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Hello again,

I agree with you Tati !! BIG Cheers are indeed in order for the task you have taken on, is on a grand scale for others who look and wonder .. such as I have done.

Many thanks to both of You - Jana and Tati- for the kindness in helping with my search.
Tati- your fast reply and sites - have given me hope
Jana- your explanations has helped beyond -  an eyes view of what was going on with this.

I am most assured now that this is my 3rd great grand parents.. and hope to in time find out more on them.  My Aunt Marion- started searching, but has since past on a few years back .. she located them in Ontario Canada.. but when they got there , she did not know.. Their children Sarah and Thomas, were born in England- but it appears as if the rest were born in Canada - this is with 1851 census information  only.. no records have been located other then that, and where their resting place is in Oxford Co. Ont.
So I picked up her  trails [my Aunts]-- and work with that.
Thomas is my line from Wm. and Ann, who later in his life married went to Michigan, USA to live , and raise his family.

Gods Blessings to both of you-
With hugs and smiles

Thank You , for your work- explanation etc.

Have a great day!!!!
Smiles  ;D and Hugs - Lucy

Hello Tati-

Many Hugs for locating that !

So, now here I set with yet a wonder.. is that the same marriage as the one I located in a different INDEX ?
Maybe more why / what I am asking- because the place names are different
Not knowing England well.. Middleton St Andrew , Ryedale vs Pickering, North Riding, Yorkshire .

The one thing I remember from other family searching in England- both places are in North Riding.
The years are the same for both.

I just get so lost with this stuff.
Got any Help for me ??  ;D

Thanks for your answer-
Hugs and Smiles Your way- LAH

Completed Yorkshire (North Riding) Look up Requests / Completed
« on: Wednesday 11 February 09 21:07 GMT (UK)  »
I need some help
Marriage for
William KING m. Ann Mortimer-
Seems that the index has one but here is what it has
William RING m. Ann Mortimer
Year 1839 some time between April and June District Pickering North Riding Volume 24 page 463

this would be the correct area-and time  for their marriage.. Soooooooooooooo
What I wonder is 'Ring' a mistake - should that be KING and not RING.. as the index has it now.

Does , anyone have access to the original parish record  to look at that record , and willing to help   ??? decipher what it really says ???

Thanks for reading and what ever we can find on that family- I have so little to go on for England.

United States of America / Re: Jane Knox McDonald & brother Jasper Knox
« on: Tuesday 30 October 07 23:04 GMT (UK)  »
Wellllllllll, least You know now one that for sure did come over.
I did not check Canada, perhaps they went there first ??

I will keep my eyes open, perhaps something will show up for them .

Like I say, what You have with that I entered.. one less to eliminate.

Smiles- have a great day,

United States of America / Re: look up please
« on: Tuesday 30 October 07 20:18 GMT (UK)  »
 In the 1900 census -
1- in Boston Ward 1, Suffolk, Massachusetts there was a ROBERT LOCK, age 44 b. abt 1856 ENG. Immigration Year is 1888.
Married with children- wife Florence age 38- her Immigration year is 1880 (Canada English) , there are 8 children listed from age 18- 10 months.

2- In Chicago Ward 30 Cook Co. Illinois there was a
ROBERT LOCK age 39 b abt 1861 ENG. Immigration Year is 1879. Married with children - wife Ernestine age 39 (ENG) her immigration year is 1888- 5 children listed from age 13-1

3- In Nottawa, Isabella Co., Michigan there was a
ROBERT LOCK age 58 b abt 1842 Immigration year is 1858- wife and 1 child listed However much, MUCH to old for your Robert..
 as for ALBERT LOCK, I only located 1 person from ENG with that name in
 the 1900 census.
in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co. California ALBERT LOCK age 36 b. abt 1864 in ENG, Immigration Year is 1888. Married with Children- wife Lillia age 29 b. abt 1871 Kansas USA, Children 2 girls Gladys age 9 and Berly age 7.

Hope this gives you a start.

