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Thomas married my grandmother Isabella Dodds in Hawick Scotland 1937/38, they divorced after he returned from the war, he married Elsie in 1976. She died 2005 Redditch.

Worcestershire Lookup Requests / Thomas Robson obituary 1993 ,Redditch, Bromsgrove.
« on: Monday 09 December 19 18:35 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for a death notice in any local newspaper for my grandfather Thomas Robson, died 20th Dec 1993, age 77yrs, address given as 51 Banners Lane, Redditch, Bromsgrove, husband of Elsie Irene Robson, only met him briefly once for a few hours, know nothing of his life after WW2, any help would be greatly appreciated, researching from Canada.

Roxburghshire / Re: Hawick and the Great War 1914-1919
« on: Tuesday 12 November 19 03:13 GMT (UK)  »
A slightly different request for the residents/past residents of Hawick.  John Shannon Ferguson was born in Hawick 1894.  He was the Gunlayer on an HP O/400 night bomber on the evening of September 20, 1918 piloted by my great uncle 2/Lt ACG Fowler and they both died, along with Observer Clement Clough Eaves from Derby/Westhoughton/Bolton/Stockport.  They are all commemorated on the Arras Flying Services Memorial to the Missing.  I have researched information and got corroborating evidence that they were buried in the Garrison Cemetery in Metz--now renamed Chambière French National Cemetery, Metz.  (And have visited there twice) I am petitioning the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to erect three headstones there in their honour.  I am trying to track down relatives of John Shannon Ferguson as they might be interested in the event--though nowhere near a certainty that my petition will be successful.  I have written a book about their last mission--to bomb Frescaty Aerodrome near Metz--then in Germany--now in France.  There is a free eBook at Books2Read/Night Bomber Pilot  I have given all the print books away (1500 to museums and other interested folk) as a commemoration to their short lives.
Hawick information
John's siblings: William born 1879, Hugh b. 1881, Maggie b. 1883, Thomas b. 1885, Annie b. 1889, Andrew b. 1893, John born 1894/5, Jane b. 1897
John's parents:  Thomas Ferguson born 1858 and Annie Ferguson born 1861 Living at 20, Gladstone St. Hawick, Roxburghshire
John's grandparents: William born 1823 and Margaret (Thomson) born 1823 Ferguson living at 3Rd Back House, Hawick, Roxburghshire
John's parents left Hawick and moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA--John's next of kin information reflects this.
Of course, I would love extra information about 2/Lt John Shannon Ferguson
Please share this with your Hawick friends and neighbours.

I believe John's mother was Mary Annie Shannon born approx 1860 , she is part of a large Shannon family living in Hawick, her brother Daniel Shannon married one of my Crozier family, several of the Shannon  boys died in WW1, pretty sure there would be family still alive in Hawick, have you any contacts in Hawick? I have only researched the Shannon family not the Ferguson,

Roxburghshire / Re: Anna M Burn born 1778 Minto married Archibald Elliot
« on: Tuesday 19 February 19 15:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Terie

My father in law thought there was a connection but as of yet I have not been able to piece it all together. I have Isabella b 1776 married to a John Leydon, and unfortunately that is all I have.

Would love more information if you are happy to share


Ok I did have a look online yesterday, looks like the Hawick Archaeological Society had a paper on the Rev Burn in 1919 so might be worth getting in touch with them about it, can't read the whole paper online but did note William Burn died 9th Dec 1826 in his 82nd yr, he married 3rd June 1771 Margaret Ogle, she died 22nd Feb 1836, 2 sons and 3 dau, one dau married Mr Leyden of Denholm. I did find on SP 3 sons and 4 dau. It is Isabella Burn who married John Leyden, a son William Leyden reg 18/07/1811, Cavers. Couldn't find their marriage though.

"The Border Magazine' 1904 Vol 9 has a great article on Rev Burns, I was able to find it online, @

Roxburghshire / Re: Anna M Burn born 1778 Minto married Archibald Elliot
« on: Tuesday 19 February 19 14:23 GMT (UK)  »
Also had the following from the "Dundee Courier" Newspaper, 19th Aug 1873.
" at her sons house, Cohoes, Albany, New York on the 26ult, Margaret Ogle Leyden, relict of the late William Notman, Hawick and granddaughter of the late Rev William Burns,DD, Minister of Minto in her 73rd yr."

Did you know about the family connection to the Leyden family of Denholm?
Dr John Leyden, poet and scholar.

Not sure if you are looking for more info on Rev Burn?

Roxburghshire / Re: Anna M Burn born 1778 Minto married Archibald Elliot
« on: Sunday 17 February 19 20:10 GMT (UK)  »
Found this in my Burns notes;
Jedburgh Mortcloth Records,
July 12th, 1854, Maria Burns, relict of Archibald Elliot, joiner Jedburgh age 69yrs,

Roxburghshire / Re: Dodds,Hawick.Wilton.
« on: Sunday 11 November 18 21:57 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks that would be great, look forward to hearing back from you.

Roxburghshire / Re: Burns,Hawick.
« on: Sunday 11 November 18 21:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jan, sorry it's been a busy few months, will take a look this week.

Roxburghshire / Re: Daykins of Hawick and Jedburgh.
« on: Thursday 18 October 18 17:03 BST (UK)  »
Just found this thread after completing some research on John Daykins (VC). My husband's great great great Grandfather was James Daykins (b 1811 and m to Margaret Tait). We thought there would be a family connection and it was just finding that our James and John (John VC's grandfather) were brothers. Wish I had come across your post earlier lol!
Thanks for posting that John VC will be commemorated on 20th October. We will now get in touch with British Legion and make arrangements to be at the event along with other family members.
That's great news, I hope you are able to attend the event in Jedburgh, all the best,

I am interested in which branch your husband is descended from DG, would you mind letting me know so that I can add it to my research, I will send you a personal message also,
thank you.

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