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Thank you Rosie.....I have had a wonderful time with the link, Scotlandís people.

Iím having a great time, connected the parents to John and his found his grandparents.
I making a family tree chart with details from an old family bible belonging to a friend.
I wasnít sure which area of the UK to look, just guessed it could be Scotland from the list of names.
The link you gave was the key.
Thanks for you help.

Oops, thatís a bummer. I have found the marriage of his possible parents......just need somehow to connect them on my fam tree....lots of credits to use up.....

Ok, thanks, I have used the link and now buying credits for more info..
Thanks again..

Thank you. Before I order the birth certificate can you confirm the names of his parents,
to make sure I am ordering the correct certificate.

John Pollock YOUNG b.17/01/1918  m.31/07/1943  d.01/10/1967
Married Wilhelmina McKAY (Ferguson Reason)
B.25/09/1919 d.02/08/2000.
Possibly Scotland.
Parents could be Jessie POLLOCK b.19/03/1880 d.16/01/1955
and John Young d.10/06/1936
Thank you.

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