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Looks like I caught this just in time!  Got a few direct ancestors which I wanted to buy and £1.75 per original copy seems good value! 

I should be working though.... should  :D ;D

The Common Room / Re: British Newspaper Archive - offer of free access?
« on: Saturday 09 April 22 22:38 BST (UK)  »
The way I use BNA is to use the search and use the bookmark feature to save found articles of interest and build up a collection.  I then subscribe for a month to review, and extract everything I need then let it lapse and repeat the process.

I also tend to start the subscription when I know I have a day or 2 when I just sit down and review it all in a single sitting, then use the rest of the month to ad-hoc search.  BNA has been a great resource for me as it helped me discover a previously unknown line in the family which we would have not known otherwise!

I found this method allows me to switch between resources and keeping subscription costs sensible but does require a bit of patience on the information you want to review!

If you do this, make sure you find the tick box to stop the auto renewal from taking place!

I've just spent the last 3 hours going over a different line on wife's side of the tree and she wanted to switch anther line this evening so... yeah lol)

Whilst most has been just re-confirming what we already knew, it has broken down a couple of brick walls or confirmed initial guesswork/hunches so massive thanks for guiding me to the what is clearly now an obvious search button  ;D ;D

Its now a much better resource and will help me go further back.  Just need to work out what's going on with this birth cert.  I am 99.9% sure its just an error as census data for the family and all other records seem to match up, and nothing else ties with Lathom!!

It seems as though the Baxendale name in my wife's line ended at Standish with her grandmother who married into a Calderbank line.  Her grandmother did have a number of sisters who all married, but there is 1 brother, William Baxendale (b ~1938), who from what I understand was adopted and took on the adopted family's surname after her mother passed in child birth.  I have not done much digging into this however as there are 'easier wins' to be had for the moment!

I have been using that site for months, yet only now have I seen the search feature!

I have not had much time this weekend to spend on the tree other than the odd post on here but will very much make use of this now its been pointed out as that will save a lot of time!!  I may get some time this evening after F1 has finished to take another look at this

Have you inquired at the local registration office to see what the original record has?

Perhaps a mistake was made while copying the records to send to London.

Might be an idea!  Although doesn't LancsBMD take its record information from the council?  LancsBMD also shows Latham which could suggest the original certificate has the error?


John Baxendale (born / baptism 1841 Standish)
Deborah Baxendale (born 1843 / no baptism found)
Ellen Baxendale (born 1846 /baptism 1846 Coppull)
Robert Baxendale (born 1848 / baptism 1850 Coppull/ death 1850)
Robert Baxendale (born 1851 / baptism 1851 Coppull/ death 1852)
Thomas Baxendale (born 1853 / baptism 1853 Coppull

Deborah's baptism was 8th Oct. 1843 at St. Wilfrid, Standish, same church as John's baptism.
Birth registrations for Robert Baxendale were 1850 and 1851 in Chorley. (Lancashire BMD)
An error in Coppull baptism register - Thomas was recorded as 4th son instead of 5th. Robert baptised 1851 was noted as 4th son.

Thanks you - appreciated!  I will update my notes with your finds :)
I wish Lancs OPC had a basic search feature!

Thanks - I gave that some thought last night but it didn't seem to play out.

I believe Alice Swift parents were Henry Swift and Elizabeth Pincock (their marriage 1808 in Leyland).
 Alice was baptised in 1814 in Leyland.

The father to Thomas Baxendale, Thomas (b 1812), his parents are John Baxendale and Deborah (formerly Mayor - information from baptism, not found their marriage).

Hi all
I'm after a bit of advice please!

Short version: Mothers maiden name in birth record for an individual in my tree does match match the rest of his (suspected) siblings.  Expecting Swift, but got Latham!

I am researching my wife's tree, and come across an individual Thomas Baxendale, born 1853 in Coppull, Chorley.  He married in 1881 to a Nancy France (b1850-1924). 

Researching Thomas I identify his baptism record on LancsOPS as having parents Thomas Baxendale and Alice and on his marriage certificate, his father is listed as Thomas Baxendale.  The family lived in Coppull.

I identified his census records and start to research his siblings and locate their birth records.  Again LancsOPC have these records and parents match for each!  Great, I even find some siblings not recorded on census due to death, and a birth outside of marriage.

Lucy Swift (born 1835 / baptism 1835 Leyland)
Elizabeth Baxendale (born 1837 / baptism 1837 Coppull)
Richard Baxendale (born 1838 / baptism 1838 Coppull)
John Baxendale (born / baptism 1841 Standish)
Deborah Baxendale (born 1843 / no baptism found)
Ellen Baxendale (born 1846 /baptism 1846 Coppull)
Robert Baxendale (born 1848 / baptism 1850 Coppull/ death 1850)
Robert Baxendale (born 1851 / baptism 1851 Coppull/ death 1852)
Thomas Baxendale (born 1853 / baptism 1853 Coppull)
Henry Baxendale (born 1855 / baptism 1855 Coppull)
Margaret Baxendale (born 1858 / baptism 1858 Coppull)

Researching their birth records, each of Thomas’ siblings have listed mothers maiden name 'Swift' - great - there is a marriage record in Leyland 2 Jan 1837 between a Thomas Baxendale (b1812) and Alice Swift (b1814) with their date of birth years and birth locations (Euxton) being consistent throughout records.  Everything is starting to tie together, even managed to identify a couple of head stones in the churchyard just down the road....

However the snag which is making me think twice about this digging?  The expected Thomas Baxendale's birth record shows 'Latham' as mothers maiden name, not Swift like all the others!!! 

Thinking this was a mistake or the wrong record I ordered it to verify.  Father and mother are listed as Thomas and Alice Baxendale, but it did confirm the mothers maiden name as Latham!  II must have spent a couple of hours searching GRO/FreeBMD/LancsBMD to see if there is any other record that it could possibly be, nothing stands out.

I have not identified any other Thomas+Alice with child Thomas in 1853 in census, nor identified a marriage between a Thomas Baxendale and an Alice Latham so my initial thought is that the wrong mothers maiden name was listed as everything else ties together perfectly other than this quirk. 

However I have that itch in the back of my head - could I be wrong in my assumption that the documented mothers maiden name was written down incorrectly?!


Staffordshire / Re: Mousecroft Brick works / William Mollart and Joseph Boon Harding
« on: Friday 07 January 22 16:16 GMT (UK)  »
I will take another look (although I find Ancestry's search facility a bit of a pig to work with!)

I do recall I did see some in one census - maybe 1891 as Mousecroft cottages which is believed to be the row of terraced houses that run along Bower Street closest to the old marl works

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