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I had sort of expected that I wouldnít find anything out from the certificate, except when she was adopted as we donít know if she was a baby or a little older.  At least we know now that she absolutely was adopted and it wasnít just something that was being said because it suited some purpose.
Hopefully having the certificate will make things a little easier for someone to see if they can find out more. I plan to get in touch with Jigsaw once I have it.

UPDATE -  Would you believe that last night I was talking to my sister about how frustrating this all is and she said I should hold on for a few days as she just came across another box of papers that my Mum had in storage that belonged to my grandmother and she hasn't been through it yet.
Anyway, she messaged me today to say that Mum's adoption certificate is in there and she will take it to work and scan and send it to me.  Gosh, I can hardly wait, although I am bracing myself for it to say very little but it might at least be a start.  I will let you all know when I have it.

Thanks chemoat and JM for your concerns here. I have given this a lot of thought and I feel like I will never make any headway if I donít offer up some information. Given my grandmother is dead and my Mum has married several times, I donít really think there would be any way to link the two of them and expose Mum to anything untoward. I hope I am correct, but before I go ahead and post the information here , I wonder if there is any way to do it as a private message so that the whole world canít see it?  If not, I will post here.

Yes, I mean the lady who raised my mum.  Where would be the best place to search something like that? I have spent money to access Ancestry a couple of times in previous years but found it quite useless as far as tracking anything to do with Mum. All I could find was her marriage to my Dad, and the births of myself and two sisters. That was all information I already knew.

Ok, arriving in Australia was - my grandmother, my mother, her defacto husband, myself and two younger sisters.

I think Mum was saying she was adopted when my grandmother was still alive.  It has a ring of truth about it, as my grandmother had 5 still births and was told she would never have a living child.
I have to say though that I get what you are saying. My Mum is a complicated person and has said and done things just to suit her purposes so although the adoption story seems true, it could possibly not be.  As Mum has moved into a care facility, we are currently sorting her belongings which includes my grandmothers photos. So far there are photos of Mum from about the age of 3 or 4.  There is a photo of my grandmother holding a baby but we are undecided if it is Mum or not and are studying it closely.
I have also asked Mumís brothers two children if they recall him saying anything about Mumís adoption. He is her brother from her adopted fathers first marriage (wife passed away at a young age), and he was 20 years older than Mum so surely would have known the story, but whether he told his kids is another thing.

Thanks. I donít currently have my grandmothers death certificate but I imagine I could order it.
I also donít have my grandmothers marriage certificate which would be held in the UK so not sure if that would be easy to get. 
When you say my motherís marriage certificate, do you mean her first marriage which would be also held in the UK., or her second which would be here. 
Obviously I am ill equipped to start doing anything it seems. I had no idea I would need so much paperwork. It feels a little overwhelming to be honest.

I suppose anything might be worth a try.

Mum has always said she was adopted for as long as I can remember but thatís all she ever said. I donít know if she knew any details but she is the kind of person that tells things if she wants to and if she doesnít offer information, you donít question her.  Yes, my grandmother came from the UK with us and died here.

Blimey, Thanks so much JM. We exist! I found our incoming passenger cards. This is exciting. Wo grateful to you for your help. I will now retrace my steps and see what else I can find using the minimal search terms idea.
Thank you again.

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