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Yorkshire (West Riding) Resources & Offers / Re: Wickley, Yorkshire
« on: Tuesday 24 August 21 18:37 BST (UK)  »
Thank you will follow up on your ideas.

Marriage record from Durham Records Online:

Marriages, Durham District
Record Number: 287289.1
Location: Durham City
Church: St. Margaret
Denomination: Anglican
4 Apr 1815 Thomas Wade (of this parish) married Elizabeth Mensforth (of this parish)
Witnesses:  John Anderson; John Mensforth

Henry Young is the son of Elizabethís sister Agnes who died 1845, Durham.

Yorkshire (West Riding) Resources & Offers / Re: Wickley, Yorkshire
« on: Tuesday 24 August 21 16:25 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for replying.
Thomas married Elizabeth Mensforth (born Huddersfield 1795) in Durham 1815. In the 1861 census record states Wickley,  the 1871 census the spelling is Wikely. I will try to find links to the actual census as it wonít let me upload even after reducing size.

Yorkshire (West Riding) Resources & Offers / Wickley, Yorkshire
« on: Tuesday 24 August 21 15:06 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know where Wickley in Yorkshire was? My 4Th Great Grandfather Thomas Wade was born there ABT 1791. I posted on a genealogy group and suggestions came back related to Whitley, Whixley, Whitby. The place is referred to in some Newspapers, census, birth records and someone kindly sent a reference to ĎWickersley or Wickley (Yorkshire. R. ) v. near Ripon;  has a free school.í It seems a bit of a mystery. Any help appreciated.

The replies to my post have been really helpful so thanks again.
Anyone know the best source to identify mor information about John Harvey Robinson?
I ordered copies of the crew lists which states he was born 1849 in Berwick, Northumberland. He was the first engineer on the SS Levant when it was ship wrecked in the Bay of Biscay 24th March 1888.
Alongside his status is the number 14429 which I think relates to his qualification. I have looked on a few sites e.g. National archives, Ancestry, Find my past etc. But canít find anything. Iíve read a quite a few records are missing but can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you so much for all the very helpful replies.
I'm trying to find him now via records but struggling to find a Berwick birth record.
Anyone know if John's wife Martha would have received any income after his death e.g. via a widow's pension? I just like to know these details so I can imagine what her and the children's life would have been like. My grandmother, one of their children, went to live with distant relatives after John's death.

Site or my internet down at the moment but gut feeling it is him. My grandmother was born 1885 and after that I canít find any mention of John Harvey anywhere. I have looked on wreck sites before but have not found anything. Thank you again you have started to smash my wall!

Thank you so much for the lead I will investigate further.
Really appreciated.

Can anyone help with my brick wall?
My great grandmother was Martha Robinson born illegitimate in 1846 to Mary Robinson of Jarrow, Durham. Martha was born Spittal Tongues, Newcastle she married William Howard and they had one son William. William Snr passed away and in 1875 Martha married my great grandfather John Harvey Robinson, St Andrews, Newcastle. Marthaís father on the MC is George Wheatley who is actually her step father. John Harveyís father is also John Harvey Robinson (occupation soldier). John Harvey Jnrís occupation is engineer - in later census records he isnít present but Martha in 1881 has stated she is a mariners wife and 1891 a widow. On the MC residence at the time of marriage is Percy Street, Newcastle.
I have searched and found a few GRO numbers for John Robinson births but nothing with the middle name Harvey. Canít seem to find anything for his death. Tried looking for his father but loads of John Robinsonís who were soldiers.
Any tips, sites etc that would help would be greatly appreciated.

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