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Canada / Re: Ethel Hemson or Ethel Dezombre?
« on: Monday 29 October 18 16:46 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, I was under the impression it was around the same time as you mentioned.  I know BC has a change of name registry now, but am unsure when it started.  Fortunately, I do live in BC and will start doing some digging here to see what I can find.  If I happen to be able to find a copy of it, would you be interested in having me send it along to you David?

Yes, it does seem there has been a lapse in the communication with the family.  I have recently found an interest in my family tree and am learning a lot and finding it quite interesting hearing different stories from family members. 

I think I had seen a census that may have shown his parents on it and yes, it seemed to indicate they were both from Calais.  I will have to see if I can track that down again.



Canada / Re: Ethel Hemson or Ethel Dezombre?
« on: Monday 29 October 18 02:56 GMT (UK)  »
Wow!  I read this thread with great interest as Felix Desombre is my 2nd Great Grandfather through Lydia Desombre/Humber.  I was especially fascinated with David's comment in regards to the name change as I have grown up with a different tale as to why Felix chose to change his name.  I was actually visiting my Grandmother over the weekend and decided to have her recount the tale and from what she has been told by her mother, Lydia, Felix came back from WW1 feeling disenfranchised by the way the French conducted themselves during the War and decided to change his name. 

After some discussion with my family along with a different perspective in regards to the change, we are now wondering if there is a bit of truth from both tales for his decision on the name change. 

David, I am also curious to know if you happen to have a copy of his change of name certificate?

Best regards,


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