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Thank you so much for this information.
A real puzzle my parents never mentioned him. At the time of his death we were living just down the road in Handcross.

Best Regards,



Yes I am quite sure Elven is a sibling. What an usual name. Find it so odd my late father never mentioned any uncle, or aunty. ???
I had a quick look, but have not found any children for Elven & Mary, or a recorded death of Elven.

Best Regards,


Thanks everybody for all the info,

Some years back I made a real effort to trace my White/Whyte line back as far as possible, then I had to put the project on ice.

Only recently I have been thinking about filling in some of the gaps from the not too distant past and I realised I knew so little about Mary and Horace. I always assumed they only had one child, and I did not know Mary came from Durham. I wonder how they met ? Durham is a long way from Sussex/Surrey. Must be a fascinating story behind that I'm sure.

One of the few things I remember my late father saying about his grandfather Horace was how he used to pour himself a beer every night, and leave it to go flat on the table by the side of his bed. In the morning he would then drink it. He claimed it would lead to a long life. Not exactly socially acceptable behaviour today.

Also when Horace died and was laid out in the parlour, my father told me he remembered his father, Arthur giving Horace a shave in his coffin.

I find it very interesting my father never mentioned Arthur having any siblings, and if they had any children I wonder why my father never mentioned any cousins.

Anyway thanks again. I'm going see if I can dig a little deeper into Mary and Horace's lives,

Best Regards,

Ian Whyte

I've started looking into my tree again after a few years away.
Can someone with access to the 1911 census please look up my great grandfather Horace White (Whyte) ?

He was born ca 1877/78, and lived in the Godstone / Lingfield area.

I'm pretty sure he was married to Mary Ann Mileham, and I know they had a son Arthur Horace White(Whyte), my grandfather, who I can just remember when I was a child.

Very interested if the 1911 census has any further info.

Best Regards,

Ian Whyte.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for the detective work. On freeBMD there is a death registered for a Mary White in East Grinstead in Dec 1847, which seems very likely to be her.
Many thanks,

Sussex / Records for Hartfield Workhouse ?
« on: Sunday 29 August 10 22:06 BST (UK)  »
I'm currently researching my WHYTE/WHITE roots in the East Grinstead / Lingfield areas.
In the 1851 Census returns for Hartfield there are three WHITEs listed as inmates in the workhouse:

Eliza, born ca 1838
Maria, born ca 1840
Jane, born ca 1844

Are there any surviving records for Hartfield workhouse that might give me some more information ?

Many thanks,


I have checked the marriage certificate and Edward White was indeed a widower. Now to track down his first wife.

I'll mark this request as completed as I cannot find any records for children of Edward and Harriet other than Phoebe Ester.

Many Thanks,



Interested in finding a burial record for Mary Ann White (maiden name Streeter) in the Lingfield / East Grinstead area sometime after 1838.

She was married to Edward White in 1833, and had two children I have found records of:
Emma, 1835 (illegitimate) and Eliza 1838.

Many thanks,


Surrey / WHITE in Lingfield - Problems researching baptisms
« on: Wednesday 25 August 10 09:36 BST (UK)  »

Having tried to research my roots in the Lingfield area I have to say I am a little confused.
There are two IGI batch numbers for baptisms in Lingfield.

P006971     1559-1812   
C006972     1834-1864   

I have also just purchased the CD of surrey baptisms not in the IGI. For Lingfield the period covered is 1813-1875.

What is confusing me is the CD and IGI batch C006972 have many baptisms for the surname WHITE,
But there is not a single WHITE in the IGI batch  P006971.

Can there be an explanation of this ? It seems so unlikely no WHITE baptisms was registered in Lingfield before 1813,  and then suddenly from 1813 there are dozens. On the face of it, to me it seems  P006971 is missing all the WHITEs.

If I want to research WHITE baptisms in Lingfield before 1813 what would my best course of action ?

Any help and tips gratefully appreciated,

Best regards,


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