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Australia / Re: Charles William Greenwood, married Johanna "Annie" O'Brien
« on: Thursday 15 October 20 07:05 BST (UK)  »
New update:
I have now got the marriage certificate and it provides the following information about Charles Greenwood:
He was born c. 1863 in Cheapside, London, to Charles Greenwood and Annie Freebody. He worked as a packing case maker while Johanna was a box maker. His father was apparently a steamer captain.

Ayrshire / William GILMOUR, b. Irvine c. 1811
« on: Sunday 02 August 20 08:44 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out more about my gggg grandfather, William Gilmour.

His parents were listed at the time of his death as John Gilmour and Mary MacIntyre.

William Gilmour married Margaret Bicket (daughter of Hugh Bicket and Agnes Borland) on the 17th of Feb 1838 in Fenwick, her home town.

He came to Australia in 1853 aboard the Genghis Khan with his family as an assisted immigrant. He was a blacksmith and wheelwright.

The 1841 census lists his residence as West Side Main Street, Kilmaurs.

The 1851 census lists his residence as Campbell Street, Riccarton, and his birthplace as Irvine.

William and Margaret had the following children:
John Gilmour, c. 1838-1904, married Mary Daniel
Hugh Bicket Gilmour, 1840-1911, married Christina Milne
William Gilmour, 1842-1896, married Catherine Henderson McKay
Agnes Gilmour, 1845-1911, married James Lawrie
Mary Gilmour, c. 1849-1852? (listed on 1851 census but not Genghis Khan passenger list)
There may have also been an Alexander Gilmour born after arrival in Australia, but died young.

It appears that the children were named following a fairly common pattern at the time, ie 1st son after father's father (John), second son after mother's father (Hugh Bicket), third son after father (William), first daughter after mother's mother (Agnes), second daughter after father's mother (Mary), and so on.
I think the story is that there was a son called Alexander born in Australia, but he died young. I haven't found a record of this however, but I think I read or heard somewhere that he was recorded on his parents' death certificates. Margaret Bicket did not have a brother called Alexander as far as I can tell, so it's possible that William did.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Other Countries / Re: BARBADOS - William Henry Downer b. c1819-20
« on: Tuesday 14 July 20 09:39 BST (UK)  »
That would explain that then. Still, most of the baptism records I have seen include the father's name in full, and then only the mother's first name, if she is mentioned at all.

Other Countries / Re: BARBADOS - William Henry Downer b. c1819-20
« on: Tuesday 14 July 20 01:53 BST (UK)  »
I had already seen the Downey baptisms on familysearch, but I don't think there is a connection to my William Downer, as the baptisms only mention a mother's name, whereas my William's marriage certificate only mentions his father's name, Henry. The last of the Downey baptisms occurred in 1835, when William would have been 15 years old, so surely he would have known his mother's name also?

Other Countries / Re: BARBADOS - William Henry Downer b. c1819-20
« on: Monday 13 July 20 14:27 BST (UK)  »
I can't access this as I don't have a findmypast account.
Hopefully I'm not asking for too much here, but would a screenshot at all be possible?
Otherwise thanks anyway.

Other Countries / Re: BARBADOS - William Henry Downer b. c1819-20
« on: Monday 13 July 20 13:21 BST (UK)  »
There is a British merchant seaman's ticket for William Downer born Barbados 25 November 1820. A "man of colour", a steward; ticket issued in London in 1846, first went to sea in 1837.

That sounds like a possible lead, do you have a source/link?

Other Countries / BARBADOS - William Henry Downer b. c1819-20
« on: Monday 13 July 20 11:50 BST (UK)  »
My gggg grandfather, William Henry Downer died in 1891 in Australia, but his death certificate states his place of birth as "Barbados, West Indies". He married Maria Matilda Penman in 1846 at St. Anne's Limehouse, London.
Only his father's name is known, as his wedding certificate mentions his father Henry as deceased.

He is known to have worked as a steward or cook on several passenger ships which travelled between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, with records of his arrival stating his place of origin variously as Barbados, "West Indies", British, or sometimes Tobago.

Searches online have so far been fruitless.

I understand that often people name their children after relatives, so his eight known children were as follows:
  • William Henry Downer, named after himself presumably
  • Maria Matilda Downer, named after his wife
  • Gabriel Downer, possibly named after wife's brother Gabriel Penman
  • Alfred Robert Downer
  • George William Downer
  • Lewis Downer
  • Frederick Downer
  • Lily Elizabeth Downer
The two eldest children, William and Maria, were born in Stepney, London, while the others were all born in Tasmania.

If anyone has any pointers or information, that would be greatly appreciated!

Australia / Re: Charles William Greenwood, married Johanna "Annie" O'Brien
« on: Friday 10 July 20 07:59 BST (UK)  »
My grandmother told me that she may already have the marriage certificate, so fingers crossed I won't have to pay for a new copy.

The death notices are probably connected, the only thing odd about them is that it says Annie died in August, when in fact she definitely died in July.

The mother's death notice is strange however, as the only Greenwood I could find on that died in South Australia in 1890 is a Mabel Isabel, but on findagrave it says she died in September, so I suspect that the mother mentioned in The Age may have died with a different last name.

Australia / Re: Charles William Greenwood, married Johanna "Annie" O'Brien
« on: Friday 10 July 20 06:28 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, quick update:
I contacted grandmother who says that Charles Greenwood first came to Adelaide from England, possibly North West England, apparently already married. First wife died aboard the ship, so Charles then remarried, possibly on ship.
After arriving in Adelaide, that second wife also died, and Charles subsequently married her sister in Adelaide, who then also died. At that point, the family apparently kicked him out, after which I presume he moved to Melbourne and married wife no. 4? Johanna O'Brien. After "Annie" O'Brien died in 1890, he apparently moved to Tasmania, but not much more is known of him after that. I still don't know who exactly raised son Herbert, but there was apparently a sister "Dory", but more children were probably born to other wives also.

The only Charles Greenwood arrival in Adelaide that I could find was aboard the "Earl Dalhousie" in 1875, aged 22, single, carpenter, UK Assisted Passenger I think.

If this is the same Charles Greenwood, then he was likely born c 1853.

Haven't yet found any info from his time in Tasmania, but he probably died there.

Unfortunately I still don't have wives' or parents' names yet, but it seems this story is much more bizarre than first assumed.

Thanks for all the replies so far!

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