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The Common Room / Re: plate photo...When?
« on: Friday 08 July 11 16:51 BST (UK)  »
The other chap has one as well.
They'd been inside a while when these were taken so possibly trustees.

He'd only been sentenced to 4yrs - wouldn't trustee status be more likely to be given to those doing a  'long haul' - besides, they look like 'mug shots' - taken when incarcerated?

Now I am confused...

But my opinion is ---- as it first was --- 

Yeah, I thought it may confuse things, but my sis' opinion on the guy in the jodhpurs didn't come to light till yesterday - so you think he also resembles brl4?

The Common Room / Re: plate photo...When?
« on: Friday 08 July 11 14:55 BST (UK)  »
Jewish, maybe ??
It does look very likely to be a six pointed star.

Ok, as it's gone quiet I'll draw an underline beneath the voting.

By general consensus, the poll has tipped the balance in favour of the character @ back-row 6th from left.

But, my sil and her friend concur that 6 and 8 is the friends father and another colleague (not my father). My sil and I suspect #4 but for different reasons, I'm biased toward #4 because I can't help but think I see slight resemblance to myself when younger.

Remember despite the topic title, this was an exercise in opinion and not identification as it's not truly known if my father is the suspect in the SA photo.

To expand on this some more, I have a distant SA cousin who published a family register (like a one-name study) back in 1978, tracing our family name back to the early decades of the 18th century. Here's a few excerpts from book (the same author is about to have a 2nd edition published):-

How it all started
It started early in 1962 when I was baptised into the Mormon faith (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). One of the important aspects of Mormonism is the compilation of a family book of remembrance in order to intercede on behalf of one's ancestors . Since I had never been particularly interested in family matters before, this was to me a very difficult task. After three years I have succeeded in tracing my immediate forebears, in fulfilment of my religious obligations. In the process I had, however, gathered many details about other branches of the family.

At this time I received a letter from "Tante Judith Pxxxxxxxxx". She was compiling a family register and asked me for information. After a few months it became evident that I had more information than she had. We worked together for about a year before she finally withdrew because of her heavy commitments with her husband in Afrikaans cultural circles. Fired by the enthusiasm of this gracious lady I set about my task absolutely determined to succeed.

Family traits
The Rxxxxxxxxxxxs vary considerably in appearance and nature. If, however, there are any outstanding traits, they are : A general tendency to tallness and a fair almost transparent skin . Most display an extreme quickness of mind, an insatiable love of talking and a characteristic stubbornness. Friends and family alike invariably refer to "die hardnekkige Rxxxxxxxxxxxs".

The "Fairy Rxxxxxxxxxxxs"
Everywhere I have been, people have proudly told me that they are the "Fairy Rxxxxxxxxxxxs". When I have asked them what this means they have all given different explanations. It appears that many theories have grown with time. It is my opinion that the families of c1 and c3 were darker of complexion than the others who, because of their fair skins, became known as fairies. Some of these "fairies" became quite snobbish about this and you find a split occurring. The culprits or "fairies" seem to be the c7, c8 and cl2 branches of the family who were mostly settled in the Oudtshoorn and George districts.
Although my father (descendant of c7 branch), and his children (myself included), is recorded in this register, the many photos of my SA family does not show one of him.

But, bringing this issue up again with my eldest sister (73yrs), she claims a photo of one of my father's cousins (in the book) bears a strong resemblance to him and believes he is possibly back-row 8th from left. What do you think?

There was a medal  called the Defence Medal  ( I think it was )     which I think he may have  been entitled to for his wartime service.

You make a good point; I suppose there is no good reason to dismiss the front row - I guess I have been 'blinkered' by others suggesting he is in the back row.

Have you asked people to look at photos of you alongside potential "suspects"   

Though my dad, brother and I were/am 6'2", they, although both 'skeletal', did not share the same facial features that my sisters can recall. I am bigger in build, looked nothing like my brother, and my sisters can neither confirm or dismiss that resemble my father.

My brother and sisters had all left home by the time I was 5yrs old and none of us are/were close.

I guess we can 'see' almost anything we want in an image.

Take the picture of the South African rally for example: I can see Jan Smuts / 'Uncle Sam',  JBM Hertzog / 'Sir John Mills', the guy in the dark fedora is 'Carey Grant' and 'me in my 20s' partially obscured by the brim of his hat.  ;)

My guess it is the second from the left SITTING  down.
Remember - he is highly unlikely to have had any medals.

I think age is key here, the man pictured in the first pic circa 1925-30 looks to be a man in his 30's, the second picture taken 1945-55 the suspect has to be at least 40+ posssibly as much as 55-60.

Of course you are correct, but consider that I was often mistaken to be as much as 15yrs younger than I actually was in my 40s - till stress and lack of exercise took it's toll.  :'(

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