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Mayo / Re: Lally - Binghamstown / Cross / Srah (Possibly MacHale / Geoghegan )
« on: Monday 11 May 20 14:40 BST (UK)  »

I have Charles Geoghegan being of Cross, Belmullet - would this have been nearby to Rinanagh?

Rinanagh townland (1901 census)

There are four Cross townlands very close to Rinanagh townland in Kilmore civil parish. again!

Click out once to see their relative location to Beal an Mhuirthead (Belmullet), compared to Rinanagh.


Hi Kiltaglassan,

Thank you very much for this. For some reason I'm drawn to the one closest to Curraghboy and Binghamstown as those names crop up in and around other family records. I'll probably be proved entirely wrong but it'll be my starting point!
Thanks again - really appreciate it.

Mayo / Re: Lally - Binghamstown / Cross / Srah (Possibly MacHale / Geoghegan )
« on: Monday 11 May 20 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Ancestry and Find my Past have indexes for Catholic parishes, otherwise it is a trawl through records.
As I said earlier, Kilmore Erris records begin 1860. This is the parish for Cross and Binghamstown.

Henry Geoghegan baptised  8th September 1861, residence Cross with sponsors Chas Geoghegan and Celia Lally

Apologies if you are aware of these records.
Honor 6th March 1864 - sponsors Chas Geoghegan and Sally (I think) Lally

Mary 30th September 1866 sponsors  Matt? Cain and Sibby Lally

Agnes 14th September 1869 sponsors Anthy Keane and Celia? Lally

Elisabeth 21st October 1877 sponsors Mick Kennedy and Ellen Hughes

These are the ones I have found easily and I would think there are more.

You might want then to see if you can track and link the sponsors.

There is a marriage here for a lady called Celia Lally of Shragh

It will be difficult because your records are before the online parish records and of course they donít give fatherís details if you find them.

Shragh would be Belmullet parish


Thank you again for your time. I had some of those baptisms but not all. I will certainly use them as a starting point , tracing through them to see if I can make any links!


Mayo / Re: Lally - Binghamstown / Cross / Srah (Possibly MacHale / Geoghegan )
« on: Wednesday 06 May 20 14:21 BST (UK)  »
I have been looking at baptisms to Charles and Ellen and sponsors names.
Sometimes they can be helpful for family members.

I gave you Dennis Lally earlier in G V in Srah and Maggsie has given you Tithe Applotments records.

Charles and Ellen were living in Rinanagh which was likely to be Charlesí homeplace.

Tithe Applotment books show Anthony Gaughan but no Geoghegan in Reenanagh.

G V shows Charles in Rinanagh.

This morning, I looked in a book I have of the area but your family are not discussed (it is about people whose families originated in the Iniskea islands and moved to the Mullet peninsula.
I was going to mention DNA to you but looked at a couple of published trees and saw that Ellen had 180+ descendants in her newspaper memorial  :)
My husbandís family come from the same area and he has many DNA connections (mainly distant) so checked that with a couple of tree owners. There was no connection but it showed that I have a very distant connection with one  ;)

A million thanks once more for this. I feel frustrated a little as I seem to 'know' Ellen Lally in obituary and her children's details etc. But on the other hand, don't know her at all as I don't know her parents (I'm still not 100% certain Denis is the correct Father's name!) or siblings etc. I'm not going to give up though!

I have Charles Geoghegan being of Cross, Belmullet - would this have been nearby to Rinanagh? Born circa 1824, died Oct 1885. His Father was a Charles too, of Cross, Belmullet 1781 - 1863, married to a Margaret Hughes - though again, I have no marriage details or MMN links through their childrens baptisms as I can't find anything! Other than 'my' Charles I found 2 other children - Henry G 1827 and Michael G 1834.

Back to Ellen Lally - I am 'told' (hence my need to 'prove!') that her Mother was a MacHale. And that potentially she was Ellen MacHale born circa 1806 to a Patrick 'Tor' MacKeal 1749c (know as MacHale) and Catherine MacCale (Patrick's 2nd wife) Patrick's first wife was Mary Mulkiernan and amongst others, produced the well know Archbishop of Tuam - John MacHale. They lived Tobernaveen.It was thought that Catherine McCale had 3 daughters and 2 sons with Patrick, Ellen MacHale being one of them....

That MacHale MMN link to Ellen Lally came randomly from seeing a handwritten note on the death 'story' of Ellen Lally that states "Ellen Lally's Uncle was Archbishop John MacHale..."

I think I'm going to try and focus on finding Ellen Lally's parents and siblings first. With more Lally's thrown up courtesy of the great help received on this thread, I will try to exhaust them to work out who's who and then continue to try and find any form of evidence that Denis Lally married Ellen MacHale... The revisit again everything I know, just in case!

Thanks again  :)

Mayo / Re: Lally - Binghamstown / Cross / Srah (Possibly MacHale / Geoghegan )
« on: Wednesday 06 May 20 14:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi, here is Dennis in 1834

Next page  there is a William Lally and Dennis 6th entry down.

this is the next page, 2nd to last entry, very small 2nd name along.

