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The Common Room / Re: Where did this Bullen pedigree come from?
« on: Tuesday 23 November 21 19:05 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you mckha489 - I must have missed that info. in the preface. I suppose Colonel Bullen (aged about 65 when the book was written) may perfectly well have given/known all this family information.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: French To English Handwriting
« on: Monday 22 November 21 18:45 GMT (UK)  »
Some bits here and there:

??? ?????? ????? contre
un voiturier par terre et
??? de bois de charpente
pour avoir occupé la place
dystinée au ??? de ????
par un demy ??? de bois
de charpente lui ?????
d'????? ??????  voiturier
ou ????? marchand

No more time just now but it might help someone correct or fill in the blanks !!

The Common Room / Where did this Bullen pedigree come from?
« on: Sunday 21 November 21 18:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again,
My question this time relates to my recent post

A book called 'The three Dorset captains at Trafalgar" (  provides an appendix with the supposed pedigree of the Bullen family and the descent of Admiral Charles Bullen.
Can anyone guess, surmise or actually discover what the source of this pedigree might be? I've checked it is right, though incomplete, but my main question is "who is William Bullen of Cathanger, Fivehead, Somerset?

The Common Room / Re: Birth/baptism of my 5 x great grandmother Fortune Bullen
« on: Thursday 18 November 21 18:13 GMT (UK)  »
A Richard Bullen, of Seavington St Mary, married Hannah Hutchins, of Kingstone, March 1726 at Ilton, Somerset.   Sounds like this may have been a brother of Fortune i.e. 2 siblings marrying 2 siblings.

Thank you AllanUK and Annette7 for replying - yes I have the information about Richard and Hannah, (but William had no sister Hannah, though she may have been a cousin), also a marriage of a Magdalen, of Seavington, and John Donne in 1732. Were they all one family is the unsolvable question.
I can't find any children for Richard and Hannah and think she may have died - though no burial either - as a Richard and Elizabeth had several children in the late 1730s and 40s baptised in Seavington. Another one of them was a Simeon (no baptism record found, but I have his brother John's will) and interestingly one of Fortune's grandsons, my 3x greatgrandfather b. 1765, was a Simeon. There were no Simeons in his father's or mother's families between 1765 and 1517, and 1765 and 1623 respectively.

I guess I've hit a brick wall with this one...

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Claude Bertelemy Bertole French baptism
« on: Wednesday 17 November 21 15:05 GMT (UK)  »
My offering:

Le 19e fut baptizée Suzanne fille de Claude Bertol R?????? G?????  ?? huit livres dix huit sols de Picardie, et de damoiselle Suzanne le doux. p (=parrain) le sieur André Roussel, m (= marraine) damoiselle Gabrielle Godin

I'm not at all expert in 17th century French handwriting but if the thing that looks like a V crossed through is an R then the word after Bertol certainly begins with an
R and the following with a G but I don't think it is 'General'.

The child Suzanne was baptised on the 19th December 1660 and it looks like a payment was involved? Do the other records on the page look like they involve payments? The godfather's and godmother's names are also given.

Sorry not to be more help.

The Common Room / Birth/baptism of my 5 x great grandmother Fortune Bullen
« on: Wednesday 17 November 21 10:06 GMT (UK)  »
In case anyone has access to records I haven't yet found (I need to subscribe to FindMyPast probably), I'm looking for a birth/baptism of Fortune Bullen around 1711, probably in Somerset, and possibly a non-conformist record. She married William Hutchings in 1731 at Crewkerne and was buried in 1777 in Seavington aged 66. Who her parents, and hopefully siblings were is of course the question.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: What is this forename?
« on: Wednesday 17 November 21 09:52 GMT (UK)  »
Obviously I don't know name of person that died in 1844, nor in what part of the country - however, an Aretas Sutherland Young married an Emma Frances Bullen 3/12/1828 Ryde, Hampshire.   Trees on ancestry show he died 1836 Fort St. George, India so wife Emma would have indeed been a widow in 1844.

Could this be the lady you seek?


It is indeed, Annette, than you so much. I have a Bullen ancestor from Somerset and am trying to see how she fits with the testator if at all - possibly a great aunt. I know the testator's grandfather was a Somerset man.

I think I'd better start a new thread with that question

Thank you again.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: What is this forename?
« on: Tuesday 16 November 21 20:09 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all for replying so speedily - and sorry Old Bristolian that you couldn't download the clip, whereas others could. Something I did wrong?

I couldn't see anything but the letters Ar?tas - but didn't think to see if kind Mr Google knew the name. The will is dated 1844 and she is a widow but how she fits as the niece of my ancestor is another mystery.
Thank you again.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What is this forename?
« on: Tuesday 16 November 21 17:36 GMT (UK)  »
I'd like to know what Charles' niece is called, Mrs. ????? Young. She is referred to three times in this clip but I can't for the life of me see/guess/work out what her first name is. I'm sure some clever folk here will be able to help. Many thanks in advance.

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