.

As an editor on the tree they can make changes to the tree, however they cannot delete the tree from your account.

The Common Room / Re: contributor on ancestry
« on: Yesterday at 16:47 »
As far as I am aware, only the Owner can delete the tree although you can delete the name from your tree list

Insert -

Roles are

....with increasing powers

 I'm an editor of a few trees but when I select the tree, the name of the owner is given in the usual place and Your Role: Editor is given underneath. ~

Name of owner
Your Role: Editor

I've contacted them to clarify.

To avoid duplication,  MsHistoryMystery

has also posted here:


The Common Room / Re: contributor on ancestry
« on: Yesterday at 14:18 »
Kiltpin, why are you making such a fuss about a simple question.

raa asked about his niece being able to edit and add items. I gave her the link to what the various access levels were in my reply #1.

Let raa be the judge of what he wants his niece to be able to do.


Given the formation of the letters, it can only be Twenty first.

I think that the word girdel or girdle  is still used for a griddle pan.  Small flat pancakes are sometimes called girdle cakes. My mother used to use the term.

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« on: Thursday 13 May 21 23:36 BST (UK)  »

The Common Room / Re: Deliberately damaged photos
« on: Thursday 13 May 21 14:30 BST (UK)  »
I painted many of the our holiday snaps when I was little.

I later learnt how to use Photoshop  ;D

I didn't deliberately damage them - I was enhancing them!

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