United States of America / Re: Jane Knox McDonald & brother Jasper Knox
« on: Tuesday 30 October 07 19:54 GMT (UK)  »
Looked for Jane Knox and Jane McDonald, nothing apeared right for me with that.
Found  1910 census-
1 --Jane McDonald b. abt 1840 Ireland- listed as Mother in law- in Newark, Ward 12, Essex Co New Jersey
2-- Jane McDonald b. abt 1839 Ireland listed as Head of house, in Pittsburgh Ward 7 Allegheny , PA.
3-- Jane McDonald b. abt. 1835  Ireland, listed as Mother- in Millis, Norfolk, MA
4-- Jane McDonald b. abt. 1840 Ireland Mother in law in Carbondale, Ward 5 Lackawanna , PA
5-- Jane McDonald b. abt. 1845 Ireland head of house- in Poughkeepsie, Ward 1, Dutchess Co. New York.
6-- Jane McDonald b. abt. 1846 Ireland head of house- in Manhattan Ward 21, New York , NY
7-- Jane McDonald b abt. 1831 Ireland head in Walpole Cheshire, NH.

Found 1920census -
Jane McDonald b abt 1840 Wales ? listed as a mother in law in Poughkeepsie, Ward 4 Dutchess Co., New York

Also did a look for JASPER KNOX,
I located this
1910 U.S.A.- census (taken the 10 or 19 of April)
Lived Manhatten Ward 22, New York, New York
White, Male Immigration year 1879 (NA)
Name Jasper W. Knox age 49 (abt 1861)birthplace Ireland
Head of house , Father b. Ireland, Mother born England ?
Spouse's name Mathill H ? age 46 (abt. 1964) b. Vermont. father Ireland, mother Maine
Looks like a lady named Margaret Christenhan (Christschen) lived with them, she is marked as a boarder

I would not know if this is your Jasper or not from that record.
I did not see that Jasper in the 1900 census, does not mean hes not there, I just did not locate him is all.
in 1880 census I located, in Pierce township, Page, Iowa a family of KNOX..
(who may/or may not- be part of the JASPER W. KNOX from the 1910 census )
here is what it has
John Knox- age 55 (abt 1825)b. Ireland father Widower retired farmer
W. J. Knox age 26 (abt. 1854 )b. Ireland single farmer (brother to head of house)
J.H. Knox age 25 (abt 1855) b. Ireland Married farmer (head of house)
Margaret E. Knox age 23 (abt 1857) b. Ohio (wife of head of house).

nothing- to confirm what you have really..
however kind of a start for your elimination
sorry, I could not be more help to you there !


United States of America / Re: 1930 census
« on: Monday 13 August 07 19:12 BST (UK)  »
I don't know who she was working for in 1930. Unfortunately although she sent a couple of letters to her family they tore off the return address!

Took a look at the 1927 immigration and she was still working for the Porter Chandlers then. Why isn't there an address for that family but other's on the manifests have addressess?

SSDI haven't any information as far as I can see.
Maud was born in 1888 but is listed as 31 on the 1923 manifest.

What information is needed for the SSDI. Would she have needed a birth certificate?

Hi Marryanne-
Just a quick couple  notes on this older subject.. of yours
1- The SSDI- does not list all the people who have past on in the USA, nor does it list all those who have/had Social Security Numbers.
The SSDI- only list those who are past on- that drew off of their Social Security Funds.  So, your Maud may have had a Social Security Card /Numbers, but never used it for her income .
It is a good place to check- but- does not hold it all..  :'( sad for us who seek
I hope that helps you.

2- You noted that your family torn off the address, is the postal stamp readable , usually the post office stamps next to the stamp the letter has on it ,if so that should tell a town area for her. It may contain such as NY but numbers that could be zip code numbers. You may want to check that out . Just a thought.

Smiles from Michigan

England / Re: Phillimore transcripts of parish records
« on: Sunday 24 June 07 17:01 BST (UK)  »
Hello Trish,
 Thank You , for your answers.
 I do think this will help, me.. when going to LDS History Rooms to order this film/s.
It takes around 4 weeks, to get them back to here .. however the waiting as always is worth it. Then it does become -
 Almost like waiting out Christmas morning- when things are so new and exciting, and  unknown till then. ;D
Smiles, have a wonderful day-

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