Use this site next....Belmullet is the registration district.


Thank you so much for taking the time to do these searches. I'm finding it really hard going if honest to know *how* to read the Griffiths valuations etc and it's definitely a learning curve! Forgive my ignorance therefore - do the Tithe appointments tell you who was renting that chunk of land? I assume therefore that no other members of the household are listed here.

It was great to see a William and Thomas and John Lally all in the vicinity on these records - some more scope for me to search around and see if something crops up that helps me understand more about Denis and potentially, his wife.

Thank you so much.

Mayo / Re: Lally - Binghamstown / Cross / Srah (Possibly MacHale / Geoghegan )
« on: Wednesday 06 May 20 08:46 BST (UK)  »
Unfortunately the baptism and marriage dates are too early for the registers online

You will see on that page that Roots Ireland, which is a pay site may have earlier records but I donít know if that is the case.

You do seem to have quite a bit of information re Ellenís family so maybe from another site.

This site has civil records from 1864 so you will find deaths on there.  You need to solve a captcha.
The earlier deaths though arenít online but you can send for certificates.

Dennis Lally deaths
You will find Ellenís death on the site.

Is this Ellen in 1901 census?

And 1911

Hi Heywood,

Thank you so much for this. I hadn't seen the list of Denis Lally deaths - got me wondering if the other one in 1865 aged 80 may be his Father...!
I've found some of my info through Ancestry but often find the public trees can be useful but misleading if not careful, so I try to prove the findings myself! A lot of my info has been given through family info / word of mouth.

It is 'our' Ellen in 1901 / 1911. George was one of her sons and the niece Norah living there is another of Ellens grandchildren, another Ellen (!) who married a Kennedy and seemed to be in the USA without her.

Thank you for your pointers, very helpful and appreciated

Mayo / Lally - Binghamstown / Cross / Srah (Possibly MacHale / Geoghegan )
« on: Tuesday 05 May 20 21:58 BST (UK)  »
Hello there,

I'm trying to find out more about my 3rd Gt Grandmother Ellen Lally. Born, I believe, 14th feb 1835 Binghamstown, Belmullet. She married a Charles Geoghegan of Cross, Belmullet, about 1851. Ellen died 2 Feb 1923 at Cross, Binghamstown. All of that info, I have had handed to me through alternative connections and I'd like to prove some of it by way of Birth details / marriage.

However, I was told her Father was one Denis Lally born circa 1800 who died Feb 1875 and was living in Srah. It is rumoured his wife was a MacHale. Again, finding out anything about Denis and his wife (Ellen's Mother) would be amazing.

I am a novice , not based in Ireland and struggling a bit, if honest!Denis definitely had a son Michael born circa 1838 (his death mentions the informant as 'son Michael'.) Possibly a Celia too as well as an Ellen but I can't prove any of the family.

If anyone can help in any way I'd be very grateful.
Regards and thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Marriage search help
« on: Wednesday 29 January 20 16:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.

I'm trying to focus my search around my 4th Gt Grandfather at the mo. I know he married but I'm struggling to find evidence anywhere!  His name is John Hessey born circa 1810 in Denton Sussex, Father is Joseph Hessey. Seems to start life as a Mariner and then becomes a Sawyer.

I think John Hessey marries an Ann Coburn (born Penrith circa 1815 to a Charles Coburn - Shipwright) around 1830. I had an unconfirmed date of 31 Aug 1831 at St Pauls, Princes Park, West Derby, Liverpool given to me - both families were here at the time and settle here. However, I can find no records for this and am finding the variable spellings of Hessey and Coburn difficult! Everything from "Essy" to "Cowburn" appears in these families!

If anyone has super search skills and could take a quick look I'd be grateful - I'm only on Ancestry and that hasn't thrown anything out to me. But then I am a total novice...!

Many thanks indeed

World War One / Re: Trying to understand cause of discharge records.
« on: Thursday 16 January 20 17:22 GMT (UK)  »
His medal roll record which is on Ancestry shows the unit he served with overseas was 2nd Garrison Battalion Royal Cheshire Regiment.  He doesn't have a Star medal and therefore went overseas first after the end of 1915.
There is a short piece on 2nd Gar Bn here:

There is a war diary for (among others) 2 Garr Bn at the National Archives.  It has not been digitised so you'd need to visit Kew or have it copied.

I'm not sure I'd recommend spending money on the diary though.  A garrison battalion was not a primarily a fighting unit, they were for older, less fit men, their tasks consisted of guarding things, in his case in Egypt and Palestine, like installations, camps, army facilities, docks and the like relieving the fighting units for action wherever.


Max, thank you so much for that. Incredibly kind and thoughtful of you to do a bit of searching - much appreciated. It makes sense if he was in a garrison battalion - he was 42 when he enlisted. I'm guessing the death of his brother on HMS Bulwark in an internal explosion hit him hard. That happened late Nov and by May he had enlisted. He died in 1927 and I wonder if it was anything linked to that discharge for being medically unfit. At some point, I'll order the death cert but I can't afford to yet, need to prioritise!  :D I guess nothing in Army records would have given actual details of 'why?'


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