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The Lighter Side / Re: New series next week on the Beeb of Who Do You Think You Are?
« on: Thursday 04 November 21 14:11 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All.  Am thoroughly enjoying this series too. 

All the people, with the exception of Dame Judy Dench, are completely unknown to me over here in the great white North... :)  Kind of makes it more enjoyable for me, as I don't have any preconceptions about how they might behave.  Looking forward to the rest. 

I also enjoy coming over here after the shows to read all of your comments.



It's not the writing it's the format of the postcard.
Can we see it ?

Would it help if I asked her to send a photo of the back of the postcard?  She's in Oz and I'm in Canada, so not possible any other way.

Thanks, Ms_C

While I wait to hear back from my cousin, I looked at Annie's husband - Henry Holland Paul.  He had a brother, Charles, who also emigrated to Australia in 1895 - so well before his brother.  Charles married, but his 2 children died very young.  Their parents died in England before 1900.

Annie had one sister, Martha Moorhouse, born 1867.  Their mother, Annie Bell, was born in 1849, but as far as I know, never travelled to Australia - she died in 1920.  Annie's brothers Robert and Russel died in 1881 and 1902 respectively. 

There was nothing written on the back of the photo, unfortunately.


Thanks for all the replies.  Yes, I also think the two women in the front are related, and I also thought perhaps the 2 men in the back were also related.  Annie and Henry only had the two girls, so just the 4 of them went to Australia.

I will relay your ideas back to my cousin, and see if she can send me the other pic she says she has of her grandmother.  I will also look at Annie's relatives, as I have quite a lot of info on her and her siblings, parents, etc. in my tree.



The attached photo was sent to me by a cousin in Australia.  She believes that the woman in the centre back of the photo is her grandmother, Annie Jane Paul (nee Moorhouse).  She has one other photo of her gran, and so she is fairly sure.  Annie was born in England in 1869.  She married Henry Holland Paul in 1895, and they had 2 daughters:  Eva Jane (b 1896) and Hilda Virginia (b 1899).  In Dec 1910, the Paul family emigrated to Australia.

I am wondering if this is a 'send off' photo of the family prior to leaving for Australia?  The 2 men are clearly in uniform.  The older lady is in black - mourning?  But I can't see a ring on her hand.

Any information would be very useful in trying to identify the others in the photo.

Please let me know if I have provided enough information?


The Lighter Side / Re: Census 2021
« on: Wednesday 02 June 21 22:40 BST (UK)  »
Hello All!  Just dropping by to say that our 2021 Census in Canada has also taken place (assuming we all did it) on May 11th.  I was good, and did mine fairly quickly.  Fortunately, I got the 'short' version which took about 5 minutes.  Others weren't so lucky, and spent almost 1 hour completing the 'long' version.  All online with a code to enter.  If online was not for you, there was a 1-800 number to call to have a paper version sent out.

Some complaining that the short version is much too short (it was changed by PM Stephen Harper) and the long version borders on intrusion!  Ah well.  Hopefully in 100 years, no one will really care... LOL

Cheers from across the pond

Worcestershire Lookup Requests / Re: Which Thomas Pumfrey is which?
« on: Thursday 27 May 21 17:21 BST (UK)  »
As Thomas and Eliza seem to have named two of their children William and Ann I'd be inclined to go for the Thomas with parents William and Ann.

Yes, sometimes the simplest answer is the best!  That makes good sense. 

Thanks, emeltom.


Worcestershire Lookup Requests / Which Thomas Pumfrey is which?
« on: Thursday 27 May 21 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Hello.  I have been looking at two people called Thomas Pumfrey - both born in Worcestershire.  My query is related to the marriage of one of them to Eliza Pugh. 

1)  Thomas Pumfrey.  Born Feb 1794 (have his baptism record).  Parents:  Samuel Pumfrey and Sarah Oakley.
2)  Thomas Pumfrey.  Born May 1804.  Parents:  William Pumfrey and Ann Pimbley.

Eliza Pugh.  Born 1800.  Parents:  Thomas Pugh and Drusilla.  Marriage to Thomas Pumfrey took place in St Clements, Worc. on 16 Jan 1827.  (FHL File #350598; Ref. ID # 445).

There are no written source documents on Ancestry, just 'blank' records.  Is there any way to determine who married Eliza?

Much appreciated.


The Common Room / Re: New Ancestry hints help
« on: Thursday 15 April 21 19:58 BST (UK)  »
You can stop receiving hints for Ancestry trees by going to your Account (drop down in top right corner under your user name) and then site preferences.

I have turned all such hints off and never receive them so it does work.


Yes, after I posted my comment I remembered that you can turn them off.  It's never bothered me before, but it just seemed to be getting a bit much!  So I have just turned off 'Other Ancestry Members' so that when I see a hint, I can assume it's worth my time to review it.  And I can always turn the other one on again if I want to check if I've missed anything.


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