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Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred Hazeldon records
« on: Friday 26 June 20 23:17 BST (UK)  »
Weird, guess she lied on her marriage record

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred Hazeldon records
« on: Friday 26 June 20 23:02 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for all your help!  I'll definitely crack on tomorrow putting this into my tree.  From the marriage record, Maria seems to have been born around 1854.  I assume this means Alfred was a very young teenage pregnancy, was it common for the baby to stay home with the Mother at that age, or to be sent away to relatives?

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred William Hazeldon records
« on: Friday 26 June 20 22:42 BST (UK)  »
Apologies, when I first had a look at him, I mistakenly thought his birth was in 1868.  I forgot to change it when I discounted the record.


Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred William Hazeldon records
« on: Friday 26 June 20 22:31 BST (UK)  »
Course! 1901 Census he was with his wife in Lambeth, age says 35 and that he was a plate layer.  Birth was apparently in Oldham Lancashire, and he had one son, called Alfred.

1911 Census he's 44, got five kids now and lives in lambeth still.  Birth Place says Uckfield Sussex
this time.

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred William Hazeldon records
« on: Friday 26 June 20 22:20 BST (UK)  »
He married Mary Anne Offord in 1893 at St Matthew's in Brixton.

I hadn't thought about him being illegitimate, I'll see what Hazelden's were in the area at the time.

Sussex Lookup Requests / Alfred Hazeldon records
« on: Friday 26 June 20 21:55 BST (UK)  »
Hello all!  I'm searching for any census records before 1901 as well as birth and baptism records for an Alfred Hazelden.  The surname is very open to variation, I've come across a number of variations including Hayzeldean, Hazeldon, and Hayzleden.  He definitely died in 1939, I have his death certificate.

I know he was born in Uckfield, Sussex around 1864 but besides a birth index, I've found no trace of him.  His marriage record says that his father was a Richard Hazelden, but I've failed to find any Richard Hazelden in that general area around that time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I know itís the same, because my Grandfathers dad was definitely called Joseph Lea and he and his siblings, who my grandfather can name, appear in the 1901 and 1911 census with the mother being named as Jane.  My grandad knew Thomas Lea was illegitimate, and the 1892 marriage record fits with the census records birth place for Jane.  Also, fits my family legend.

Another thing, Iíve been unable to find any church records for my great grandad or his siblings, birth or marriage or even death.  Either the records havenít been translated yet, or they werenít religious in the slightest.

Edit: Just looked back now, and it turns out Mary Leaís family were Church of England, her father and mother married in a Church of England in Sefton.  Could be they were Church of England and passed that down to Thomas Lea.

Hello everyone, thanks for all your help!  I'll respond to each post in chronological order.

1. Jorose, in 1892 he married Jane Atkinson in Eccleston, that's where I got the idea for him being illegitimate.  After that, in the censuses at least, he continued to live in Eccleston and had at least five children.   I don't know whether he was living in 1939, as my Grandad had no contact with him and so didn't know when he died.  The sources you've found for me are very useful, and I believe that he was raised as a Blundell before switching back to being a Lea.

2. If you can get to the library to look at this, that would be extremely useful.  I know it may not mention the Father's name, but I'm trying to explore all his records to try and find out more.

3. Thanks for the index! I'll add it to my family tree.

Hello everyone!  Iím searching for any records of a Thomas Lea, born about 1862 in Ince Blundell near Liverpool or a neighbouring village, before 1892.  Iím having a lot of trouble finding any records about him before then, as any records Iíve procured have been about a different Thomas Lea, born in Ormskirk (the neighbouring village) around the same time.

The only evidence I have for him being illegitimate was him drawing a line on his marriage record for his father, the priest putting a mark next to the marriage record as well, and an old family legend that he was the son of a Blundell and a serving girl. 

Can anyone point me in the direction of records I could use to find out more?

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