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Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your information and interest in my photo. Luck would have it that I managed to contact a very much elderly relative who was able to give me some more information. The groom was called Harry Rawle and the bride, Alice Aubeny (wrong spellings i'm sure). Although I don't know occupations, both lived and worked in the area of Bethnal Green, near Cyprus street. A few Google searches later and I found the following images (note the arches and shutters are the same). The buildings were commissioned by the East  End Dwellings company, to house local poor and low income workers.

My relative was also able to tell me that the picture was taken on in August 1919 and that the newly married couple went hop picking in Kent straight after the picture was taken (sending me pictures).

Thanks again,



My grandfather passed away a few years ago without ever explaining the specific details of this wedding photo. The picture shows my great grandfather's wedding which I think took place somewhere in East London?

Would be great to find out more.



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