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Sorry nothing else to add about Metcalfes.

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: Landfair-Waterdine Churchyard - Suzannah Griffiths
« on: Tuesday 10 August 10 09:07 BST (UK)  »
Sorry have been unable to locate Suzannah Griffiths headstone. Have found headstone for John Griffiths died July 15 (or possibly 16) 1879 age 65 and Susannah his wife died May 9 1893 age 71.
There are also headstones for Mary daughter died May 11 186? age ? and Henry son but unable to read the rest of the inscription.
There are 8 deaths for a Mary Griffiths registered in Knighton between !860 -1869 but, as far as I can see, only 1 Henry in 1861 (between the years 1850 and 1900.
I will ask the Churchwarden if there is a burial plot plan and also if the Burial Register is still in the Church and try and find out more info for you.

Hello Kissimee
If you have a date of death for Henry and/or Augusta I would be pleased to know it. Augusta was a cousin of mine - the last trace I have of them is the 1911 census - haven't been able to find a death recorded.
Many thanks

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: Landfair-Waterdine Churchyard - Suzannah Griffiths
« on: Thursday 05 August 10 09:52 BST (UK)  »
Hello English Daisy

I have just found your posts regarding Mellin-y-Grogue. I live ithere! - it is a small hamlet with an old farmhouse, mill and two cottages. The church at Llanfair is St Mary's. We are in Shropshire but very close to the Welsh border.(Llanfair is Welsh for Church of Mary).
Are you still interested in finding Suzannah Griffiths's headstone? It is not a very large churchyard so I could have a look for you if you would like.
We have a village website which has a page on the church if you are interested.

Since my post on Roots I have found out some more information.
The 1881 census showed Thomas Steptoe Head age 46 Nursery Gardener born Dalkeith Scotland
Mary Ann Wife age 36 Born Middx Uxbridge
Fanny M Dau age 11 Scholar Born Kent Galding (Yalding?)
Ellen R Dau age 8 Scholar Born Middx Uxbridge
Originally I assumed Thomas was Ellen's father but could find no trace of him in Scotland so I ordered a birth certificate for Helen Rebecca Steptoe born 1872 in Uxbridge which was the closest I could find to Ellen Rebecca. This gave the name of her father as James (deceased) and mother as Mary Ann Brown. I was not convinced this was the right person so I sent for Ellen's marriage certificate which again gave her father as James (deceased). So tracing this James back I find he is the son of James and Jane Meuross who, I think is the son of Thomas Steptoe and Mary Pitman. (I haven't been able to prove this yet)
I have found that both James's died in the same quarter in 1872 so I have ordered both death certificates to see if the cause of death for them both is related. These certificates are due at the end of the month so I will post the result.
Meanwhile, the witnesses to Ellen's marriage are Fanny Steptoe who I know is her sister and a James and Jane Steptoe. I have traced a James Steptoe born 1864 (oct Nov Dec) in Uxbridge Vol 3a p27 and a Jane Steptoe born 1866 (July Aug Sept) Uxbridge vol 3a p26 and wonder if these are also Ellen's siblings. Any thoughts.
I found James in the 1881 census living with his aunt Mary Jane nee Steptoe and James Adams ie Ellen's father's sister.
In the 1891 census I found: Mary A Cooper Head age 46 Laundress b Uxbridge
Jane Steptoe Dau age 24 Laundress b Uxbridge
Ellen Steptoe Dau age 18 Laundress b Uxbridge
Alice Smith Niece age 11 b Acton
Thomas Meuross Uncle age 51 Gardener b Uxbridge.
Having looked carefully at the 1881 census again it is possible that Thomas Steptoe age could be 41. So the question is whether the 1881 census is not accurate and Thomas Steptoe is Thomas Meuross? I know place of birth is different but Jane Meuross gave her place of birth as Scotland on some censuses and Denham (not far from Uxbridge) on others Ages could match and both are gardeners. What relation was Thomas to Jane Meuross? I could obtain James and Jane birth certs but at 7 a time for a speculation could be a waste. So does anyone have any thoughts or info?

Regards DTollers

I now have birth and marriage certificates for Ellen Rebecca Steptoe. I have found that her father wasn't Thomas Steptoe as I thought from the 1881 census but James b1842 son of James  b1803 and Jane b1805 and brother of Henry b1844 and Mary A b1848. James (jnr) died in
March quarter 1872 before Ellen was born (her birth certificate gives her name as Helen Rebecca which also confused me) at the age of 30. What is intersting is that James (snr) also died in the same quarter age 69.
Where the two deaths connected? Does anyone have death certificates?
And who was Thomas Steptoe? I am assuming that Mary Ann (nee Brown) married again after James's death. Any info greatly received.

'fraid not. I was hoping to get Thomas's but tried asking help from Scottish genealogists but they can find not trace of him. Very frustrating as you say. I'll keep perservering.

Hello Steptoe,
My father's mother was a Steptoe Ellen Rebecca born 1873 at Uxbridge.
1881 census shows parents as Thomas Steptoe born 1840 or 1835 (can't read age clearly) at Dalkeith in Scotland, and Mary Ann born 1845 Uxbridge. I can find no trace of Thomas before or after 1881 in Scotland or England and I wonder if Mary Ann was actually a cousin possibly the Mary Ann b1848 daughter of Jane Steptoe (who birthplace is Scotland) and James.
Unfortunately can't find info about Thomas and Mary Ann's wedding. Any ideas?

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