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Essex / Re: Parents of James Carey (abt. 1823--1868) Rochford, Essex
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 22:05 GMT (UK)  »
thank you for the updated info. I had just started on the Carey's and plugged in some info. from someone else's research (mistakenly, as you have pointed out). I am relatively new to all this, so it gets confusing (can't see the forest for trees sometimes). 

Essex / Re: Parents of James Carey (abt. 1823--1868) Rochford, Essex
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 18:09 GMT (UK)  »
The marriage certificate was "solemnized" at the Registrar's Office in Rochford. John's father is "John Carey--deceased." I says his occupation was "husbandman."  Ann's was listed as "William Bailey" and his occupation was listed as "carpenter."

John Carey (groom) is listed as a blacksmith. It was a Civil Marriage.

I actually remember "Aunt Lizzy" (Elizabeth) and "Uncle Walter."  My mother (Annie Phoebe's daughter), father, and I lived with my grandparents--Annie and George Dunning. My grandmother died when I was a baby. Lizzy and Walter continued to live with my grandfather George the rest of their lives. I was six yrs. old the last time I saw them, and I remember them as being very small and delicate. Of course, to a child they were "ancient."

Essex / Re: Parents of James Carey (abt. 1823--1868) Rochford, Essex
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 05:59 GMT (UK)  »
I have the original marriage certificate for John Carey and Ann Bailey dated 12th April 1873. My mother gave it to me a few years ago.  I will try and get to a scanner and post it on ancestry.  It lists John's father as deceased; Mary Ann Carey was a witness. I will have to get back on Ancestry and rework through the Carey line. Dealing with threat of weather related power outages at the present.

Essex / Re: Parents of James Carey (abt. 1823--1868) Rochford, Essex
« on: Monday 11 February 19 23:23 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all for responding. The James (b.1846) who married Emma Targrass is the son of the James(b. @ 1823) I am trying to locate info. on.  For the person who sent reply#2 looking for birth info. on son John. John was my great-grandfather. His birth is recorded in English and Wales Civil Registration in qtr.1 1850. He married my great grandmother Anne Bailey. I do have original birth certificate for daughter Elizabeth (1874) and Annie Phoebe (1882). Elizabeth's certificate is misspelled as "Kerry" and a reissue in 1939 miss-interprets it as Kelly.

To the person who wrote replies # 3 &4 & 5, in my research there has been no one named Mary Burles in my direct line, that I have found in my research. I have found that many of the extended family seem to use the same Christian names repeatedly.

I am sorry if this reply is not in the correct format etc. This is my first time posting and replying on this site.

Essex / Parents of James Carey (abt. 1823--1868) Rochford, Essex
« on: Sunday 10 February 19 22:52 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for information on James Carey's parents. Birth was registered in Rochford, Essex abt. 1823. Could be information referring to Barling/ Great Wakering/Little Wakering. Death registered as West Tilbury, Essex.  He was married to Emma Targrass; son was John Carey (1850-1892).

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