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Australia / Re: Roy Dodd and Mary Elizabeth White
« on: Wednesday 07 April 21 11:48 BST (UK)  »
Yes it does Sarah thankyou and also thankyou to everyone else

It looks as though that christening is not your Margaret.

Do you have marriage details for William and Martha? Was Martha (she is the one you are searching) definitely Martha Smith?

Yes it is Martha Smith I am searching as she came up with as she came up when i was searching Archibald Campbell 10th earl of Argyll & James Stuart 2nd Earl of Bute i have their history as its all in the campbell clan site. but Only the information I provided earlier is all i Had a Martha Smith

most of the information that i had came from a site called familysearch in Australia

This is every inch of information that i know about my 5th great grandmother.
In 1789 when she was around the age of 24 she gave birth to a child on the 20th september 1789 in Kemback, fife, Scotland united states child was margaret barclay 1789-1878. Then when was around 29 had another child william barclay 1794-1855 in Pennsylvania. In 1799 at around the age of 34 had another child John Barclay 1799-1865 in Perry Pennsylvannia United States. In 1802 at the age of around 37 on July 8th 1802 had another child in Pennsylvannia had another child James A Barclay 1802-1864. At the age of around 40 in 1805 in Perry Pennsylvannia, PA, usa Martha Barclay was born 1805-1881 then at the age of around 41 had another child Andrew Barclay 1806-1872 In Perry, PA,usa. At the age of 64 in 1829 in April she lost her spouse William Barclay 1769-1829 at Saville, Perry PA, usa.
At the age of 86 in 1851 on the 9th of october in Tuscarawas, Warwick Township, Tuscarawas Ohio United States my 5th great grandmother passed away.

Hello I am hoping if i could please get some assistance with some information on my 5th great grandmother all i know is that she was born in Pennsylvania united states in the circa 1765 and died in Ohio united states circa 1851. I know this is an old one but im hoping that their is someone out their that can help.

Hello I cant seem to find the post with Vera's death in it could someone please help me out with it so i can fill in this form I have for her record n cause of death certificate.

yes that is what I have been doing JM and I know of one of their children that is still alive which is my grandmother. I have been in touch with a relative who is the granddaughter of Vera I think, Still working it out.

The information that I have on my great grandfather Basil Charles Douglas Walsh that I know is correct is that he married Vera on the 9 January 1930 in Hobart, and that he died on the 12 July 1977 at Railway Cottage Bishopsbourne, Tasmania, Australia and that he was a retired cook, his birthday is 12 July but year I am unsure of some say 1909,1910,1911 so am still trying to work out correct year. and some that I have read say that my great grandmother Vera lived to be something like 125 but from what I know she died in her 30's from an illness? which is also what I am trying to sort out.

I just edited it JM

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