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Caithness / Re: John McKay b. ~1813, Braal, Halkirk
« on: Thursday 13 September 18 10:25 BST (UK)  »
   Hi cousin.  I smiled when I saw your greeting. I am required to create an account on FindAGrave to contact you, which I tried to do.  But it froze after I entered the info and hit the button to create.  I tried it twice.  You can contact me at (*) .
   I live in Texas but I come out to visit my mom and sister in Salem twice a year.  I'm coming out Sept. 27.  It doesn't sound like there's anything to make it worthwhile for me to go to Woodburn, is there? 
   I did a lot of research in the 1980's, then had to stop while I raised my family and later worked (long hours).  I recently retired and am just now getting back into researching again.  I am disappointed that there is not a lot of newly available info out there with the internet now.  Most of what I see now is basically what I found in the 80's.  Although, John McKay's birthplace in Halkirk is wonderful to see.  If I find nothing else, I will get desperate and write a church there.
   I see that some other descendants have listed John and Henrietta as McKie the Red's parents.  But I don't see any supporting evidence.  I still need to pursue more of that.
   I had already read your piece on Clark vs Boucher before I emailed you.  I tend to agree with you.  Look at  pgs 2,3 and 10.  I was trying to verify Jean Baptiste Boucher's children: Jean Baptiste Boucher b. 1819 and Isabelle Boucher b. 1821.  It doesn't prove anything, but the dates work nicely with your theory, considering Josephte the daughter was born in 1817.  And that Clarke left the area around 1814 is important.  I guess we need to find something to show he was up in Canada when the daughter was conceived in 1816/1817.  I'm not so sure the child-bearing theory convinces me, as these girls often paired up from 11-14 years of age and had children within a year or two.  IF Josephte the mother WAS born in 1798, she would have been 15 or 16 before Clarke left. But that doesn't seem to matter since the 1817 birth date seems pretty solid.  Also on pgs. 9 and 10, From Notes About Early Spokane Settlers - George Courchaine (undated): "George Herron a cousin of sorts of Adelaide, was generally considered unreliable and something of a scamp."  Which furthers your theory that GH wasn't reliable.
   Thanks for all your feedback.
Your cousin,  Debbie  :D

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Caithness / Re: John McKay b. ~1813, Braal, Halkirk
« on: Sunday 09 September 18 22:50 BST (UK)  »
Hello.  John (McKie the Rouge) McKay is my great great great grandfather.  His son John W McKay is my great great grandfather.  Did you get any responses to your query in February?  My family plans to visit Scotland next year and we hope to find family before we go.  (I have been so fortunate to find family in Finland and the Netherlands, but the connection was not so far back.)  By satellite, Halkirk is a small village.  If you have learned anything new, i would love to hear from you. 
Thank you,  Debbie McKay

PS. You have probably already discovered this, but I searched out Fort of the Lakes and discovered it was in what is now Canada, between Revelstoke and Nakusp.  It's 'at the head of' Upper Arrow Lake. You could have blown me over with a feather.  I assumed it was nearer to Ft. Vancouver.

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