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Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Re: Alien Registers circa England 1909-1917
« on: Thursday 23 September 21 19:39 BST (UK)  »
That's really interesting thank you.

He applied for Naturalisation when in Ripon, Yorkshire while in the army. By the time he was granted it, he had been relocated to Bath, Somerset.

There is nothing on his Naturalisation papers about arriving in the UK. He only had to declare 5 previous years addresses which took it back to 1912.

I have contacted the Berkshire FHS to ask what records they hold, as all attempted online contact with the Berkshire local authority Archives failed.

We are away  for a week, so I will pick up the research again with Berkshire and Lincolnshire when we get back, as I know he definitely registered in thise local authority areas.

Good to know what the cards show, if the records still exist.

Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Re: Alien Registers circa England 1909-1917
« on: Thursday 23 September 21 15:52 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Cathy,

Yes I have his marriage certificate for the marriage to Jane Bodin.


Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Alien Registers circa England 1909-1917
« on: Thursday 23 September 21 14:48 BST (UK)  »
I have searched the various related posts/topics, but unless I missed one, can anyone help?

Looking for where I may be able to find Alien Registration cards or details that cover 1909-1917 in the UK, specifically England.

The National Archives don't seem to cover that period.

I have found some Alien registration books on Ancestry, but they seem to consist of applications for Naturalisation and the letters to the applicant as to whether the application was accepted or not. Plus the images were so feint, in honesty I gave up part way through searching page by page as I couldn't read most of them.

Reason for question;
Trying to ascertain when my Dutch grandfather arrived in the UK and where.

Facts known;
Carolus Johannes Anthonius Maria, Janssen Steenberg born 1st April 1891, Roosendaal in North Brabant, Netherlands.
1907: Moved to Antwerp, Belgium.
December 1909: Last registered address on Antwerp police records.
June 1911: Census - Living as a lodger in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
June 1911: Married an Englishwoman in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

1912-1917: Various recorded addresses, one in Scotland and others in Yorkshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Wiltshire  and Somerset. These addresses he listed on his application for Naturalisation in 1917. Which also stated that he had registered as an Alien both in Newbury, Berkshire and Lincolnshire when residing in those locations (and presumably in the other counties, though no proof). There are no details of any registration numbers.

He was granted British Citizenship in 1917, while serving in the British Army, which he joined in 1916. I have a copy of his Naturalisation papers which includes the various addresses stated by him. Naturalized name: Charles Bodin.

Basically does anyone know;
1) Do Alien registration documents show date of entry to the UK and where?

2) Where Alien registration records may be found for this period (which seem to be outside the main TNA records) IF indeed they may still survive?

Looking for any pointers in the right direction as my searching has drawn a blank so far.

Thank you in advance.

The Common Room / Prisoner Records 1950s Brixton
« on: Sunday 13 September 20 21:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi there, this is an outside chance probably, but, does anybody know if it is possible to obtain records of what someone was sent to prison for? I am talking 1956 at Brixton Prison.

It was my late father, who left the family home in June 1955. The next thing I know is that he was served with a child maintenance order in June 1956 whilst in prison.
I have no idea what he was committed for, when or where!

The Common Room / Re: Death registration or certificate 2000's onwards
« on: Thursday 09 January 20 13:53 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Medpat.

I have managed to find the date of death for my relative via the GRO site (guessing at various years!) and have ordered a copy of the certificate for my records.

Much appreciated.


The Common Room / Death registration or certificate 2000's onwards
« on: Tuesday 07 January 20 21:12 GMT (UK)  »
Is it correct that I may not be able to find any record of someone's death say between 2000 and 2017? Is this too recent for records to be made public?

 I have a relative's DoB, marriage certificates (married twice) but cannot trace their death. I think they may have been living in Birmingham when they died (they were born 1930, so I am assuming they may no longer be alive, but I could be wrong of course).

Other examples not unable to find Death certificates in the 2000's are, my uncle who died in 2002 and my mother, who I registered her death in 2012. It is not those two persons I am trying to trace the date of death, but the Birmingham relative.

Europe / Re: Naturalisation to British subject early to mid 20th century
« on: Wednesday 04 December 19 23:33 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you 'CD', I didn't realise I could contact for specialist advice at the TNA. Worth a contact to them maybe.



Europe / Re: Naturalisation to British subject early to mid 20th century
« on: Wednesday 04 December 19 20:49 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks all for your quick responses.

I have photocopies of both the certificates from the NRA, and the supporting documents. I will check the codes as mentioned regarding the records, to see regarding the status of the applicant.

He married his British wife in 1911, sad to see by today's standards that as per the 1870 Act, his wife lost her British citizenship, until he gained his in 1917. Maybe that is why he intended to apply before WW1 so did so when joined the army.

I also read in the 1870 ACT that it he would have been required to have either been living in England/Wales or serving the British Crown for five years. The former (residency) may have applied, as I cannot find in his application papers or supporting papers  that it was a requirement of joining the army (he was already serving in the army prior to application). He was not in a regiment who fought abroad, but as a baker by profession, was in a supportive regiment and based in England at various locations.

He was Dutch, so not a Belgium refugee when he arrived, although he spent some time in Antwerp, between leaving Holland and arriving in the UK.

I will check the document codes as suggested.

Thank you all!

Europe / Re: Naturalisation to British subject early to mid 20th century
« on: Wednesday 04 December 19 18:48 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks 'JM'

He was living in England on both occasions.
He arrived in the UK, I believe between 1908-1911.
His 1917 application was while he was signed up as a Private in the British army. He was married to a British wife.
He had wanted to apply beforehand but delayed due to the war apparently.

Like much family history research I am sure, more questions are thrown up the more information that is acquired!

Thanks again for your thoughts.


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