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Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Ellen White 1899
« on: Monday 20 March 23 19:53 GMT (UK)  »
Marriage q2 1922 Ellen WHITE & William NAIL Tynemouth 10b 400

1939 register confirms that is the right marriage as the birth date for Ellen is consistent with that shown on her school record.

The Common Room / Re: The GRO site
« on: Saturday 18 March 23 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
Also down for me.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Why is it?
« on: Wednesday 15 March 23 13:07 GMT (UK)  »
Biggles, I think your situation is the norm.
The people who wrote the articles would not have written them if they were not in the rare position of having lots of relatives tested.
I have 27 1Cs but only one has tested. Three children of 1Cs (same branch) and a few 2Cs.
Location may be another factor. The people who have lots of relatives tested may be based in North America.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Whitby Wills
« on: Sunday 05 March 23 16:18 GMT (UK)  »
It will certainly help if you can give the reference volume and page for the probate records you want but back in the last century I used to get probate records from the Borthwick by just giving them the persons name, place and date of death of an ancestor. At that time the only index was the copy held in York and maybe at the SOG.
As it took so long (all done by letters and cheques) I used to give them a list of possible wills and send them a blank cheque for them to fill in whatever the price came to. More often than not there was not a will so the charge was only for one or two rather than the possible half a dozen. I did write on the cheque "not to exceed £xx"
While ordering the wills you mentioned I suggest you also get a copy of the will of Gilbert ANNINGSON - the father of Issac - which I noticed of Dave King's site. I think it was 1661 but searching Dave's site by a name like ANNINGSON is easy.
I think there is also a Will of a LOCKWOOD who is related to the ANNINGSONs. Can be found by the search for ANNINGSON.

Technical Help / Re: iPad: Moving photos from All Albums
« on: Sunday 05 March 23 15:59 GMT (UK)  »
I have yet to find a way to use any USB memory or SD card with my mini iPad. Recognises the memory but says "this device uses too much power". Probably a way for Apple to get people to buy more expensive iPads.
May be a way to do it but just getting a Lightning to USB adaptor does not do it. Not looked hard to find a solution as I can easily just copy files to my desktop and them from there do whatever I want.
As regards not knowing where in your house you could put a computer - a laptop can be used anywhere and is easily carried away if you get driven out by a wildfire.

Technical Help / Re: iPad: Moving photos from All Albums
« on: Wednesday 01 March 23 12:56 GMT (UK)  »
Lisa, you can hold photos in a folder which is held within the files section of your iPad. I have lots of photos on my iPad held this way. Note that you have to put the photos into the folder and then send the whole folder to the iPad. I do that by airdrop from my desktop Mac.
If you do not any proper computer you might be able to do it by email from a friend or by using some sort of cloud storage such as Dropbox as a means of transfer.
I do not know whether I could copy a photo from the general photos mess into a folder and then delete the original.

Technical Help / Re: iPad: Moving photos from All Albums
« on: Tuesday 28 February 23 19:15 GMT (UK)  »
Lisa, I might be wrong but I think that when you tell the iPad to put a photo in a special album "mum's photos" then the photos will look like they are now in two places but in actual fact the "mums photos" album does not contain any new copies of photos. The "mums photos" album actually just contains links to where in the big mess the real photos are.
So you are not moving the photos. Just giving them a tag of which albums you would like to view them in. And you could have the same photos in several albums but there is still only one actual copy.
When you remove a photo from an album it just removes a link.

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Re: Sea defencibles Whitby Yorkshire
« on: Wednesday 15 February 23 17:20 GMT (UK)  »
The Whitby Lit. & Phil. may have something in their document records.

PS - Whitby historically was in the North Riding not the East Riding. Modern designations have no relevance for anything that happened more than about 50 years ago.  Maybe some kind Moderator can move the query.

Yes it is possible your Thomas was not baptised. In the 1850s one of my ancestors had three illegitimate daughters but only baptised the first one. My thoughts are that the church was so snotty about the first one that she did not go through the process with the next two.

Could well be that the descendants of Francis and those of Mary are DNA matched. As shown in my notes below I think they could have been brother and sister.
Marriage by Banns at Bridlington 22 Feb 1847 William FAIRBURN age 25 Bachelor Labourer of Bridlington father Francis FAIRBURN Mariner and Mary Ann COCHRANE age 18 Spinster of Bridlington father Daniel COCHRANE Carpenter
Witnesses Wm MILLNER & Reuben MILLNER.

Cannot find William and Mary Ann after this marriage. Could be that, shortly after the marriage, they migrated to Canada and took some of William’s siblings with them. If you could locate William in Canada it makes it more likely that your Thomas was related.
Also cannot locate Daniel COCHRANE before or after the marriage; the name suggests he may be Irish.
Are Francis and Mary FAIRBURN related?
Francis’ age at death gives birth abt 1787.
Baptism at Bridlington 27 Feb 1789 Francis FAIRBURN son of John (Key)[Quay]

Baptism in Bridlington 15 July 1786 Mary FAIRBURN daur of William FAIRBURN
Baptism at Bridlington 26 Mar 1791 Mary FAIRBURN daur of John FAIRBURN (of Key)

So the Francis who married Sarah TOPHAM and the Mary who had the illegitimate William in 1816 look likely to both be the children of a John FAIRBURN. If so descendants of both will have shared DNA.

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