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Hi, Bookbox,

Once again, a big 'thank you'. I would never have worked that out.




Please can someone tell me the word at Arrow A on the attached and xxxx in Line 17 below ? It is not 'give' because Arrows B and C state "give" and it is not the same word. It looks like 'save' or something similar but if so, that makes no sense in the context of the sentence. The lines shown read (my best transcription):

14. moveable and unmovable whatsoever; Item I give and bequeath
15. unto my two son in laws and their wives and any one of their
16. children twelve pence apiece in full discharge of their
17. child’s part, I xxxx my two son in laws and their wives and
18. children Richard Wilcockson and Thomas Leather both of
19. Manley aforesaid; Item all the rest of my good moveable
20. and unmovable whatsoever, my debts and funeral expenses
21. being discharged I do give unto my two daughters Jane

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi, Bookbox,

A big 'thank you' ! I would never have got that name let alone the other two.

Best wishes.


If possible, please could someone help me identify the name of a place in line 2 of the attached 1632 Will of Alice Birkenhead ? I am stumped as to whether it is even one or two words. The initial letter of the underlined word a few lines below I know to be 'M' as the name is 'Mainwaring' if that helps. I have checked all the townships around Nantwich and the 1899 map but cannot find anything that matches I am also keen to know the word indicated in line 6 which seems to be 'six something pounds'. My current best effort of lines 1-7 is:
1.  In the name of God: Amen August the first in the year of our Lord God one thousand five hundred thirty and two I Alice Birkenhed
2.  of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the county of Chester spinster; being somewhat weak in body, but of sound mind and perfect memory (I thank my God) do make
3.  my last will and Testament in manner and form following; first I commend my soul into the hands of God my creator and redeemer; and my body to the earth
4.  where it was, to be interred as my under-named executors shall in their directions think convenient; and as for my worldly goods and chattelsI declare my
5.  will as followeth. First I give and bequeath unto my niece Mainwaring her three children, Henry Mainwaring, John Mainwaring, and Elizabeth
6.  Mainwaring sixXXXXX pounds, to be employed for their best advantage by my under-named executors and delivered to them (xxxxx equally divided) or to
7.  the survivors or survivor of them, together with such profit as they shall have raised out of the same; when they shall severally accomplish their ages.
Thanks in advance for any help.

World War One / Re: WW1 Medal Translation help please.?
« on: Wednesday 22 September 21 02:22 BST (UK)  »
The 'Theatre of War 5G(1) Asia' means "Frontier Regions of India". Are you asking about his service in WW1 or the time relating to his award of the Indian General Service Medal in 1919 ?
If it is of help, one of my relatives was also in the 2nd Bn, The King's Regiment in India from Dec 1908 to Feb 1920. In 1913 he was in Ghariali, Punjab; in 1915 he was in Peshawar, North West Frontier (now in Pakistan); in 1917 he was in Malmand Chinah, Kandahar, Afghanistan; in 1918 he was in Quetta, Balochistan in Pakistan; and in 1919 he was in Karachi, Sindh in Pakistan. This does not necessarily mean Frank Gilbert was in these same places at the same time but it gives a 'feel' for where he possibly (probably) was.
If his Service Record is available on Ancestry you can work out his movements (which is how I obtained the above).
I hope that is of some use/interest.
Regards. Simon

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Deciphering Gravestone?
« on: Sunday 19 September 21 22:51 BST (UK)  »
Assuming the gravestone and a transcription are not already on, two other options to try:
a. access the Parish Registers online and compare the burial entries for names, abodes, burial dates etc. This will provide info that should help to complete many of the missing details,
b. depending on where the churchyard is, the local county family history society and/or records office may already have books/pdfs of Monumental Inscriptions you can visit and inspect/purchase. Often the latter are a very cheap way of accessing details that are too far away to visit and possibly no longer legible or no longer exist.
Good luck with your research.

World War One / Re: Uniform identification help!
« on: Tuesday 14 September 21 17:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi, that is the cap badge of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. If you do a Google image search you will see similar examples. Good luck with your research.

Armed Forces / Re: Regretful notification of the passing of MaxD
« on: Monday 09 August 21 12:29 BST (UK)  »
Zoe, my sincere condolences to you and your family on your grandfather's passing.

Armed Forces / Re: Dating photo help etc
« on: Saturday 07 August 21 13:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi, yes, he is an officer. He does not have any medal ribbons which suggests the photo was taken before the later stages/end of WW1.
I know very little about the history of the Royal Flying Corps and the Canadian military but until the RAF was formally instituted personnel seemed to often wear the uniforms of their original units - especially if they were attached as pilots as opposed to joining the RFC/RAF direct. Which seems to be the case here. Certainly he is not wearing the badges on his cap and collar of the RFC. Presumably the spurs and cane were part of the uniform of his original regiment.
I wonder, is this picture part of a wider photo ? Is there a photographer's studio named on it or anything on the back ?
Equally, is this the best resolution ? If you were able to get better details on the cap and collar badges this would go some way to identify him.
Good luck with your search.

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