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Canada / Re: Julia O'Callaghan, born 1859, Otonabee, Petersbourough, Ontario Canada
« on: Wednesday 13 February 19 22:09 GMT (UK)  »
I am just sitting here shaking my head.  I have done the math at least five times and didn't catch that there are 8 years from when Rose is 5 years old until  1900 when she is 13!    :P
Thank you a new set of eyes really does do wonders. I am going to have to make a trip to Buffalo New York and sit in their wonderful Research Library and go through all of the church records they have.

Thank you again!

Canada / Re: Julia O'Callaghan, born 1859, Otonabee, Petersbourough, Ontario Canada
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 23:17 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Everyone,
I apologize for immediately breaking the rules!

I have found all of these items which you have so kindly mentioned. 

Sandra my mother was the person that gave the information regarding Geraldine Kent.  And Geraldine Kent's Death Certificate is a perfect example of NOT being a primary source as my mother gave misinformation.  Geraldine's maiden name was Thorhauer, not O'Callahan.  Rosemar's maiden name (until I find a marriage Cedrtificate indicating she had been married prior to Julius Thorhauer) was Ford not O'Callaghan. 

By the time Julia O'Callahan married George Hafner Rose was 13 years old but the census taker put down that her last name was Hafner.

I have a copy of Rose Ford's marriage license to Julius Thorhauer which I purchased from the Cook County Illinois Vital Statistics, however it does not state whether she had been married before or not.  I have not found a marriage certificate  :-X

Sandra another problem is that the 1892 Census has Rose Forda as being 5, however in the 1900 Census she is 13...doesn't add up  :'(

Thank you everyone!

Canada / Julia O'Callaghan, born 1859, Otonabee, Petersbourough, Ontario Canada
« on: Monday 11 February 19 15:09 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for information about Julia O'Callaghan, born circa 1859, Otonabee, Petersbourough, Ontario Canada. Julia immigrated to the United States circa 1882. Searching for information on her marriage either in Canada or United States prior to her marriage in 1896 to George Hafner. Julia had a daughter Rose that went by the maiden name of Ford.

Please feel free to contact me at *

*Moderator comment: personal e-mail address removed in accordance with RootsChat general practice to prevent others spamming or abusing it.  Please use the personal message system to exchange e-mail addresses.  New members need to make tow or three posts in order to access the system.  Thanks

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