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Travelling People / Gypsies in a newsarticle - Smith, Carey and Buckland
« on: Monday 27 July 20 16:44 BST (UK)  »
I wondered if anyone can help.

I came across a news article in the Hendon & Finchley Times - 03 Feb 1905
"Richard Smith, James Smith, Annie Carey, Henry Tuckland, Louisa Smith, gipsies living in Caravans, at Wembley Hill, were summoned for contravention of the bye laws of the Wembley Urban District Council by not providing a proper receptacle for refuse ..."

Can anyone identify Richard, James Smith and Annie Carey?
Struggling to find any of them in records. I have no knowledge about them at all aside this article.

He has signed it and the hand writing is the same as the rest of the form.   :-\. Did he sign his marriage certificate

He didn't, they marked it with than X.

Just adding 1911 from familysearch
Henry Butland   Married   43   Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Susie Butland   Married   37   Healing, Middlesex
Rodney Butland   Single   19   Harrow Middlesex
Henry Butland   Single   17   Tottenham London
John Butland   Son      9   Harrow, Middlesex
Sidney Butland   Son      7   Wildesden, Middlesex
Ada Butland   Daughter   5   Brettenham Rd Edmonton
Sara Butland   Daughter   3   Brettenham Rd Edmonton
Polly Butland   Daughter   0   Brettenham Rd Edmonton
Sinana Butland   Married   22   Wandsworth, London
Marie Butland   Married   20   Tottenham, Middlesex

Thats them, thats the census I have! I think someone wrote it for them.

I am finding the newspapers riveting.

Henry had aliases  :(

Added, but this one
31 December 1870 - Reading Mercury - Reading, Berkshire, England about the same event says he was 24 so born 1846, so a different Henry?

looks like a different henry. He would be to old annoyingly.

Reply 6.  If Louisa was born 1875 - she would have been 13yrs old to have had a child in 1888

Cinderella was on a 1939 census with a birthday of 4th June 1888.

Is this death connected?
It stays he is age 1 but I see no matching birth

Deaths Dec 1897   (>99%)
Buckland    Shipton    1    Highworth    5a   14

Not sure to be honest...

Are childrens births registered as Smith  :-\

SMITH, POLLY       - 
GRO Reference: 1910  Dec Quarter in EDMONTON  Volume 03A  Page 602

yes I think so.

Reply 6.  If Louisa was born 1875 - she would have been 13yrs old to have had a child in 1888

Its more likely cinderella was born 1890 as on the 1911 census Louisa was 37 and Cinderella was 22.

ahh damn! sorry

Louisa born 1875 and first child born 1888 more likely 1890.

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