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South Africa / Re: Taumuller Family in Bethlehem, OFS, South Africa
« on: Saturday 11 December 21 18:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hi TreeSpirit, Thank you so kindly for your THAUMULLER information. Hopefully I will be able to reach them. I am sorry that I missed the Gabrielle information. She was a good person. Interesting that you have so many daughters mentioned and not the three boys. I will work on the new information and see if Klauss is easier to find now. Again, Thank you much. vangasser.

Scotland / Re: Scots leaving for South Africa
« on: Thursday 28 October 21 05:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi WeeJM,
               Thank you for our good information and suggestions.                       Is it possible that it is not John Bishop that died a few weeks after birth, but rather one of the other sons?
I am certain that the surname MAXWELL is correct and not MADWELL, referring to Helen Maxwell, wife of William BISHOP.

Just a thought...
Thank you,

Scotland / Re: Scots leaving for South Africa
« on: Thursday 28 October 21 04:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, Bishop Famil Scotland/South Africa
So far since last time, I have found (with the help of several of you kind folks) that John Bishop is the father of John Bishop, John Bishop is the father of James McKay Bishop, who is the father of George James Bishop, the father of my mother, Sarah Louisa Bishop.

I have also found a William Bishop, who is the father of John Bishop. William is married to Helen Maxwell. Her father was Alexander MADWELL; Not sure where the MAXWELL and MADWELL connect...possibly spelling issue.                      William and Helen were married on 1 Oct 1799 at Canongate, (Edinburgh) Midlothian, Scotland
It seems that John Bishop has two brothers David and Alexander, as well as two sisters, Helen and Margaret.
Hopefully this will bring us closer to the next line(s) upward.
I am still sorting this out, but am so excited that we now have one more Bishop father and also his wife Helen's father (Maxwell).
An other information would be much appreciated, please. 
Until next time, vangasser.

South Africa / Taumuller Family in Bethlehem, OFS, South Africa
« on: Wednesday 27 October 21 19:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone, As a teenager, I had a friend name Klauss Taumuller. I know he was later married and had several children. If anyone has any idea of the whereabouts of this family, I would very much appreciate it. I seem to remember that he had two brothers (one older and one younger) and one sister. The apparently immigrated from Germany, or one of the German-speaking European countries. He also spent a short while at the Police Headquarters technical staff in Pretoria. The last time I saw him was around 1974.
Thank you much, vangasser.

South Africa / Re: Family History all alone!
« on: Tuesday 07 September 21 02:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi, Just a quick idea...Try the South African Library in Cape Town.

South Africa / Re: Daniel VENABLES family and descendants
« on: Tuesday 07 September 21 01:16 BST (UK)  »
Hi Lyn, There was a Mary Elizabeth Venables married to a James McKay Bishop about 1867 in the Orange Free State, South Africa. She died in 1887. Her father was Thomas Venables born about 1811 in the U.K. and his wife was Frances Sparks.
There was a Daniel Venables who was born in Wales in 1772 and died on 5 Sep 1833 in Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa. Apparently, his wife was Jane Hunt, who was born about 1774 in England, and died 9 August 1863 in Grahamstown, Cape Colony, South Africa. They had 5 children. None was called Daniel. There is a 7-generation file on Daniel. This might or might not be your Venables. Let me know.
I hope this helps a little,

South Africa / Re: Father of James McKay Bishop?
« on: Wednesday 09 June 21 22:12 BST (UK)  »
Some confusion regarding the Bishops in South Africa - possibly resolved.
Dear Family & Friends, Every now and then we find that the two main Bishop Families in South Africa are/is seen as the "Same one." There are few suggestions to consider, which might just help.

John Karst Bishop Male
Birth about 1840
Grahamstown, Cape, South Africa Parents
William Karst Bishop - Male
Anna Johanna Carolina Timm - Female

This (unrelated to me) Bishop Family had its start round about the arrival of the 1820 British Settlers. It would seem that they settled in the Eastern Cape area, also making their way to Natal, where many still are descendants. I have visited on occasion with members of this Bishop Family. Very good people. One just has to mention the 1820 British Settlers and they would immediately claim you as theirs.

The other Branch of the Bishop Family is the one that arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, from Scotland. John Bishop was the son of William Bishop, which seems to be the reason why some researcher are misguided, since both original Bishop men had the name ‘William’ in their families. This Scottish William Bishop's son John, was a British soldier, who served both on the Atlantic island St. Helena. (Yes, the same place where Napoleon was held.) and in the Cape of Good Hope, now known as Cape Town. His wife gave birth on the Island to a son named James McKay Bishop. John eventually briefly returned first the Cape, then to Scotland after his service. Then finally settled in South Africa. This James M. Bishop had several children, one of them was named George James Bishop. George had several children, while living in the province of Orange Free State, South Africa. One of those children was my Mother, Sarah Louisa Bishop who died in 2005 at the age of 89.
Surely, the best proof we have of people is found in Birth, Christening, Marriage, and Death notices or certificates. Following those records, lead to better and more secure researching of Genealogical lines. Please be so kind as to share with others the information you have. Your knowledge and recorded proof would be most welcomed by others who might just be a little confused. You are so appreciated for reading and learning about the two (2) main Bishop families in South Africa. Do have a good day. Edv. vangasser .

South Africa / Re: Father of James McKay Bishop?
« on: Wednesday 09 June 21 15:07 BST (UK)  »
Hello, Thanks for asking. I found most of this information in: 
William Bishop in entry for John Bishop, “Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950”
I still want to figure out about the dates and places I found.

About the two Bishops in Australia. I might have communicated with them.

My mother was - Sarah Louisa Bishop. She is the daughter of George James Bishop, who is the son of James McKay Bishop, who is the son of John Bishop (St Helena Scottish Soldier). John Bishop is the son of William Bishop.

I hope this helps. vangasser

South Africa / Re: Father of James McKay Bishop?
« on: Tuesday 08 June 21 23:54 BST (UK)  »
So sorry, I am not sure why the information is transformed into a step-like fashion.
John Bishop   Birth: 11 June 1870                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lasswade, Edinburghshire, Scotland, United Kingdom                                                                                                                                                                      Principal - Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950                                                                                                                                                                                 Father: William Bishop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mother: Janet Douglas
Son: John Bishop

take care, Ed - vangasser

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