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No the adoption was when she was 4 months old. She was born on 14/2/45. Yes,  Carol 8353 is correct.

That is the date of the document.

Hi Wivenhoe,
The date is 27/6/45.  Yes, names child by birth name and also adopted name. Names both the birth mother and the adoptive parents, and confirms an entry number in the birth register that is a match to the names and date of birth.

Yes, I will be working on that assumption-=things were a lot different back then. Thanks

Thank you. I did have a free trial a few years back so not sure if they will let me again, but will give it a try.

Thanks, I will jump on tonight and see how I go.
Appreciate the help very much.

Thanks Chempat. You are very helpful. To be honest, I wouldnít have tried Ancestry as I have paid for access there before and found it useless. I am prepared to pay again now that I have confirmation that I will find something there.  Is it difficult to find her?

Thanks Ruskie.  At the moment, my head is spinning, but when it stops, I will see what my next step will be.

Carol - you are so right, could have been impossible with common surnames. Sometimes you just get lucky I guess.

This website is a hoot! I used an Australianism at the beginning of my last post and it changed it to Ďblimeyí - so funny! We never say that here.

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