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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Swales Forest
« on: Saturday 27 March 21 17:54 GMT (UK)  »
Hi thought I would jump in on this as I'm struggling with this too.

I decend from Francis Forest who married a Mary Ann McGregor.

Francis was the son of Swailes Forest and Jane Swales.

I'm not too sure on where I go from here as I have the odd DNA matches but nothing seems to fit 100%

Any help on how to place what children they had and who their parents were would be a help.

Europe / Re: Lickfield/Liekfeld?
« on: Sunday 20 December 20 17:52 GMT (UK)  »
Ah yes forgot to add them as they were not on the census but yes they both died within a year or 2 of their births.

Europe / Lickfield/Liekfeld?
« on: Sunday 20 December 20 16:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I'm after help on yet another brick wall.

I have always known that I have a German grandfather (3rd Great) and that he was called John Lickfield. So I've done what everyone would of done and looked for a census record.

Luckily I found a census record from 1881 to which he was in Sunderland with the occupation of General Sailor Seaman and lived with my 3x great grandmother Isabella (did not know her surname at the time). From this census I've noticed that they had 2 children (Jane Ann and William) and also 2 Boarders (Richard and Jane Robson).

Later on I would find out that Isabella was married before John and that her name when she married john was Isabella Doughty. She had married a man named Henry Doughty, so I looked into that and discovered that she was born Isabella Robson.

Anyway, back to John...
So knowing Isabella's name I decided to purchase a copy of their wedding certificate.
On the certificate (1872) it stated that John is a 'John Carls Liekfeld' and that his father is a 'William Liekfeld' and both of their occupations state that they are both Master Mariners.

I've tried to work out what happened to John after 1881 but I've had no luck. I did contact someone from the Hull area as there was a person with a similar name on their tree also born in Germany and also born in the same year (1841). The person disagreed that they were the same person but I still beleive I am right.

I've looked for passinger records and master mariners records but I've found nothing, I've tried german records but unfortunatly I'm useless at reading in german. I've also tried other spelling of the name Lickfield, Lickfeld, Lichfield, Lichfeld, Liekfield and Liekfeld and just got nothing to spark me.

I just want to know what happened to him, where in Germany he was from and who his father/mother was.

If anyone has any suggestions on where I should look, I'd be very happy.

Thanks in advance.


Lancashire Resources / Re: Henry Knowles
« on: Sunday 20 December 20 15:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Just an update on the death cert. I've got it and the address is 27 Norman Street.

He then married Margaret Weallans Dobson and on their Marriage cert. it says 37 Norman Street.

I'm taking a major guess to see that they are the same person and that possibly one of the numbers are wrong and that they are in fact the same Henry.

I think if I can find a electoral register or the 1871 census this may prove things but until then I'm still taking it.

Still need to prove Henry's mother too, I was hoping ancestry DNA would of helped with this but I'm not further forward with that.

Lancashire Resources / Re: Henry Knowles
« on: Monday 14 December 20 23:00 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, just bought Mary's death certificate and if she lived in 37 Norman Street it's a definite match

Lancashire Resources / Re: Henry Knowles
« on: Monday 14 December 20 22:22 GMT (UK)  »
That certainly sounds promising.
Have you got Henry and Margaret in 1871, because I am struggling to find them!

No John, I can't find them either. I've even tried looking in Norman Street, Tunstall Street and Ocean Road but found nothing as these were known addresses they lived in.


Lancashire Resources / Re: Henry Knowles
« on: Monday 14 December 20 21:50 GMT (UK)  »
Marriage Dec qtr 1870
JOHNSTON  Margaret Weallans       
KNOWLES    Henry       
Sunderland reg dist  10a   826   

All rather speculative, there is a death the previous year
Dec 1869 Sunderland 10a 307
Knowles, Mary   
age 37

Burial at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery, 31 Dec 1869
Mary Knowles, Wife of Henry Knowles, Labourer
Death occurred Norman Street
Buried in unconsecrated ground
Image on FamilySearch (need to be registered, free to do)

There aren't huge numbers of Knowles in Sunderland, there was another death there in the next quarter, March 1870, of an Emily Knowles, age 0
Also buried at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery, 27 Feb 1870
Emily Knowles, age 7 months, daughter of Henry Knowles, Labourer
died at Milbank Terrace
She was buried in consecrated ground

Hoping she was registered in the second half of 1869, there aren't many options, but there is this one
KNOWLES, (Female)       
Mother's Maiden Surname: HART 
GRO Reference: 1869  S Quarter in SUNDERLAND  Volume 10A  Page 515

And hoping(!) all this might be connected, and looking for a possible marriage
There is this one in Newcastle in 1851
3 Nov 1851
Henry Knowles, father Henry
Mary Hart, father James

There is a brief announcement in the Newcastle Journal, 8 Nov 1851.
Of course it may be that this is not the Henry and Mary Knowles we are looking for, and may still explain those Sunderland events. Or perhaps it explains why Henry from Lancashire was in the north east after leaving the army (if that makes sense!)

Was Henry in the 33rd Regiment of Foot? Discharged in 1868?
There is a Henry Knowles, 26, Private Soldier 33d Rgt, born Longton Lancaster, in barracks in Sunderland in the 1851 census, not so long before that marriage.
Piece 2397 folio 293 page 5

I think, thanks to you mentioning Norman Street we've found the right Mary and Henry. This is because Henry was living in Norman Street when he married Margaret Dobson (confirmed in Marriage Cert).

Yes Henry was part of the 33rd on Foot.

Lancashire Resources / Re: Henry Knowles
« on: Monday 14 December 20 18:38 GMT (UK)  »
Welcome from me too

Were Henry, Catherine & Charles all born in India?  Do you have any info re their respective birthyears?

There is an 1871 entry for a Henry Knowles b 1845 East India who is married to Marian & living in Nottingham
I believe they were born in India
Henry born 1854 (Poona)
Catherine born 1858
Charles born 1862 (Bombay)

Lancashire Resources / Henry Knowles
« on: Monday 14 December 20 16:23 GMT (UK)  »
I've been stuck on this for what feels like forever and I'm hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on this brick wall I have. My great 3x great Grandfather is a Henry Knowles who was born in Lancashire (possibly Preston/Longton area) in 1824. Henry married a lady named Mary (not sure on surname, if anyone can help with this I'd appreciate it) while he was stationed at India, they had 3 children (Henry, Catherine and Charles). When you next find Henry he is married to a Margaret Weallans Johnston (born Dobson) they had 7 children in Sunderland.
The problem I'm having is Henry's father, all I know is that he was called Henry and had died before Henry married Margaret. I would like to know who his mother was (1 record says it maybe a Jenny Topping but there is no other information on this to back it up). I would also love to find out Henry seniors parents as this has been a wall to me for some time.
If anyone could help in anyway I would be very grateful.

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