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Caithness / Re: William ROBERTSON 1888, Stroma, Canisbay
« on: Friday 30 March 18 21:47 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply, Monica. Yes, Rutherford not a common name at all, it seems. Oh well...


Caithness / Re: William ROBERTSON 1888, Stroma, Canisbay
« on: Friday 30 March 18 20:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi Monica

Thanks for the welcome!

William added 'Cecil' to his forename before he met and married my great grandmother in Southern Africa in the early 1900s (I believe he did this after he left Scotland). After they were estranged, during WW1, he then added 'Rutherford' to his surname, as it suddenly appears in his military service records, and also in merchant navy records after the war.

He had no sons, only my grandmother and her sister. However, my grandmother was named Cecil Rhoda, but apparently this was in honour of Cecil John Rhodes, as my g-grandmother's family were pioneers on Rhodes's Column to Rhodesia.


Caithness / William ROBERTSON 1888, Stroma, Canisbay
« on: Friday 30 March 18 18:11 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking someone to kindly assist or point me in the right direction - this is my first post on this website.

My ancestor, William Robertson, was born illegitimately to Diana Robertson on Stroma, Canisbay on 1 Feb 1888. His mother's name and occupation (domestic servant) are stated on the birth record which I obtained from Scotland's People. But because William was illegitimate, the father's name is not documented on the birth record. Diana was born on Stroma/Canisbay on 26 Feb 1854 to William and Christina (nee Manson) Robertson.

I believe it is possible to 'Find the Father' of illegitimate children, and in most cases this incurs a fee. Does anyone here know where this information can be found? I'm desperate to find this info, which will hopefully answer a lot of questions my family has had about William Robertson for many, many years.

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