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I should have clarified, the tintype of the boy and girl I thought could be brother William and sister Mary. But they would need to be 2 years apart.

The only thing that bothers me about the tintype photo is the difference in the chairs. It seems to create an illusion that they are the same size. The girls chair seems larger, longer and lounged back a bit. I don't know how an old lens might react to that, but perhaps the photography did that on purpose?

But I think I might be biased as well because I want my theory to be true.

I had a theory that the three kids were siblings, but based on comments it seems unlikely. I attached a few more photos to help explain. But I guess it's back to the drawing board!

Johanna, 1834-1912

William, 1868-1948
Mary, 1865-1944
Frances, 1857-1917

Hi Carol, and thanks for looking at these photos. In the first photo from the 1870s, is the girl or boy older? Is the girl potentially one year older?

I received a big old box of unmarked photos and these three tintypes appear to be taken around the same time, but I don't really know when. I do know that there were two sets of immigrants that came to Rochester, NY in my family. Coyle and Hayes families from Ireland and the Link family from Germany came around 1850. Krenzer and Kesel families came around 1880 from Germany. I cannot tell which family these tintypes may be attributed to, my guess is that they are the Irish family/ies and the date is closer to 1870, but it would be great to have more than my guess to work from. I would be grateful for any guidance.

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